Friday, August 31, 2012


Alright so I'm not talking about either of the bands called Mare that are on I'm talking about Mare, the new band from Baltimore, Mare. They don't have any web presence yet and are playing their first show soon. James, who plays guitar in мища, plays drums in this band, then this dude Val who lives at the Bell (awesome dude) pays guitar and Matt, who is in a Blink 182 cover band or something (for real though), plays bass. Mare is a screamo band, kind of old school but not really. Melodic yet harsh. Its tight as shit, not gonna lie. You'll like it, trust me. Check out their demo, its pretty impressive. Don't be a fucking dick hole and actually download this, for real. Word.


Sohns - Ripe/Rot

Flannel Gurl is putting out Ripe/Rot on 7 inch, and you can buy it here. Its really really really fucking good. Check it out and buy it if you like it, Flannel Gurl is pretty cool and is doing some dope things, so give them money. Just throw it at them. Ripe/Rot is, in my opinion, Sohns best release to date. Seriously its dope as fuck. They got a nice video below, so peep that. They went on tour recently but had to cut some dates short, which is a bummer, but they are still very much active and still killing it hard. Good friends, better music. Word.


Ten Thousand Leagues 2012 Tour Demo

Ten Thousand Leagues just finished a west coast tour and I got to see them play. Awesome as always. Before I saw them up here Facebook told me about this demo, and I snatched it up. I am assuming they had this for sale, but I didn't have any money so why bother looking at merch. The demo songs are sick as fuck, and include a Spitboy cover. They even have real ass new songs that aren't on the demo, so get ready for some new jams. I love the Ten Thousand Leagues guys, best dudes in the world. Really glad I got to see them play twice this summer. One of the sickest bands out there right meow, for real though. Peep this shit and stay stoked on these guys. If you have money buy things from them because they had car trouble and need your money more than you do. Word


Friday, August 17, 2012

La Bella

I saw La Bella play in the vocalist's parent's garage in greater Los Angeles. They were really good. And super fucking nice dudes. The cops came right after they got done. I really like La Bella's sound, its really interesting. They mix elements of hardcore and jazz and Latin music and create some quite wonderful and unique punk music. Really down. Check it out. They just released Recomposition and I believe it is getting pressed. Enjoy and keep an eye out. Word.


Algernon Cadwallader (R.I.P?)

Algernon maybe broke up? I can't tell if its true or not. No "official" word, but my facebook was blowing up. If its true, then a truly dope band will be missed. Glad I got to see them so many times.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Mahria is an amazing Canadian female-fronted screamo band. I got to spend three days with them and it was so much fun. No gods no bass players. They are going to be busy in the future with a hand full of releases, so get stoked. When I get them I will make sure to share. Please check these guys out, they rule so hard. Word.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cloud Rat

Cloud Rat is a gritty grindcore band from Michigan. The girl in this band has a sick voice. Cloud Rat fucking tears it up, check it out please. Their split with Republic of Dreams was posted in the RoD post. Also, Fever Dreams is a compilation of all their split songs up until the RoD one. You can buy alot of their stuff from IFB, so get on that. Cloud Rat is staying pretty busy, so keep an eye out and stuff. Word.



Headbang until your face falls off, mosh until you break in half. Titan slays. Word.


Phone Jamz

Cheese started a blog and wants everyone to know about it. It is called Phone Jamz.

L'antietam - Dark Brew & Rock Bottom

L'antietam finally released their final albums, Dark Brew and Rock Bottom. Remember when they were gonna do a split with Loma? Anyways, both these releases were years in the making and I was caught totally off guard when I heard these records were out. Well worth the wait. A fitting end to a great band (unless they are back together, then yeah). You can buy them, I don't know where but you could easily find it, and I would suggest you do. This shit will sell out soon. Check it out, if you don't know L'antietam you should get their back catalog. The dudes are in other bands, like Bedroom Eyes and Sneeze, so check those bands out too. Word.



