Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So my buddy Jon of Beau Navire / 50 Year Storm Records sent me this the other day and I have been bumping it consistently. I really don't know anything about the makeup of this band, other than that Jon is doing the vocals. And I think that this band isn't doing anything anymore, for whatever reason. I guess they just never really got going, which is a real fucking bummer because this shit is ill as hell.

Heist is a bay area hardcore / punk band. I am hesitant to say they are a hardcore punk band because they don't really sound like Youth Attack stuff or any of that stuff. It's like, too real punk to be just hardcore, but at the same time its too hardcore to be just straight up punk. they found a really nice middle ground and came up with 6 really cool songs. All of them are pretty short and not too complicated, but they are really fucking solid. The recording quality of the demo is really awesome, especially for a "demo". Jon's vocals are sick, and his lyrics are really cool also. All around sick band, and it fucking blows that they never really did anything because this would have been one hell of a band, if you know what I mean. It basically sounds like what I would expect to hear if I was watching some sick skate video from back in the day. Check it out, its fucking awesome. Word.


Clyde Webb - Into It (I'm Growing Up)

My dude, and your favorite Guest Poster, Clyde motherfucking Webb just released his Magnus Opus, "Into It (I'm Growing Up)". This album is an amazing, mature departure from Clyde's previous material  in terms of songwriting and lyrical content, but also because now he is using an electric guitar and has some dude play drums behind him. The jams are still characteristically and enjoyably sloppy, which obviously keeps the songs sounding genuine and real. With the addition of the drums you can really see Cylde's pop punk influences shine in this record. I got the chance to hear this record a while ago when he was still naming the songs, but I don't think that any of my suggestions for titles made the cut, which is fine. I'm glad that Clyde finished this album because this is really important to him, which makes sense seeing as it is really fucking cool.

I don't know if he is selling the album, but you can give him money via bandcamp if you want. You really should. Not only because the album is worth it, but because it is Clyde's 21st birthday today. If you know him or like what he does, drop him a line. He would really appreciate it. So yeah, check out this shit, download it, and support the ultimate homie. Best shit in Idaho right now, or so I've heard.

If Clyde shares this with his friends and my secret Boise crush reads this: Hi.

Got that first posting of the record. Chugsclusive. Word.


Monday, March 25, 2013

This Review Website Thing

So I figured I would put this up on here just because I'm still listening to what I'm actually going to Chug right now, but, there is this website called Slice The Pie, and they pay you to do reviews of songs. You sign up and use an email that has a paypal account, and then you just kind of sit around and listen to music that they steam. It's generally dumb radio shit, but I've been doing it when I'm bored for like a week now, and I've made like ten bucks. Again, it isn't a legit way to get big boy money, but it's gas / smoke money and its really easy. The more you do it, and the "better" your reviews are, the more money you can make per review. It takes a minute to start up and get some money, but I mean, I just fart stuff out with buzzwords and stuff that makes it sound legit and they eat it up. Sharing the wealth.

(if you want, i dont care)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ten Grand / The Vidablue (and The Khayembii Communique)

Ok, so there once was a midwest emotional post hardcore band in the 90's and early part of the 200's called The Vidablue. Then one day, one of the dudes from Phish wanted to name one of his bands The Vida Blue, and so he bought the name from the original band using that name for 10,000 American dollars. The band then changed their name to Ten Grand. They put out alot of releases and were going real strong until their vocalist / the dude whom I would imagine was the driving creative force died suddenly in 2003. I originally listened to this band a while ago when I was trying to find The Khayembii Communique's discography. I was pretty into it but didn't really listen to it a whole lot, but I found The Vidablue's split with TKC recently on my computer and decided I would look into the band and get all of their stuff. Well, it turns out that the dude who died in Ten Grand was in alot of other projects, and I managed to find a good chunk of them, which I have below. Download it, try to find physicals, and get down with some older jams. Sucks the dude died because he wrote some righteous jams, but that shit happens. As a little bonus I also threw The Khayembii Communique's self titled LP down at the bottom, just so I don't have to wait and do another post about them. Oh, thanks to Justin from Alta for helping me find some of these releases, made my night a little easier. Word.



Raw Nerve

So the other day Dave Collis aka Chicago's hottest promoter got ahold of me and informed me that Niko said that I could post Raw Nerve's discography on here, and then sent me a link to their stuff. I guess that is his way of asking me put them up on here.

Raw Nerve is a now defunct Youth Attack hardcore punk band from Chicago. Shit is bananas, and if you watch the video below of their last show you will be able to witness the utter chaos that was their live sets. I had heard about the band a while ago and listened to them here and there, but never really got down with it that hard until I met, or rather was made aware, of the Chicago kids. I gave Raw Nerve more listens and realized how dope it was, but still was never really bumping it. Then Dave set me their discography and I bumped it so hard. If you dig hardcore punk, this is the apex. Well, it is at least up there at the top, on par with bands like Failures and stuff.

