Thursday, October 11, 2012

Olive Drab

Olive Drab is Reid's band, I don't know anyone else in the group. I was asked not to mention the other bands that the members are affiliated with; act like I even know. I'm hoping that posting this will stop Reid from talking about his band on Facebook, but I'm not going to hold my breath. They used to be called Spaceboy, or were going to be called Spaceboy. Olive Drab is a newish band, only having been around for real for a little while. I think they have only played like one show and only have the one release that will soon be on tape (saw the art, its pretty cool). Oh yeah, they are a quasi pop punk band Philly. Really rhythmic,  nothing too crazy, but its all real solid and shit. Good riffs and dynamics. Fun band overall. Vocals are kind of dreamy. Check it out, buy the tape when it comes out. Word.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GUEST POST - Teen Suicide

Reid, the only person who ever does guest posts, did yet another.

Teen Suicide is a band from Maryland that plays this really dark, noisy emo punk shit. They just released a new record called "i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body" because that's the kind of shit that they do. Also, idiot mastermind Sam Ray of Ricky Eat Acid fame is in it, and you all know how "you get sick; you regret things" is capable of ruining your day.

Teen Suicide used to be just Sam, who recorded everything on "bad vibes forever" but then my homie Eric started playing drums and they put out "DC snuff film," which is one of my favorite things in a really long time. Super dark, noisy reverby pop punk songs for the most part, but they always throw in a few slow sad ones for good measure. The new record has all kinds of harmonies and string parts and shit. It's really good. All those releases plus an EP is here, but you should also check out their bandcamp and buy stuff like a decent person:



Antpile is a post-hardcore band from Atlanta that I saw on tour. They were really nice guys and were really good, even though I think one of their members wasn't there or something and their drummer was about to go into surgery. Their guitarist hooked us up with a show at The Wonderroot, so if you need an ATL show hit up these guys. I'm having a hard time describing Antpile right now, because when I saw them live I thought they sounded kind of like Hot Cross but less technical. Now I'm listening to the recordings and I can't think of anything that they can be compared to. Its semi technical post hardcore, that has some splashes of harder screamo and stuff thrown in. Just check it out, they are really good. I am glad that there are bands like this still. They just released a split that you can buy here. Support the band, download their stuff. Word



Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friends For Life Summer 2012 Tour Sampler

Friends For Life have put out another sampler. I would imagine that they made this for the Duck, Little Brother, Duck! tour. You can check out the tracklist and give FFL some money here. Hella good bands on this release, check it out. Word.


Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)

So, this weekend Empire Empire is putting their entire discography up for free download. You should still give them money because they are going on tour with The Reptilian to the UK soon, but nevertheless you can snag hella tunes for free. I'm getting them, and I might edit this post later with their discography, but for right meow just get it from them. Word.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bedroom Eyes

I would like to think that Bedroom Eyes named their band after the Dum Dum Girls' song. Knowing Rob, they probably did. Bdrmeyes is a kinda shoe gazy post punk band from New Hampshire, who recently were named best band in New Hampshire by something called The Phoenix. The dudes in this band were in Pathos, L'antietam, Bravo Fucking Bravo and The River Bottom. They have an LP and two demo songs that are going to be on an EP in October. The LP is killer, so chill and spacey or energetic and interesting. There is the tiniest bit of noise thrown in there from time to time as well. The verbed out vocals kind of make the band, I mean everyone is really good at their instruments and the instrumentation is superb, but I think the one thing that stands out with this band is the vocals. Or the fact that they whoop your ass in a totally chill manner. You can buy stuff from their bandcamp, which you totes should. I ripped the LP from their bandcamp, so there is maybe half a second of space on the beginning of some of the songs, but its chill. If you want to get their official digital tracks or whatever buy them from the band, I'm sure they would appreciate some cash. Word.


Monday, September 17, 2012


Evergreen was a post hardcore /emo band from the '90s. The bassist was also in Antioch Arrow and the drummer is now in Rilo Kiley. Evergreen sounds like Mineral and stuff, so check it out if you are into that kind of stuff. I have been listening to them alot recently. I have all of their stuff below, so check it out. Good luck trying to buy their records though. Word.


Topshelf Records Summer Sampler

Topshelf Records just released another summer sampler. Its free, so I got a link from them to post it on here. There are a slew of bands on this huge compilation, you guys will enjoy it. The full list can be found here. Word.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

I Would Set Myself on Fire for You was an experimental screamo band from Atlanta, Georgia, United States that started in 2001, and broke up for unknown reasons in 2007. The band released two full-length albums on Stickfigure Records, in between several demos sold at concerts in the time they were together. The band featured viola in their songs, as well as acoustic guitar, cello, synth, saxophone, trumpet, and hand drums. Their music is sometimes dramatic, with the three vocalists often chanting in a round. -
I got an email about a week ago out of the blue from the band with a link to their unreleased 7 inch, "ten/eleven". I talked to them a little bit more and they ended up sending me the files for it because the download came with an additional song, which is an alternate version of "nine". I have been listening to this band for years, and I would imagine that most people who are into post-hardcore and stuff have at least hear of this band. I was surprised to see how limited their catalog was, but I was able to find a demo that I hadn't heard before, which was nice. If you are unfamiliar with this band you should check them out, they are really good and influential in the scene. You can buy all of their stuff online, and you can buy the digital files of "ten/eleven" on bandcamp. Check it out, word.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Enoch Ardon

Enoch Ardon is a Spanish chaotic hardcore band in the vein of Orchid, Louise Cyphre or Tristan Tzara. They only have two releases, but have a song on the Emo Apocalypse and International Screamo Compilation. Shit is stupid good. If you are a fan of fast, crazy screamo you need to listen to this band. I think you can still buy some of their stuff, so do it up. Word. 



