Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Fall Baltimore

Go to THIS WEBSITE if you want to do a shit ton of free stuff in Baltimore during the month of October. There are so many things on here, but I think you have to reserve your spot for some of this stuff. It looks pretty chill.

No Gods

Two of the homies from Sohns are in a new band called No Gods. They recently posted a song online, and its pretty dope. Check it out.

Lord Snow / Afterlife Kids

Lord Snow and Afterlife Kids are about to start a European tour tomorrow in support of their new split. Below are the dates, followed by each band's bandcamp where you can stream / download the songs. It goes without saying that the split is incredible.

24.09. GER - Hamburg / f105
25.09. NL - Njimegen / ondebrook
26.09. UK - Brighton / Bleach
27.09. UK - Nottingham / JT SOAR
28.09. UK - Manchester / wahlbar
29.09. UK - London / Unicorn
30.09. F - Caen / Le Bocal
01.10. B - Gent / Indiebar
02.10. GER - Solingen / waldmeister
03.10. GER - Münster / baracke
04.10. GER - Darmstadt / oettinger villa
05.10. IT - Milan / ligera
06.10. IT - help!
07.10. SLO - Ljubljana
08.10. A - WIEN / EKH
09.10. CZ - Prague / cafe na pul cesty
10.10. GER - Gera / rotzfrech
11.10. GER - Leipzig / Zoro
12.10. GER - Berlin / Tiefgrund


Fuck, Wolves! - Jetzt ist nicht jetzt, jetzt ist immer

Fuck, Wolves have a new album that is about to be out on vinyl and tape. There are a fillion labels associated so I'm sure you can get a copy. This album, entitled "Jetzt ist nicht jetzt, jetzt ist immer", is probably one of, if not the best emo-violence record that has been released in a while. You can download it below, and you better do it, or else you are an idiot.


I don't think I have posted Sloths yet, and I don't really know why. I suppose it just slipped my mind or something. Whatever the case, they just released a new album this summer and it slays.


Sohns - Split Songs

Sohns is putting out a split with Innards, Canyons, Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, and The Caution Children. They posted their songs the other day, go check it out.