Below is everything. If you can't find a release, then the songs are in the Misc. Recordings link, just because that was how they were given to me and I didn't really feel like sorting everything. Also, the songs are all in .wav. I started converting some of them but it just took way too long, and fuck that, so you have to suffer with high quality jams. Dave was saying something about not being able to find one of these albums on the internet, so cool. Check the shit out, buy their stuff because the physical releases are really cool, and support the dudes' other bands. Word.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Clyde Webb's Descent Into Easycore Hell Vol. 2

Back by popular demand, Cam'ron style. Clyde Webb went back to easycore hell.

Maybe because I didn't go see Alkaline Trio or because listening and playing so much pop punk turned me into a masochist, I decided to write another one of these and talk about easycore videos. The first one was In It To Win It by A Step Ahead.

It starts out with two announcers trying to look and sound like middle aged men. One of them says the title of the song and makes it really awkward and uncomfortable for me. The band is a dodgeball team and the video censored a butt crack. The other team is a group of girls, totally fish out of water story. I think. The intro sounds really metal. The back up singer looks really uncomfortable being in a video and has snake bites. The singer has knuckle tattoos. When he first started singing I just started laughing too hard. Very sick growls. The announcers go into really bad puns. The singer has a fitted hat. That's bad ass. I hope he works at game stop or guitar center. Very heavy breakdown. Priceless, priceless! Unless you're living lifeless, lifeless! These are great lyrics. It's a very catchy song. The song seems like it ended and there's an extra minute and I really don't care about this stupid ass skit. I hope there's another breakdown at the end. There wasn't. 

I clicked on Sail To North – True Tales & Short Stories because someone was wearing an Obey shirt in the thumbnail. I turned off my scrobbler. It starts out really heavy and fast. Oh sick, two singers. They both sound basically the same. This song and video is actually really fun. I'm head banging. This synth line is legitimately cool. This chorus is really generic with Four Year Strong kinda riffs. They seem like westcoast easycore. Maybe San Diego? They have a kinda cool intro to a breakdown part with growling and then a heavy ass breakdown. You can get ignorant to this if you wanna. The video has a lot of people holding fan signs in different places. Gang vocals and then another breakdown with a bass slide. This song was cool before the end. The song kinda abruptly stops and has some old dude speaking spanish. 

The next song was Skylong-Dig Out Your Pride. I picked it because Skylong is the worst name I've ever heard for a band. It starts out with a nerdy dude looking at pictures of a girl on facebook. The drummer has a fitted hat and the guitar player is playing a telecaster. Someone has a pencil thin mustache. The video has a stereotypical nerd. I wonder if he'll get made over into a beautiful easycore jock bro. This video is too funny. The nerd takes off his glasses and he was a good looking guy the who time. WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT?? Very nice Christian rock bridge with soft guitar that goes into fast punk. Everyone is jumping. The video takes a weird turn where I have no idea what's happening with people tied up, people making out and a guy with a studded belt. This video was really confusing and the nerd disappeared when he took off his glasses, or something?

The next song is Your Weight In Gold – Kiber Drive. It starts out with a kewl guitar melody. This band looks very Californian. The vocals are really bad. The singer did a back flip! Now people are rolling down stairs. “This is our song so sing a long now”. This video is too bad. I have to quit after this. This band has two singers, I guess? Oh shit breakdown! Get fucking ignorant 'cause it's getting slow. Very nice echo. Gang vocals. Sick breakdown with someone windmilling or some shit. Now it's picking up into a very posi breakdown. 

I got way too tired writing about easycore so I'm just gonna stop. Peace I'm out \\// ~Snide Clyde

Ricky Eat Acid

I'm pretty late in the game on this one, I suppose. I was introduced to Slam Gay via the internet, by Reid (of course), who was like "This is the dude who does Ricky Eat Acid". I was like "What the shit is Ricky Eat Acid" and then Reid explained it in a very roundabout way. I never listened to it. Then I was introduced to Teen Suicide and I was like "word this is cool", but now that I'm back in Maryland I have been talking to the lesser members of Teen Suicide / Julia Brown and thus Sam is sort of in my life. So I talked to Skizz about it a while ago and decided I would listen to Ricky. In case you are very thick, Sam Ray uses the moniker Ricky Eat Acid to make minimalist quasi-drone experimental whatever music, and he is the driving force behind the bands Teen Suicide and Julia Brown. Julia Brown is recording right now, actually, and I'm really siced to to go ham to Torts' sick bass lines, hashtag JUICED.

It would seem that REA is popular. Sam is internet famous because of it or something. Sometimes I see on Ricky plays on randos' and long distant homies' last.fms and stuff. Also, the mother fucker has like 10 releases. Flood the block, Birdman Style. The music seems to be more like soundscapes than "songs", but it doesn't matter because all of the tracks are generally different, with obvious similarities existing throughout individual albums. Its real dark bro, sounds like homie enjoys doing DrUgS. This shit is really cool chill out music, or like dark place music or whatever. He uses a variety of instruments which is a testament to his musical prowess, or rather, gives him more platforms to musically ejaculate onto the people who will inevitably listen to his stuff just because he is who he is. I give him shit, but I generally enjoy the dude. He makes me laugh because I don't take him as seriously as others do.

