Saturday, October 29, 2011

Only For The Sake Of Aching

Only For The Sake Of Aching are a pretty dope German screamo band. Kinda punk, kinda just really good skramz. I posted their split with The Third Memory a while ago, hopefully some people snagged that. OFTSOA has mainly put out splits, which is fucking dope. All the bands they have worked with are really cool. There was a collections album released which compiled all of their splits and their EP, which is below. I also just went ahead and added the original releases so yall can get the tracks from the other bands, and because Robot Society has an Intro and Outro which is not on the collection album (unless it is called something different). I'm almost positive you can buy their stuff online so please go do so. Don't think this band is really active anymore but hopefully they will do some new stuff soon.

Heres a video of some of their set at Cry Me A River Fest in 2007.



Only For The Sake Of Aching / The Third Memory

Only For The Sake Of Aching / Kias Fansuri

Only For The Sake Of Aching / Amalthea

Robotic Society

Thus Far 2005 - 2008

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cougar In The Workplace

Alright so this dude emailed me the other day and not much was going on so I checked out his band. I was pleasantly surprised, for real though. Cougar In The Workplace was from Boston and played from 2007 to 2009. They are instrumental and sound alot like a less technical Ghosts and Vodka, I guess. Its like noodle kinda bouncy a little, but its nice feel good chill times jams. They have two albums, "Ninefours EP" and and self titled diddy. I prefer the self titled diddy. Kind of sucks that this band is no longer around because they were pretty dope. Anyways yeah, check it out and shit. Got a video this time, dig it. dig it. For real though, dig it.



Cougar In The Workplace

Ninefours EP

Diligence - The Neglected Mixtape


So our boy Dylan just dropped his first ever Hip-hop mixtape. Dylan used to play with a band called The Lost Tourists but he has been working on his solo hip-hop project for a long time. He's on tour with LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) right now after touring around the country and basically living the Dude's life.

This is good stuff, definitely check it out! For fans of Aesop Rock, Busdriver, all that good kind of stuff. And if you like it, please pay a visit to Dyl's bandcamp and throw a few bucks his way for the download.

Diligence's Bandcamp

* * *


The Neglected Mixtape (2011)


Marat was a short lived Screamo band from The Netherlands composed of members of the legendary (and soon to be Chug'd) Shikari. In their short short lifespan Marat only put out one release, a four song EP thingy called "Songs From The Crypt". Moment of Collapse put out the 7".

I first heard about this band a while ago when I was looking about Shikari stuff, but I didn't download Marat's record for some reason. The other day I found myself back on MOC's website listening to their media player and zoned out for a second. I zoned back in real fucking fast when I heard the Marat song. Five minutes later I had that shit downloaded.

So yeah, Marat has female vocals! obviously the band sounds somewhat similar to Shikari, but they also use some chords and shit that remind me of Tristan Tzara and stuff (kind of obvious because of time-frame and location? maybe). The first song is kind of slow and chill compared to the other three songs. There is a nice groovy break in the middle. The second song is kind of blistering and heavy, pretty hardcore and stuff. Marat is the kind of screamo band that, instead of being super technical and fast, is just super solid and driving, with some chugs and shit going on. Third song, side B, has some different vocals. Male vocals. Brutal vocals. He kind of does that whimper talk/scream thing for a second and its tight. The riffs in this song are so fucking heavy. Then it gets all epic and stuff and everyone is stoked. Probably thier heaviest track. The last song is MY FUCKING JAM. That fucking riff dude. Sounds so much like "Come On Jane". Way punk, way awesome, this song is just kind of nasty. Like stanky face nasty.

Download it below. Buy it from Moment of Collapse, or I guess anywhere you can. There is some other thing called Marat, so if you look for videos and on there is alot of shit for "Marat" but it isn't the dope Marat. Sadly this is all that exists. I looked on their myspace and there is a photo of a Marat Demo, but it looks like it is just the songs from "Songs From The Crypt". If you know anything about this band feel free to comment about it. No video. Word.


Songs From The Crypt

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


How do you feel about watching a grown ass man weep? What about when this grown man is weeping while he sings? Meet Mo. He plays acoustic jams under the name Father;Lonesome, and this dude makes some of the saddest music I have ever heard. Or seen. Watching him play in my old living room was really intense because we were all just sitting on the couch and he was just swaying back and forth crying and stuff.

Mordekai is from San Jose and was on tour with Matsuri the last time they went on the road. I didn't know what to expect when I heard this dude was on tour with them, but I was pleasantly surprised. When I first met him I asked him about his name and shit and he weaved me a super fucking depressing tale about being a father and shit. A lot of his songs are about his young daughter and his love interest(s?). it would then make sense that most of his band related artwork has to do with his daughter as well. Real life punk shit you guys. Child support and shit. Real. Life. Punk. Shit.

