Monday, April 15, 2013

Mojave 3

Mojave 3 is the band that formed after Slowdive broke up or whatever. They were a band from '93 to 2008, then broke up, then got back together in 2011 and are still doing stuff. They are a folk band. It is kind of dreamy at times, but it normally is just chill folk stuff. Figured I would throw this up here since I just did the Slowdive thing. Shit is really cool and you will like it.


Thursday, April 11, 2013


Slowdive is the shoegaze band. I feel like they are one of those bands who everyone who are into a certain genre are into, or at least familiar with. Anyways, I don't really think I could do them justice by really talking about them at length, but I can cover the bare bones basics of the group. They are the quintessential shoegaze band, they were around from like '89 to '95, were English, and once they "broke up" some of them started a band called Mojave 3. They are a really great band to listen to when you are fucked up. I couldn't find all of their releases because of the internet, but I got alot of them and they are all below. Check it out, shit is really cool, and again, they pretty much are the "shoegazer" band. Word.


Souvlaki pt 1 and 2

Just For A Day pt 1 and 2

Monday, April 8, 2013

Alex G

Alex G is is the Sam Ray of Philly. I guess. He is some young buck pop genius who is friends with some of my friends, and Skizz is always trying to get me to listen to him. Today I saw some thing about good songs from people under 20 and he was on there, which is cool. Alex G plays with a band, but everything is written and recorded solo style. Musically, this reminds me of a mellow, less lo-fi version of Shy Violet that is way more sad. This is really good music, and you should take some time and check it out. Totally worth your time. Support the young homie. Word.


NAH & 1994!

I just got an email from Mike which contained two new releases from his projects. He lives in Belgium now (lucky) and that's where the NAH album was recorded.

The first new thingy he showed me was NAH's new release, entitled "Difficult". This album is way less hip hop beats and more weird stuff. It isn't too far out there or anything, but its like semi crazy drumming over somewhat spacey tunes. This stuff sounds almost like club music, if you know what I mean. Maybe its just the quality of the drums, but it totally sounds like it was recorded in a huge room. I also just found one other album of his that I didn't have, called "OTHER", that I threw down there as well. There is also some thing called "Special Reality Mixtapes" which looks like it is an ever expanding collection of loops and stuff that will be updated at random. I'm not going to download it and put it below because the list will be changing, but I will obviously provide the link so you guys can be up to date on that kind of stuff.

The other thing that Mike sent me was a link to a new 1994! record, poetically titled "Fuck It". This is what was written about the album on the bandcamp:
 This album was recorded during the tail end of January 2013 in London, Manchester, Sheffield, and Brussels. We recorded it ourselves using an iphone and a shitty, knock off sm58. It is intended to work as one piece of music, not as separate tracks. There are no plans for a physical release as of yet. Thank you for listening. 
 So yeah, still sounds like 1994! just lower quality. Still sounds fucking dope, just obviously intentionally lo-fi.

Okay so yeah, check out everything below, give them money, and yeah. Good dudes, so support them if for some reason you don't already. Word.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Te Lloraría un Puto Río / Mako / Arrows To Atoms

Te Lloraria is releasing the songs they recorded before they broke up! Charley started a new tape label called Stack Your Roster, so check that shit out. This split is fucking dope, get it from their bandcamp. Mako and Arrows To Atoms are fucking awesome too. Amazing split. Give him some fucking money to keep on putting out tapes. Word.


J Dilla

James Dewitt Yancey, aka J Dilla or Jay Dee, was a prolific hip hop producer from Detroit. Before his untimely death at the hands of some blood disease with a huge name in 2006, Dilla worked with anyone who was hot in the hip hop world. There are hella documentaries and websites devoted to the dude, and I don't feel like I should tarnish his name by regurgitating rudimentary facts about him, but I would encourage everyone to take some time to smoke a blunt and listen to some Jay Dee. Stones Throw posted his actual discography, so go take a peak at that crazy list. I'm going to post a few videos below, followed by a shit ton of his albums. Because I am posting so many I don't think I'm going to put the album art above it, but I mean most of the big ones are really easy to find on the internet. Download every single fucking one of the links below, and listen to them until you blow your speakers. I'm serious. You can find his records everywhere, and you should buy them. Seriously, downloading this stuff is the best thing you have done all year. J Dilla is legit top 5 beat makers / producers of all time. I'm serious, if you never listened to this shit then you probably don't like beats. Or you like bad beats. Or you are just dumb.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to upload this stuff? Word.


Fantastic Vol. 1 & 2

Broken Water

Broken Water are from Olympia. I never saw them play when I lived there but I wish I did. I always heard good things. They played my teachers wedding, I think. They are going to be going on tour pretty soon so please please go check them out, they rule. They are coming to the east coast, so I guess this is a US tour. I hope so.