I heard that Torts and Skizz are getting interviewed for like an article or something that is going to be about Sam. I, personally, think that is fucking hilarious and demand that I get to see the finished product. I really wish that the person who is conducting this study on Mr. Gay would get in touch with me, because I will fuck that whole thing up with yellow journalism style propaganda. And all Sam will do is laugh.

On the real though, or at least, on the more serious, Sam is cool enough to fuck with, just dont stroke that lil dudes ego because I'm sure its chaffed by now. Teen Suicide was the shit, and Julia Brown is also dope, so check that shit out too and support them. Skizz needs gas money and Torts needs to pay for his hair product, so give the dudes some money. And support Ricky as well, obviously, even though he doesn't play live or anything. Word.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Sooper Swag Project

The Sooper Swag Project is a rap / hip hop group from Chicago that my bud Nnamdi is a part of. I don't think I know / met any of the other dudes who are involved, but it does not matter because this shit is fucking ill. This first Sooper Swag thing that I ever heard, even though it isn't really technically one of their songs was this:

Basically, Sooper Swag Project is hilarious, hella tight hip hop made by goof balls who are stupid good at making music. I mean, again, I don't know the other guys but Nnamdi makes hella videos like this one:

So obviously the dudes a goof and I would imagine his homies are on his level though. Check out his youtube channel for a bunch of videos.  SSP is a little more "serious", but I mean its still somewhat silly. Experi-Swag.

I'm really tired because I worked today and I haven't done anything manly since like January when I moved some wood down a flight of stairs so this little boy man needs a nap. But, download all the shit that is below. There are two Sooper releases plus a lil single or something, and then I also have the album of one of the other dudes who is in the group. It's all really good, swagged out or whatever, and worth your time. So check  it all out and have some fun. Swerp. Word.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guest Post - Alta - Places

Here is another guest post from Chris over at Elementary Revolt. Still the dude.

Country: UsaGenre: Post Hardcore, ScreamoLabel: The Ghost Is Clear Records/Endnote RecordsTracks: 7Length: 29.4'
Alta is a four piece band from Milwaulkee, Wisconsin who formed in 2010.  Alta play a great style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, punk, and screamo within their sound.  Places is the band's latest seven song LP, which was released July 12th, 2012.Musically, Alta's influences are diverse and include bands such as Caravels, Sinaloa, Hot Cross, Lautrec, Caravels as well as noise rock influenced post hardcore bands such as Capsule and Transistor Transistor.  This amalgamation of sounds makes for an amazing listen and Places is an incredible LP.  The best way for me to describe Alta's sound is for you to imagine a cross between Laurtec and Hot Cross.  I can't begin to describe how good this album is.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy.  Look for Places to be released via The Ghost Is Clear records by the end of 2012.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Tess Wiley

Back when I was doing that post on Splendora I was trying to find any information regarding the side projects of the girls in the band when I came across Tess Wiley. For a minute I thought she was in the band, and was super stoked on this song called "Rainy Day Assembly" because the instruments made is sound like an Owen song. I was super into it all night, and then when I was doing the Splendora post I found out that she was not, in fact, in that band, but was going to use that name for her solo project but obviously couldn't.

Tess Wiley is an American singer / songwriter who was in Sixpence None The Richer before they got super big. Does that band sound familiar? It should, because they did those songs "Kiss Me" and "There She Goes". But again, that was after Tess left the band to do her own stuff.

She was featured on a shit ton of albums, which you can check out here. As far as her solo work is concerned, she has used the names Tess Wiley & Her Orchestra and just Tess Wiley. I can't tell if Phantasmic is a solo project or another band that she was in, but yeah, she did that too.

I suppose you could consider her a Christian artist, but it doesn't really matter to me. Its sick because back in the day she worked with Tooth & Nail a few times, and seemed to be down with the emo scene. She had a hidden track on the second emo compilation that Deep Elm put out, so hella street cred. Nowadays she is married and lives in Germany with her husband, who owns a skateboarding company. Pretty much the perfect woman.

I really couldn't find much of her music online. It sucked. I could maybe find like one or two songs here and there, but no full albums except for the one I got below. I did manage to get the emo compilation song though. If you like her music, please buy it. It would be cool if you later uploaded it so I could have it, but yeah. Support her, she has kids and shit. And is the archetype of "Cool Girl Whom Later Becomes Cool Woman". For real though. Word.



Do you guys know Slater? He used to book shows in Delaware back in the day, and got us out there once to play in a sketchy boatyard and another time to play in his dudes garage. Fun fact: he is how we met the Kali bros for the first time. He used to be in the band Summons to Yomi.

Anyways, Slater makes beats / electronic music as Tshima. I have no idea what that name means, but yeah, thats Slater. His music is surprisingly dope, really chill and spacey and nice to blaze to (irony lies in the fact that he either is, or was, a straight edge warrior). I believe he is based. His music is being, or has been, released by Suji Co. Check it out, download it, and support him if you want to. But you should want to, because he is a dope dude.