Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bedroom Eyes

I would like to think that Bedroom Eyes named their band after the Dum Dum Girls' song. Knowing Rob, they probably did. Bdrmeyes is a kinda shoe gazy post punk band from New Hampshire, who recently were named best band in New Hampshire by something called The Phoenix. The dudes in this band were in Pathos, L'antietam, Bravo Fucking Bravo and The River Bottom. They have an LP and two demo songs that are going to be on an EP in October. The LP is killer, so chill and spacey or energetic and interesting. There is the tiniest bit of noise thrown in there from time to time as well. The verbed out vocals kind of make the band, I mean everyone is really good at their instruments and the instrumentation is superb, but I think the one thing that stands out with this band is the vocals. Or the fact that they whoop your ass in a totally chill manner. You can buy stuff from their bandcamp, which you totes should. I ripped the LP from their bandcamp, so there is maybe half a second of space on the beginning of some of the songs, but its chill. If you want to get their official digital tracks or whatever buy them from the band, I'm sure they would appreciate some cash. Word.


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Reminds me of Sore Eyelids with Mew