Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GUEST POST - Roadside Monument

Erik P. of The Summer We Went West / Pansori / Lets did this post. He's the dude, and stupid smart. Word.

Hey! Erik here. Robbie suggested I do a guest appearance on here. So, yea, hello, and, well, thanks Robbie for letting me share one of my favorite bands here maybe/maybe not as known as they should. Back in 97 or 98 my Dad brought me home an old Tooth and Nail comp he’d picked up from a thrift store. Aside from a Ninety Pound Wuss song, the comp was pretty lame with the exception of Roadside Monument’s ‘Ego’s the Size of Cathedrals’ from their last release ‘I am the Day of Current Taste.’ Needless to say, this song blew me away and began what has been a long love affair with this underappreciated lovely, lovely band. From Seattle, Roadside Monument was only around for 4 years, I believe, 94-98 aside from a brief reunion. During this time, they released two splits with Puller and Frodus, as well a 7’’ and three full-lengthish releases. They are all amazing. Think really strange songs in crazy time signatures (check out ‘Crop Circles,’ I think the drums are in ¾ and guitars in 4/4). Long songs, out of tune vocals, and wild, pushed to the limit screaming. Loud parts and soft parts.  A band capable of washing you over with incredible bursts of noise and screaming and then pretty, twinkly parts with hushed whispering vocals. ‘Eight Hours Away From Being a Man’ has become a type of emo/math rock cult classic it seems these days. I must admit I’m partial to their last release, ‘I am the Day of Current Taste,’ the last song on that album being completely beautiful. Anyway, check these guys out. They kinda got a bum wrap for being on Tooth and Nail, but never identified themselves as being Christian. It seems bizarre and awesome to me that this band, as well as label mates Ninety Pound Wuss, used to play Christian coffee houses and the likes. Either way, a truly creative, amazing band. Members went on to form Unwed Sailor (another awesome band) and fill in for Pedro the Lion in their early days. Check it. 


Roadside Monument / Puller (RM tracks only)

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