Broken Water is a dark post-punk shoegaze band. I feel like they are big enough to be somewhat known to those individuals who are into this kind of music, but if you have never heard this band before check out their fancy video below to get a feel for their stuff. It's really cool, and they have alot of albums, which rules. I was able to find digis of everything except for the demo, which is on their bandcamp. Check it out, buy what you can, and just generally try to support them. They are super cool and if you are into shoegaze and stuff you will love this stuff. Word.


Margy Pepper

Margy Pepper are another band from Olympia that I first heard of from a buddy of mine who lives in San Francisco. It was always weird when people from not Olympia would tell me about cool bands in Olympia. Reinforced the notion that I was a fucking hermit.

Margy Pepper is a fucking awesome pop rock band. I guess its pop rock. Its lo-fi kind of, and sometimes dark, but always fucking awesome. I love the way the records sound. The songs are all so dope. You guys seriously need to listen to this shit because it is everyone's dream band. Seriously though. I don't know what constitutes Riot Grrrl stuff, but this band seems to be pretty on point. Go find some of their tapes and records and buy them, because this band deserves your money. Keep an eye out for them and support them in every way that you can. Below is everything of their that I could find, aka what was on their bandcamp. Check it out, download it, and enjoy it. It is so fucking good. Word.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

мища Bandcamp

Not really a cool update, and I kind of hate myself for doing this, but I updated the мища bandcamp and it has all of our stuff on it now. I did this because the links for our older stuff are dead. I'm trying to get ahold of the live album so I can put it up on there too, but yeah, I'm gonna be keeping that thing current. So yeah, sorry for posting about my own band, but I figured it would be easy for me to spread the word about that shit if I use Chug. There are around 80 free downloads left.

I guess while I'm on the subject I should mention that we are in the process of recording a 7 inch LP called "Joyless". When it is done I'll do an actual post about it with the free download and then information regarding the purchase of the record / tape. Cool. Word.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Starry Cat

Below is from their bandcamp.

hi please read - 

so this is an album i wrote and recorded solo pretty recently while taking a break from the julia brown studio sessions&stuff. i was initially planning to keep it kind of secret and sell physical copies of it at julia brown shows, since some of the songs might end up being julia brown songs later on. 

however we found out recently that caroline (our viola player/singer) is sick and has to get multiple surgeries soon. that sucks. also she can't eat cake for like a long time which is awful. caroline's one of my best friends and one of the most talented people i know and it sucks she has to go through this and it sucks even more because i know it's a lot of money to get everything she needs done. 
i wanted to try and help her with everything so i figured i'd release this album now instead of waiting and hope that if you like it (or wanna be supportive) you'd pay for it. we set it up so whatever money donated here goes straight to carolines paypal to help pay for whatever medical stuff she needs. if you've followed me or my music for a while you know i don't like to ask for money but this is kind of a rare occasion. if you can't afford anything you can still download it but it'd be rad if you shared it i guess so maybe other people will see it. 
idk what to expect from it but honestly anything helps. thanks a lot. 
caroline's original quote was that she was "extremely sad" but she asked me to change it to "i am extremely appreciative to any amount donated, no matter how small" 
- sam



 Agowilt is a mix of noise and metal with punk and hardcore influences,, so I guess you could call it experimental metal if you so chose. Experimetal is what I prefer. Shit is really cool though, the first like five minutes are straight up noise, and then it just gets, and stays, really fucking dark and evil. I think that they are going to be releasing a vinyl sometime soon, so be on the lookout for that. And yeah, support the dudes and the band, check the shit out below and if you like it give them some duckets. Word.


Monday, April 1, 2013


Amalthea are a Swedish multi-faceted band that has been around for almost ten fucking years. They progressed from post-hardcore and emo all the way to post rock. It is really fucking dope to listen to their catalog the whole way through and listen to how much they have changed and grown up. I read somewhere that they record and engineer all of their own stuff, which is so cool. I wish more bands did that.

I feel like alot of people already know about this band, either because they have done splits with really cool bands, or because they are affiliated with really great record labels. They have always been one of those bands that I knew was dope as shit, and would listen to here and there, but never really bumped. But then I was listening to Connections the other day and was caught off guard because I though that Amalthea was post-rock, because I had been listening to their newer stuff via Moment of Collapse. So I went back and listened to their catalog then started to read about them and yeah, I'm super fucking into it. You should be too. Below is, I think, all of their stuff. Check it out. Please please please buy stuff from the band and support them because they are so fucking legit and will put your money to good use making more awesome music and going on tour and stuff. I can't stress enough how awesome the things that they are doing are. So yeah, be a homie. Word.