Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yo, Canyons have released a discography. It has all of their stuff, including their side of the upcoming split with Creeper. I posted their stuff before, but this releases has more tracks. Lookout for their split with Creeper, I got a good feeling about that shit. Support Canyons and The Ghost is Clear Records.

 Heavy hardcore from Marshall, Missouri. Canyons is Four Guys Loud Amps and Oooh that Smell. Though they smoke alot of Pot, they stay busy putting out releases left and right… Playing a dirty type of Hardcore they could easily be transplants to the Louisville area. Preferring to rock floors rather than stages. DIY is the Ethic. They take nothing for granted. -

Word the fuck up.


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Anonymous said...

creeper is the name of the band from fubar. does creeper know this?