Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dylijens - Post Consumer

My dude Dylan just put out another release. He goes by the moniker Dylijens, but I have yet to address him as such. If you don't know Dylan, then you never hung out in Frederick, and you never listened to or saw The Lost Tourists, idiot.

This new shit, called "Post Consumer", and I have yet to listen to it because I'm listening to this Pusha T song on repeat. I'm drunk.

Okay, so I wore out that song and I listened to that new Dylijens album. Carl posted about Dyl before, and he maybe described his music to some extent or something, and if you didnt listen to him earlier or refuse to watch the video below then check that shit out. But like, Dyl's music is pretty fucking chill. I have only seen him do his rap thing one time, at some bar, and your uncle was fucking wasted. Like stupid wasted. But shit was really cool. Its like, that real chill hip hop that is influenced by blunts and homies. It isn't like swag shit or based shit or gangster shit, its like intellectual potentially political rap. You know what I mean? If you get down with hip hop and shit you probably know what I mean.

This album is real chill. Most of the tracks are either featuring or produced by someone else, which is sick because Dyl is branching out and stuff. All the songs have a different feel to them but they are all real dope. Its real good music to smoke to, or at least listen to post smoke during munch, trust me though. Act like I don't know.

Dylan and some of the other homies put on this Hip Hop thing called Llamadon. Basically its a monthly hip hop showcase at the Bell Foundry every third Friday that doubles as a pizza party. It's like ten bucks to participate in the extra events, which includes the pizza and the skateboard raffle and shit, but yeah. Its basically a homie pizza rap party, and Dylan seems to be getting some dope artists to perform. The next Llamadon is this Friday and yall should come out. I'ma be there, stumbling around with pizza and beer. It should be really fun. My dude Matt started a skateboard company recently called Scramble and that shit is super fucking legit, and I'm pretty sure he is going to have some decks at this shit to sell or whatever, so come support all my people. If you don't have ten bucks you wont get turned away, I don't think, but you should really honestly try to bring a few bucks for the people who are dropping hella skrilla to put on the event and the artists. Don't be a dick bag and roll up with some beer or some shit and be like "I'm broke", because we will all stare at you and make you feel awful about yourself.

Below is Dyl's newest release, plus a video for one of his songs. Its cute because my friends are in the video. I think that Dylijens is going on tour, so check that shit out. Word.


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