Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slow Warm Death

Okay, so I didn't really know how to write this post at first because I originally was just going to list the band  members and hope that people are like "whaaaaat??" when they listened to the album. But that seems less appealing now. But, with that being said, Slow Warm Death is a rough and tumble blues band from Pennsylvania (I think) that is made up of John Galm, a Rudich, a Geeting, and another cat. I imagined that people would hear those names and be like "OMG STREET SMART / SNOWING / ALL THOSE BANDS" and then download this, only to be surprised to find that the band doesn't sound like what they expected. I, personally, am glad that this is a departure from the sound which I previously associated with those dudes, because this shit is sick. I donno if Square of Opposition is going to release this, but I imagine they would, and if they do you should pick it up. That label deserves all your money, literally though. Just have him cash your paychecks. Check this shit out though, I put their bandcamp link down there so you dinks will maybe give them some money. Thats right. Word.


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