Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tempest / Masakari

How ready are you for the heavy? Tempest is easily one of my favorite heavy-as-balls bands right meow, and Masakari kinda really rip it hard. This split is ridiculous. Replenish Records put this out, so throw them some bones. All the bones. These are my favorite tracks by both of these bands, so if you enjoy either you should snag this if you haven't already. I hurt my neck from head banging. Word.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Suis La Lune - Riala

So Suis La Lune just put out a new LP on Topshelf Records. Found this floating around the blog world so yeah, repost. Enjoy it, it's really cool, obviously. I enjoy it. Support the band and their label(s). Word.


Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest

This is for Sam MacInnes. Word.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Kids

Big Kids are a band from Oakland. I don't normally use the word "rad", but is seems to be synonymous with Big Kids, so yeah. I got the chance to see them last year, I think, in Olympia when they toured with Algernon. Shit was dope. And they were really nice too.

I don't really feel like getting into their sound because I would imagine you, the reader, are well aware of this band. I posted their split with Joyce Manor before. The reason I am posting BK is because I had my itunes on shuffle and when one of their LP songs came on my room-mates lil kitty cat came up and laid on the keyboard, just chillin and purrin'. Once the songs was over she promptly pressed mystery buttons that turned off my mousepad thingy. Figured it was a sign or something. To further drive my point home, when I started mediafiring stuff and playing more BK, sure enough, cat came on back and sat on my lap. She has since migrated and is uncomfortably resting behind my head. I feel like I'm on a bus.

Download their stuff below. You can buy their stuff from a multitude of labels and websites, so get on that shit. They are a dope band and you should support them. RAD. Word.


Alternativ Newcomers 2012 Compilation Part 1 & 2

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Compilations

Hey. So, I heard about two compilations this week. Both are really cool and involve cool dudes. One is a record labels sampler and the other is a large group of friends from a common area who contributed mostly new tracks in order to show how cool they are. Both are respectable endevours.

The Pathfinder Records thing has alot of bands from the midwest, I think. Kali Sound is obviously all Kalifornia bands. The tracklists for each release is as follows:

Pathfinder Records Summer 2012
1. Restore- The Lincoln Rail
2. Droughts- Body of Glass
3. Ted Striker- Medicine 
4. Brighter Arrows- Entirety
5. William Bonney- Robbie Hanson
6. A Sound Heart- My Mother's Quilt
7. Vowel- If Wishes Were Coins
8. Things Fall Apart- Virginia Woolf
9. Old Gray- Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth
10. Night Owls- Dearly
11. Sinatra- I Had Three Or A Lot Of Beers
12. Climates- Waiting To Exhale
13. Cardinal- Underneath My Skin
14. Kid Valiant- Unrest
15. Roenick- Patience
16. Knuckle Puck- Stuck
17. Real Friends- Home For Fall
18. Three Cent Cinema- Resistance 
19. Bitter Thoughts- Solitary
20. Valiant- Dead To Me
21. Cave Bear- Waistland
22. Barrier- Victim

Kali Mixtape Vol. 1
1. REDxYellow - The Birth of Kali
2. Ruptures - Circles
3. John Cota - Pod People
4. Ten Thousand Leagues - Bad Seed Complex
5. Calculator - Gasping, but Somehow Still Alive
6. Heist - Temporary Lapse
7. Residuals - Sleep
8. Comadre - Free Based
9. C////O - Capture Bonding
10. Summer Vacation - Lil' Slippy
11. Leer - House Music Master
12. Great Apes - Paper Cage
13. Dad Punchers - Tire Swing
14. Beach Bummed - Pocket Sand
15. Matsuri - Bagchairs
16. Megan & Amelia - Bliss
17. Di Bravura - Ocean City, MD
18. Tigon - The Archivist

So yea dudes and she-dudes, peep the releases below and support the groups if you can. The Pathfinder thing will obviously benefit Pathfinder Records, so that they can put out more stuff. The Kali thing will , I guess, pay for it to be put out on something physical. I don't know but that seems par for the course. I heard from one of the Kali board members that they are going to do another compilation with bands that arn't from California but embrace "what it means to be Kali", so stay on the look out for that. Should be a good time. Word.


Monday, May 14, 2012


Alta is a post-hardcore/ screamy band from Milwaukee. I saw them once at The Borg Ward when we played there on the 4247 tour (Willy B showed up for that joint too). They were cool, sounded kind of like Native instrumentation with vocals that almost sounded like Sohns. I listened to their recordings recently and they don't really sound like how I remembered, but my memory fails me quite a bit. Their shit is real good though, I dig it. I talked to one of the dudes from Alta a few times and he is really nice. And enthusiastic. About everything.

