Monday, September 17, 2012


Evergreen was a post hardcore /emo band from the '90s. The bassist was also in Antioch Arrow and the drummer is now in Rilo Kiley. Evergreen sounds like Mineral and stuff, so check it out if you are into that kind of stuff. I have been listening to them alot recently. I have all of their stuff below, so check it out. Good luck trying to buy their records though. Word.



Anonymous said...

ps. That is not the evergreen LP cover. Here it is =

Anonymous said...

Everytime I bring these guys up idiots think I'm talking about evergreen terrace (nowhere near as beautiful sounding... or even similar in anyway. Why would they get confused idk?) All I have is These Last Days... finally the rest to show off! Plus I never knew about the still life split awesome

Noah said...

Yeah, apparently there were two bands named Evergreen during the same time period. The Evergreen that made the album that you have for the Evergreen LP is the one from Kentucky. I guess the one you posted is the one that always gets lumped with The Pine.