Anyways, Father;Lonesome makes some really great music and I have a bunch of it below. When he was at my place he told me that he read Chug and then gave me alot of shit for free, which ruled. He has an EP and then is featured on a compilation that is to benefit a dude named Omar, who is sick or something. Sorry that I don't really know more about what that dude has or whatever, all I know is that he has a disease and his friends, some of whom are my friends, put together a compilation to help him out. I have that benefit compilation for download below, and I strongly encourage you to email Texas Toast DIY or Olhar De Vidro and give them some money for the For Omar compilation. Aside from Mo, I think all the tracks are solo songs from the Matsuri bros.

Saddest jams you have ever heard. Acoustic punks at its finest. Real life shit. Download it and feel at home when you are sad as fuck, because thats what I do. Sorry it took me so long to put this up Mo, but every time I hear it I just zone the fuck out. I love you though. Download this stuff. It's all real good. You won't regret it. Below is a video too. Word.


Heart Of Fool's Gold EP

For Omar

Megan & Amelia - New Demos

Since the last time I posted about this project Megan and Amelia (Ryan of Matsuri/DEERS!) has put our two more demos. "Our First" is made up of two of the original songs and three new ones. Still lo-fi and awesome. Reverb drenched vocals and shit. "Secret Buffalo" has what sounds like a ukelele, in "Mountain Mountain" he uses a piano and "It Never Dies" kind of has a more conventional feel to it. "Our Second" just has one long song on it, and that shit is the mother fucking jam. Seriously. Put that shit on repeat. Great structure and instrumentation, and even though its obviously recorded on jank mics through a jank whatever it sounds real warm and nice. No shit, I have repeated this song at least 5 times in a row. While I would argue that it is almost always better to listen to music with headphones than computer speakers (unless you have a boss ass system in your closet like this guy) you really wont catch a lot of the subtleties of Megan and Amelia unless you are wearing headphones. I would also imagine that these were mixed with headphones so this is how they were intended to be heard.

When I saw Ryan on Matsuri's last lil tour they did we talked about Megan and Amelia and good bit. He was telling me that he wanted to have other people play with him, live at least. I don't know if that has materialized or anything but I hope it does. Facebook tells me that he has been playing a good amount of shows in the bay, which is fucking awesome. I love Ryan and I love Megan and Amelia, and you mother fuckers really need to download this stuff. At least blow up his bandcamp. I couldn't find any videos, sorry.

I forgot! Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and post this stuff up, but, I'm going to go rip/upload another group that is affiliated with Megan and Amelia and post that up today too, because I have some time on my hands. Mega post Tuesday. Support my friends! Word.


Our First

Our Second

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lester Freamon

Lester Freamon is a screamo band from Las Vegas. One of the dudes is also in Ruined Tongue, and I think some of the other dudes are in a band called Ein. Alex, who is in Ruined Tongue, is also one of the two dudes who run Radical Friends. Pretty radical.

So Lester is doing a lot of shit right now, apparently. Their new 7" is called "Natural Police" and is going to be put out by Moment of Collapse real soon, which is totally radical. Friends For Life is putting it out on tape too. Radical. Homeboy also told me that LF is going to be doing some splits real soon, and Moment of Collapse is going to be apart of that shit too. Radical. They were a part of a tape compilation called "The Monster Mash Volume 1" which was done by Plastic Smile Records, I can't find the album online but it sounds pretty dope. CMHWAK told me the lineup and the bands are pretty cool.

So yeah, Natural Police. All the tracks are pretty dope, abrasive and driving at times and then groovy at other times. Pretty nice to hear bands making this kind of music in the midst of all the other stuff that is going on nowadays. I guess if i had to compare this band to other bands I would say they remind me, kind of, of bands like William Bonney, a little bit of Kidcrash, and a tiny bit of Off Minor. Those are the only three that come to mind at the moment. I don't know.

Fuck it. This shit is cool so you should download it. When the 7 inch comes out you should snag it. Hopefully I'll be in the loop when their splits drop or whatever so I can share those bad boys. Pretty stoked on this band at the moment. Buy stuff from Radical Friends too. They are Radical. Couldn't find any videos, I mean there are a lot of jankity videos from shows but I can't tell if its them or not. Oh well. Word.


Natural Police

"The Youths" off of The Monster Mash Volume One


Jon Mathews is doing all ages punk shows in Frederick, MD! Come Come hang out and check this shit out sometime.

All the shows are the first Sunday night of the month every month. Doors open at 7pm.

6 S. Bentz St.
Frederick, MD 21701






Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kidcrash - Naps

Right here is that new Kidcrash joint everyone has been waiting for. They released at least one of these songs on soundcloud or something a while ago, I'm pretty sure it was just a lil clip or something, but ever since then I've been excited for this shit and curious as to what it would sound like. I found this last night on Music As Heroin, so I mean if it's on the internet I might as well put it up you know.

This album is a really nice progression from Snacks. While still staying away from both of their older sounds and progressing with the more mature shit from Snacks, Naps is an excellent mix of Kidcrash's almost signature groovy riffs with some nice post-hardcore elements thrown in there. This lil 4 song diddy is a little harder than Snacks, but still keeps it really fucking chill. As normal, the instrumentation on all the songs are fucking superb. I also really dig the vocals on this album. Or EP. I guess it's an EP. My Favorite song right now is the third song, Misogamist.