Vaccine has been talked about on here before. They are a powerviolence band from MA featuring Will Killingsworth. Since Carl talked about them last they put out three releases, all of which are below. Support this band, they are cool. Word.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Tongue (pronounced No Tongue) are the poster children of the Kali spirit. Stacked lineup of friends: Ryan from Megan & Amelia/DEERS!/Matsuri, Andrew from Matsuri/Ten Thousand Leagues, Conrad from John Cota and Nik from Calculator. If you are in California you should check out this show and this show on the Ten Thousand Leagues tour so you can see No Tongue. They are a pretty new band, which makes me excited to see what they can put together before the Mayan History Channel Apocalypse. Below is their demo, all hail bands that you need to copy/paste the name. Word.


Graf Orlock

"In late 2003 Graf Orlock formed as an answer to monotony of “heart felt” lyrics and “sincere” prose. By pushing the envelope of the “cinema-grind” genre, Graf Orlock balance on the illusory edge of relevance and complete absurdity, longing for the heyday of late 80s and early 90s action movies, and the artistry of thematic creativity contained therein. Exploring issues as wide spread as terrorism, cybernetic revolution, inter-planetary colonialism, and psychotic delusion, Graf Orlock investigate the nether regions of the human condition. Through the medium of film, they articulate an increasingly radical view of the world around them, forming a brutal social commentary of the dwindling present, and a speculatively pessimistic outlook of the future ahead." -
This evening I realized that Graf Orlock is one of the most interesting bands of the last decade. If you have their split with Hurry Up and Kill Yourself let me know. Word.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Beau Navire - Lumens

So, I would imagine you know this already, but Beau Navire is a screamo band from Oakland that consists of members of, amongst other bands, Iwrotehiakus... and Loma Prieta. They recently went on a midwest / east coast tour with We Were Skeletons. I got to see them twice, and it was stellar. Top notch. Anyways, before their tour they released a really fucking good lp called "Lumens", and I wanted to share it even though I'm sure anyone who was waiting for this LP to drop already has it. For those of you who don't, you are missing out and should take a listen. Really great dudes, backed pretty hard. Jon just started a label called 50  Year Storm. Check it out. Support these dudes. Word.


Republic of Dreams

Republic of Dreams is three guys who were in Louise Cyphre, Resurrectionists, and The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra. Do I really need to say anything else? They did a U.S tour earlier in the summer with Cloud Rat, but you hate yourself if you missed it. I do. They put out an LP, which is the songs from both the Beau Navire and Cloud Rat splits. Below is their LP and the Cloud Rat split, because Cloud Rat fucking slays. Check it out and support these dudes. One of the homies runs React With Protest, so give him money. He actually deserves it. Word.


Daitro is Dead

Daitro like literally just broke up.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Centuries are a hardcore punk band from Florida. I met them in Utah and then got to see them again two days in a row in Florida. I was super impressed by their energy and how tight everything was. Their live shows are sick because they are so fucking loud, and they are really nice guys. I guess they have been a band for a while now, and at one point someone from Osceola played drums for them. Now one of the dudes who used to be in Glocca Mora plays drums. They have these shirts that have pictures from some exorcism or some shit, and it is the sickest shirt I have seen in years. Act like I didn't get one.

Centuries are the heaviness. Sort of chuggy, but not really. Lots of low end. Its like hardcore riffs and tone at punk pace, I guess. If that makes sense. I don't really care if it doesn't. Some of their stuff is almost METAL, which is tight. If you like heavy dark moshy headbanging stuff then download all the albums below. The splits only have the Centuries songs, so sorry about that. Nightmares is older. Check it out, support them if you can. Word.



Orlock, not to be confused with Graf Orlock, was a female fronted screamo band from Richmond, VA. They were around in the late '90s and someone in this band went on to be in Song of Zarathustra. I could only find two of their releases, but I think that might be their entire catalog.

Orlock played some pretty tight dark hardcore. The vocals are sick as fuck. Orlock is anything to fucking amazing, but they are a solid hardcore band. I really like this band because, aside from playing awesome heavy shit, they also have a good amount of weird noisy stuff going on.  For example, the song "Imposter" is like four and a half minutes, but the first three minutes are noise and field recordings. All of the recordings are kind of low quality, but it suits the songs well. In my opinion the second album is the superior, but both releases are really tight. Check it out. Word.