Aghast is a French DIY hardcore/screamo band. There is also a dark ambient band called Aghast, but this is not they. I'm about to cook food so yeah, but if you have never heard this band check it out. They are good as shit, and still an active band. Buy some of their records, dudes. Word.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Innards - I've Lost Everything

Yo, Chug exclusive. Today, Count Your Lucky Stars put up the pre-order for Innards' new ten inch lp. I want to help them make some sales/exposure by posting the album and stuff. I've Lost Everything is fucking dope. Takes screamo to the next level. Innards has always been one of my favorite bands around and some of the best dudes in the world, so I am beyond stoked on this new album. First off, 12 songs in 18 minutes. Everything that makes Innards awesome is doubled with this LP. Seriously mind blowing.The production of this record is pretty spot on for a DIY screamo band, kind of gritty but pretty much clean. I am always amazed at how they can make songs that are both spastic and melodic. Leos vocals and lyrics are great, as usual. He just had a lil baby too, which is dope. Check out the record below or on the bandcamps, and please please please pick up that pre order. For real, support my dudes and CYLS. It was super dope that they let me post this shit fresh out the kitchen, so to speak. Keeping screams punk. Top ten records of the year right y'all, don't waste any time and check this out now. Word.


Already Dead Tapes & Records

My buddy Sean runs this label in Kalamazoo called Already Dead Tapes. Home boy is the man. He works at this sick record store and I bought an LFO tape and a Billy Ocean lp for mad cheap. He plays in a band called Forget the Times, which you should check out. He hosts these huge festivals up there, and the link for the next one is right here. Below is a huge list of all of his releases, and I would suggest that you check shit out on the website and then come back here to pick it up. All of the links are provided by Already Dead, so if something is dead holler at him. He lives in the no-fun house, but he is pretty fun. Word.


AD039: Alpha Couple 'Covers'

AD040: Dominic Pierce 'West'

AD041: Br'er 'Deviation' 


Sneeze is from the Boston area (there is another Sneeze from Australia, but I'm not talking about them). One of the dudes from L'antietam is in this band. I got to see them at one of their earlier shows in Allston and it was really tight. They are a pop punk band and kick alot of ass. Don't expect them to sound anything like L'antieram. It's sing along pop punk, you know, like playing Tony Hawk or something and zoning out but still mumbling along with the song. Their new album, "I'm going to kill myself", is one of the better pop punk releases I have heard in a hot minute. Honestly, even if you aren't into like post pop punk you should still give this a listen. I don't see how anyone could hate this band. you can buy their new release on tape, I think bear is selling their old stuff, and they are pressing the new LP at some point. I don't know. But Sneeze is cool so check them out if you are into like Laurel or Let's or other like gritty pop punk stuff. Check Sneeze out, support them in any/every way you can. Word.



Foxing are a twinkle band from the St. Louis area, I think. They have a little demo thing and are putting out a split really soon. I was generally surprised by this band, you know, because normally I get bored with the twinkle after like two minutes because by that time I can figure out what bigger twinkle band they are trying to emulate and then just go listen to that band. Foxing threw me off guard, not so much because they are super original but because it is interesting and doesn't sound forced. Again, not the next big twinkle band, but is 100% worth checking out if you are into that stuff. Especially post Algernon, alot of kids who can't get into   bars need to fill a Cadwallader sized hole. This might help ease the pain. Check it out, keep an eye out for their split, and stay stoked. Word.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fire Team Charlie

Bear Records released the Fire Team Charlie discography a while back, buy it if you like this band. Worth the money. Fire Team Charlie was from Texas and are no longer a band, but they were one of the best emotional hardcore bands of the mid 2000's, hands down. If you have not ever listened to FTC check them out, you will dig it so hard. I like it when bands that have done a few splits do discographies so you can get all their music in one spot, but I must admit that I normally like to go ahead and try to get the actual split so that I have both sides or whatever. If you are interested in getting their splits you can probably find them pretty easily, and I would recommend you do so. Word up.


1000 Travels of Jawaharlal

This trio from Kita-Kyushu, Japan plays uncompromising and spontaneous , which descends from bands from half of 90’s released on label Ebullition like Torches To RomeBread and Circuits orYaphet Kotto mixed with dedication of  bands like Ignition or Swiz, all together with aggressive, explosive Endstand sound! These guys are absolutely coordinated, singer and guitarist Koichiro alias Kojak has screamy but still melodic voice (he was driver on The Robocop Kraus tour around Japan), crazy drummer plays with total dedication and bass player understood what is this instrument about. They are releasing on czech label Day After Records. -
I got lazy as fuck, but this band is sick. Old school screamo. Check them out if you haven't already. Word.