Thursday, October 11, 2012

Olive Drab

Olive Drab is Reid's band, I don't know anyone else in the group. I was asked not to mention the other bands that the members are affiliated with; act like I even know. I'm hoping that posting this will stop Reid from talking about his band on Facebook, but I'm not going to hold my breath. They used to be called Spaceboy, or were going to be called Spaceboy. Olive Drab is a newish band, only having been around for real for a little while. I think they have only played like one show and only have the one release that will soon be on tape (saw the art, its pretty cool). Oh yeah, they are a quasi pop punk band Philly. Really rhythmic,  nothing too crazy, but its all real solid and shit. Good riffs and dynamics. Fun band overall. Vocals are kind of dreamy. Check it out, buy the tape when it comes out. Word.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GUEST POST - Teen Suicide

Reid, the only person who ever does guest posts, did yet another.

Teen Suicide is a band from Maryland that plays this really dark, noisy emo punk shit. They just released a new record called "i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body" because that's the kind of shit that they do. Also, idiot mastermind Sam Ray of Ricky Eat Acid fame is in it, and you all know how "you get sick; you regret things" is capable of ruining your day.

Teen Suicide used to be just Sam, who recorded everything on "bad vibes forever" but then my homie Eric started playing drums and they put out "DC snuff film," which is one of my favorite things in a really long time. Super dark, noisy reverby pop punk songs for the most part, but they always throw in a few slow sad ones for good measure. The new record has all kinds of harmonies and string parts and shit. It's really good. All those releases plus an EP is here, but you should also check out their bandcamp and buy stuff like a decent person:



Antpile is a post-hardcore band from Atlanta that I saw on tour. They were really nice guys and were really good, even though I think one of their members wasn't there or something and their drummer was about to go into surgery. Their guitarist hooked us up with a show at The Wonderroot, so if you need an ATL show hit up these guys. I'm having a hard time describing Antpile right now, because when I saw them live I thought they sounded kind of like Hot Cross but less technical. Now I'm listening to the recordings and I can't think of anything that they can be compared to. Its semi technical post hardcore, that has some splashes of harder screamo and stuff thrown in. Just check it out, they are really good. I am glad that there are bands like this still. They just released a split that you can buy here. Support the band, download their stuff. Word