Alta has three releases, kind of. They have an EP, a split with Arizona Wilder, and are featured on a compilation. This summer Alta and Arizona Wilder are going on tour together (hence the split) and you can find the dates here. Homie gave me all of Alta's material, so it's all below. I was only given Alta's material though, for both the split and the comp. Check it below, support the band if you like it. Word.


Saturday, May 12, 2012


Malady was a band from Virginia that was made up of people from Pg.99 and City of Caterpillar. They were a post-hardcore band that only released one album, but some people believe them to be the best of the Pg. 99 family of bands. Their songs are haunting and melodic. Super catchy. The best way I can describe them is a less technical, more melodic Verse En Coma. I guess that after this LP and the tour and stuff the band wrote more songs but the band broke up and the "songwriting backbone" got with two other dudes and did Verse En Coma. Pretty cool to listen to this LP then Rialto to see how the group evolved. I would imagine you can buy copies of this release on various formats from various people, so do that if you want. Members of this band are also involved in Pygmy Lush, so yeah. Download this LP if you don't have it already. Word.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Father Figure

Father Figure is a screamy band from Denton, TX in which Tommy from Innards plays drums. I don't know if the other guys are in bands, I wouldn't be surprised if they were. I also don't have the slightest idea how to pronounce their album name. No clue. I do know that they are going to be on tour with Innards starting like tomorrow or some crazy shit, so check all of that shit out. Playing with some dope bands. This album is really cool, high pitched vox and stuff. I dig it pretty hard. Even if I didn't like this band I would still support it because of Tommy, but I do like this band. I really enjoy this band. Download their album below, or you can jump on their bandcamp and pay them for a download. They should have merch on their tour, so throw them some bones while you throw Innards some bones. Word.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Locktender / Cassilis Split

Yo, motherfucking Locktender and Cassilis are doing a split, and this banger is gonna be out in june on 7 inch. Bear Records is throwing this joint on wax for us in the United States, whilst I.Corrupt is gonna be doing it in Europe. Pretty sure Locktender is going to Europe this summer, so I'm assuming they are gonna have this piece of gold for that tour. On a side note, kind of, The Ghost Is Clear records is going to be putting out the Locktender split with Brighter Arrows, but homeboy needs some cash to press it. So do everyone in the world a favor and buy stuff from TGIC so they get that ca$h (or CA£H). This split (LT/C) is fucking awesome. So good. If you got that other Locktender post a while back then you already heard the Lock songs, but now you get some banging ass Cassilis tracks. I.Corrupt just sent me these songs so I want to get the word out. Please buy this release after downloading, all the bands involved are fucking awesome and the labels are the shit. You can email I.Corrupt at to get a preorder, and I would imagine you can get ahold of Bear to get a copy too.Mother Fucking Word.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interskramz Compilation Vol.2

Okay so there is this label called Interskramz. It started on the internet as a joke I think. I don't know. I know the kids who run it through various hilarious facebook groups and shit. Anyways, they put out stuff, but their big thing are these compilations they do. They did one before I guess because now they are doing number two. There are a fuckload of awesome bands on the Second Volume. The bands on the release are:

Thoughts Never Said
Dead Weight
Code Orange Kids
Junior Healy
State Faults
Angkor Wat
Birds In Row
Box Social
Place Called Home
Secret Smoker
Clyde Webb
Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them
Paris In The Making
Coma Regalia
Old Gray
Memento Mori

Contact the label through Facebook to get some information on the releases. I know its going to be on CD and Vinyl, but CD first (June?). Get a copy, it should be dope. When they release all the mp3's I will post it, but you can go to that bandcamp link and listen to most of the tracks. I think some groups still might jump on, so get excited. Should be a good time, I'm excited. Word up pups.


Chinesedream. is a screamy band from South Carolina. Really nice dudes. I really like their new EP alot, and they are going to be in the Interskramz vol. 2 compilation (see above post). I don't really know what else to say about this band except they are really really nice dudes, make good music, and I'm glad that I got to know these dudes. I think I am going to meet them this summer in South Carolina and I am beyond stoked. Check out their EP and tell them what you think, they deserve nice words. Word.


The Human Excuse

The Human Excuse is one of the bazillion projects of Justin Lloyd. He was in bands like Age Sixteen and Sawhorse and is hella involve in the Maryland scene. Homeboy runs Rainbow Bridge records and is a stable in mid-atlantic noise stuff. I've known him for a while and he's a pretty dope guy. Human Excuse is " like a weirder and nosier cross between Sigur Ros, Owen, The Wind-Up Bird and Mount Eerie". Most of these songs are about a mutual friend of ours, which is pretty cool. Shhhhhh. You should give this a listen, it's really cool. Follow one of his media outlets because he is always on the internet and knows whats up. He does designs and shit too, so if you want some quality stuff made on the cheap hit him up. Word.