Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Rabbit Theory

The Rabbit Theory are a post hardcore band from Switzerland


Time As A Color Records

Time As A Color is one of my favorite record labels


Sohns - In Defeat

Sohns just released a new record



Whenskiesaregray are a screamo band from Baltimore



Cavities are a hardcore band from Pennsylvania


Bell Curves

Bell Curves is a dude I went to college with


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kite Party

Animal Style is releasing the new Kite Party album and you can steam it now.



Grant makes beats


Pill Friends

Pill Friends are a lo-fi punk band from Philly



Moxiebeat is a hardcore punk band from Riverside



XXYYXX makes pretty chill music. Colorado Jesus listened to this stuff when he visited Auschwitz 1 & 2 for school that one time.


Bueno Crusher

Bueno Crusher is the buffest hardcore band in Maryland


Monday, April 28, 2014


Locktender have two new records and their own beer.



Cassilis have a new record coming out.


Barbelith - Untitled 7" & Astral Plane

Some of my absolute favorite people in Baltimore are in one of my absolute favorite bands from Baltimore and they have two new records that are absolutely perfect. Support my friends.


Happy Birthday Sam Ray

Sometime this weekend the kid Slam Gay had a birthday. For my angel love's big 'ol day I let him pick some things to Chug.

"I like smoking weed, you can quote me on that" - Dick, Whom When He Wants To Ingests LSD

All of the descriptions of the bands are from the prophet of tumblr's mouth himself.

1. Quarterboy, by Quarterbacks

"I fuck wit this album really hard because it sounds cool"


2. Numb From Stupid Bliss, by Blithe Field

"This shit is sick, its like my fav like"


3.  Slow Dance in the Cosmos, by PORCHES

"That Porches record is still my top shit thats the one I got free last night finally"


4.  WORD O.K. , by KOOL A.D.

"Kool ad's bandcamp is cool because we smoked weed once and he was really funny"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Lilith is a hardcore punk band from Phoenix.


The Gentle Art of Chokin'

The Gentle Art of Chokin' are a screamo band from Germany


Com Truise

Com Truise (awesome name) makes dope throwback synth wave.

big ups to Colorado Jesus




Tycho makes pretty chill music, even if Colorado Jesus isn't really into it. You may recognize him from bumps on [as].


Never Get Tired : The Bomb The Music Industry! Story

I never really got down with BTMI! but I know a shit ton of people that did. There is a kickstater up to make a documentary about the band, so if you are into that idea check out the link below. Help out some of my friends by funding a new film for them to watch.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Leer is a screamo band from California


Chest Pain

Chest Pain is a hardcore band from Texas