Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Were Skeletons Signed to Topshelf Records


Our great friends from Lancaster, PA We Were Skeletons have been signed by Topshelf Records (Pianos Become the Teeth, Defeater, My Heart to Joy)! It feels completely fucking insane to be able to say that we have known these guys for two years. We definitely don't get to see enough of them but every time they come around and play or hang out it feels like it was still just last week we were playing shows and hanging out for the first time, and we had barely graduated high school. It's a great testament to their personal drive and talent, and being able to witness the growth from the first time I fell in love with them after hearing Summers up to hearing the full length makes me feel truly lucky. We are so proud of you dudes!!!

We Were Skeletons has been posted on Chug Life, check that out here.

Their first full length LP will be available for pre-order sometime in May, so look out ofr it.

Check out their Myspace for summer tour dates and links for merch.

Press Release on the Signing

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Daughters

This past week Daughters released their newest full length on Sargent House Records. I don't really care for it, but maybe you will.


Self Titled 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

City of Caterpillar

City of Caterpillar was a hardcore/punk band from Richmond, Virginia that broke up in 2003. Their sound varies to a certain degree, but they commonly have dramatic buildups and driving melodies. Post-rock was obviously an influence on the bands song structure. The band shares/shared members with Pg.99, Stop It!!, Malady, Darkest Hour and Ghastly City Sleep.
This post was originally going to be on the first on this blog, but it took me up until a few days ago to find their split with System 2600, and for that I thank The Screamo Dictionary. Below is everything they ever put out, including unreleased tracks and live sets. The video is from the University of Deleware.



Demo + Live Recording

City Of Caterpillar

A Split Personality (Split with Pg. 99)

Self Titled B-Side
Split with System 2600 (City of Caterpillar tracks only)
Unreleased Live Tracks
Live in Ottawa
Live on WNYU

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Touring Bands- March

Go outside.


Pianos Become the Teeth are going on a full U.S tour.
We Were Skeletons is doing a full U.S tour to promote their self titled lp, guess what label is putting it out.
June Paik and Battle of Wolf 359 are coming to the states, I imagine they are doing so to promote the split that will be out by then.
The Usual and Migrations are doing a small tour from Maryland to New York.
Merchant Ships put up dates for a southern tour in addition to their east coast tour.
Calculator is going to do the full U.S.
Pansori is touring the east coast and the mid west.
Native is going down south.
Touché Amoré is going south and coming east
Trainwreck is doing some small tours in europe.
Beau Navire is jumping on the Antilles California dates.
Ruiner is doing U.S and the Pacific Islands
The Lost Tourists are doing a full U.S tour.
миша is doing a U.S tour, and were doing our California dates with Ordstro.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



DEERS! was a band from the Sacramento, California area that played explosive, intense emotive hardcore that often blended fast-paced "emo-violence" parts with melodic and jarring clean interludes.

Apparently they just broke up, which is quite unfortunate because these guys were still very, very young (I think the oldest member might be 20 or 21 at the most). Hopefully we'll see some side projects cropping up in the next few months from these guys. Their catalog is all great, so check it out for sure.

I'm pretty sure this is everything, but I could be wrong. Let me know if that's the case.

* * *



DEERS!/Matsuri Split (2008?)


Summer '09

Monday, March 1, 2010

Portraits of Past

Portraits of Past is a screamo band from San Francisco who had their first run from '95 to '96. They got "big" after they broke up, and then around '08 they started playing again and shit. They went to Japan in 2009 and released an EP called "Cypress Dust Witch". These dudes went on to form, amongst other bands, Funeral Diner and ...Who Calls So Loud. Fuck Yeah.
They did a split, a demo, two comps & an Lp, all of which were compiled and made into a discography cd that was put out by Ebullition Records. "Cypress Dust Witch" was put out by Excursions Into The Abyss. Below is all their shit and a video from a 2008 show in Berkeley, CA.



Cypress Dust Witch

Logs- New Jams

Logs uploaded a track from their longly awaited, almost mythical follow up to their '07 demo. It looks like "Hogs" is going to (hopefully) be around sometime in '10.