You really should snag a copy of the 12" from Init if you haven't already. I feel like this record is going to move really really fast, so get your copy now. Some vinyl geeks are gonna be bummed because first pressing black/white is already sold out, now they just have to get boring black or white. Boo boo.

Below is a download link for the album. If the band or the label would like me to take this down please do not hesitate to tell me and I will take it down promptly, but I mean if its already out here on the web I don't think it should be a big deal. Hopefully Kidcrash is going to tour soon, because I can never get a ride down to Portland to see them play. And I feel like if they did go out on the road they would either tour with a killer band or play with all the killer bands. Killer. Video of an older song.




Saturday, October 22, 2011

GUEST POST: Stable Boys

My son Reid Maynard did another post for me.


stable boys are the best band out of Philadelphia right now. members of algernon cadwallader, glocca morra, kite party, and snowing. currently, they only have two songs on bandcamp, but they are recording again soon and i can tell you the songs are fucking awesome. they've been playing shows around philadelphia, and are interested in playing anywhere in the area. the two songs on band camp are being put on a tape by sam rudich on his new label. buy it.


When the new jams are out I'll try to get them and post 'em. For real check this shit out its dope. Really. Word.

Stable Boys 2 Song Demo

Friday, October 7, 2011



Well, it's been a really fucking long time since I've uploaded anything to this blog. I have to say thank you to Robbie for keeping up with this so well. Shit's been a little crazy to say the least.

I'll be easing myself back into the flow of posting with this little gem, which I was lucky enough to stumble upon at Mystery Train Records in Amherst, Massachusetts just this Wednesday, actually.

This record was actually pressed on a whoooole bunch of different color combinations, in regards to the vinyl itself as well as the color of the cover and band's logo. My copy is on black vinyl and with black art and green text, one of the original approximately 1500 or so that seemed to be pressed. There were several later pressings as well, from what I understand.

Jawbreaker's Busy 7" dropped in '89, the year before their debut LP Unfun, would be released. The title track of this 7" would also be featured on that LP, but the b-side, "Equalized," would remain a vinyl only track until the release of the band's b-side collection Etc.

The band certainly deserves their status as one of the seminal bands of their day, and this 7" showcases their brooding, visceral approach to punk. It seems strange to think that Unfun was released over 20 years ago, as it still seems to fresh every time I take it out and spin it (the 20th anniversary remaster souunds amazing, try to find one if you haven't yet!). Jawbreaker continues to influence and excite kids all over the world. There seems to be at least one kid in a bootleg Jawbreaker t-shirt at any punk show you go to anymore. You know the one I'm talking about, with the Morton Salt girl on it.

Anyway, check out this great record from this great band. Hopefully records like this will never die and always sound as relevant as they still do to some of us right now.

* * *


Busy (1989)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

Alright so this weekend there is a pretty cool noise festival going on in Virginia (Fairfax/Alexanderia) that was thrown together by Rainbow Bridge Recordings. Rainbow Bridge is run by Justin Lloyd, who is involved in way too many bands to keep track of, but a few you may have heard of are A Perfect Kiss, Age Sixteen or Sawhorse. Did Sawhorse ever get big outside of Maryland?

Justin does alot of solo stuff aside from bands. He has a fuck ton of monikers but each one is pretty really different. The easiest way I can describe it is that he is either, basically, making experimental/noise shit, or he is making ambient shit. As for the experimental stuff:

"there are three but the approaches are completely different... false flag is super harsh and thick and all anti-new world order/anarchist-ish subjects with vocals a lot of the time. inappropriate king live is just field recordings ive processed. so you could call those both noise, but pregnant spore is noise, and is the main shit i do. all live stuff"

On the chiller side of things we have Dementia and Hope Trails, Sensible Nectar and The Human Excuse. All Lovley. His label is used to, of course, put out his own stuff but he also works with other people too. He seems to go on tour alot, so I'm guessing he has a pretty successful network or something. I don't really follow Rainbow Bridge too hard, but I generally enjoy what he puts out. He did a Pansori split tape, fuck yeah.

"and btw, sensible nectar was an old project that was basically pregnant spore and dementia and hope trails as the same thing...i went back and forth from ambient stuff and noise stuff... but then i split it up into the two projects. so maybe not say that sensible nectar is ambient shit."

This weekend he is putting on his second festival. Don't know how big number one was, but number two is pretty large. If you go to the facebook page you can read about all the bands. Each show is like 5 bucks or something.

So yeah. Go check out all of Justin's stuff because its mostly pretty dope. HEY BANDS HE MAKES SHIRTS TOO. Go to those links up there to download a shit ton of music. I'm not going to copy/paste all that bullshit, just go there and get it. But for real go there and get it. Then, go check out this festival because its a fucking festival and its something to do. Become involved. Go be smart and talk about smart music.

Also, real life is crazy and I don't have time to devote to Chug in the immediate future. Don't expect shit for a minute, I just sold my soul for a tape deal.