Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So I was taking a shit a few minutes ago and was listening to Clipse, when I got a lil notification from Facebook. So I popped on there and scrolled through the newsfeed thing, and saw that my bud Matt Altieri posted something about this band called Winter. I was like "if Matt likes it, it must be good", so I started listening to the newest release. I am now knee deep in this discography. Winter is awesome dreamy shoegaze from Massachusetts. It is really upbeat and poppy and just downright fun. It sounds super '90's, like the kind of shit you would hear on one of the Daria made for tv movies. I absolutely love this. How awesome is this, you my wonder. Well, for starts, if you buy the album she will kiss it and spray her perfume on it. How fucking awesome is that? Anyways, check this shit out and support the band. All of the stuff was for free via bandcamp so I just have my links below, but you really should consider getting some physicals from the band because this shit is too fresh. Word.


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