Friday, January 31, 2014

Ricky Eat Acid - Three Love Songs

So Sam Ray, the patron saint of Tumblr, just released a new Ricky Eat Acid album. Its called "Three Love Songs", but its more than three songs. Pretty funny man. I asked him if this sounded like all his other shit, and he poetically described his newest accomplishment as "like the other shit but better, but also gets hella hype up in the middle for a sec, like big shit". Straight from the horses mouth y'all.

I haven't listened to this yet because I haven't felt like taking a nap recently, but I'll get around to it soon. I've seen a good bit of his cronies and some mutual friends praising this shit, so I'm sure its good. Pitchfork can't be wrong, right? You can get it for free below, but you should give him some money for the "Skizz Memorial Fund", which is used to help yung thugs find Christ at the bottom of a bottle of syrup. Oh, he is gonna start playing REA live soon, like real soon. I heard NYC and Boston are the spots, but I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough from other, more shits-giving parts of the internet. Word.


Black Zheep DZ

DZ is fucking blowing up. Or has blown up. Either / or. Regardless, he is seemingly getting more and more popular every time I see him, and recently he did some legit video for one of the songs off of his newest album. I am beyond impressed.

If you never got down with Black Zheep, who is also part of 7th Floor Villains, then you are fucking up. His new album is on point. I think all of his stuff is available for free online, so go check that out. Word.



BuffaLo is part of the rap crew 7th Floor Villains and is one of my really close friends. I haven't seen him in a minute, but at the beginning of the year he released his first solo tape entitled "Genesis". Buff is one of the more talented guys out there right now, and I think that anyone who is down with chill rap with really like his release. He is gonna blow up real soon, so make sure you are one of the people who are like "I heard of him before he was hot shit". Check it out below. Word.