Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Supreme Nothing

Supreme Nothing is a poppy fuzz punk band from Chicago. One of the biggest crushes of my life, Steph from Lord Snow, is in this band. They sound super 90s influenced, in the way that you could almost expect to hear them playing over the ending credits for Daria or something. I love the guitar work and the vocals sound really good, Niko did a great job recording these two songs. I couldn't find a website or anything for this group, but whatever, I'm sure soon enough something will be available. Please listen to the songs on their bandcamp, they are really good.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


If you like metal music you already like Torche. They are the metal band. And they are the coolest dudes. Their newest album is streaming online, linked below, and it is so sick. The best part about Torche, really, is that now they have their own video game hosted on their website. For a while there was a contest involving beating the game and free stuff, but I don't know if that is still going on. The new album, "Restarter", is super fucking metal. It sounds like an awesome throwback to real metal, not black metal or speed metal or whatever, this is actual metal. Nothing flashy. Nothing pretentious. Just fucking metal.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dogs on Acid

Dogs on Acid is a pop punk band, I guess, from Philly. Right off the bat I am going to just say that this group is made up of members from Snowing & Algernon Cadwallader, so as to not waste any time. I had heard of this band here and there online, but never really listened to them for one reason or another. It looks like they were just signed to Jade Tree, which is fucking amazing, so I decided to give them a listen today. I absolutely love this band. Dogs on Acid sound like a mature version of the bands that these guys have been playing in for years  (that are, of course, in this same general genre). The more I listen to this the more it sounds like Weezer, but that is probably just me. They are keeping the noodley riffs to a minimum, but since they are from Pennsylvania they are legally required to throw some in there from time to time. Dogs on Acid have a record out on Ranch Records and another one that was released on Asian Man, so check that shit out. Below is their website. Support them in anyway you see fit, but please check them out.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Pinnacle is a sludgy post punk band from San Luis Obispo. Super dirty, super dark, kind of noisey at times. The first two tracks are awesome heavy post punk stuff while the final track is spacey as fuck and about as long as the previous tracks combined. I love the guitar tone on the recordings, and the drums sound pretty dope. Not super into the vocals, but who cares. Pinnacle is sick, I'm pretty sure I saw them a few years ago in SLO. Also, worth noting that my buddy Eric, the drummer, was formerly in Burn Idols, so hopefully that means something to you. I couldn't find any web presence for the band aside from the bandcamp, so I don't know how you would / could really keep up with the band, but hopefully they get something going soon. I know they are playing NUX FEST 7 this weekend, so if you are going to that you should do yourself a favor and see Pinancle.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Whenskiearegray - LP Announced

Whenskiesaregray are putting out an LP soon with Mayfly, and Brooklyn Vegan is streaming a track from said album. I honestly am not a huge fan of the band, but this new track is really good and I have a feeling that this release has potential to be really tight. I hope that the rest of the record is along the same lines as this song. Its heavy and dark, and even though it is not "the jam" by any means it is still pretty dope, even though I feel like I have heard this sound a billion times before and wish that they would get out of that comfort zone and try something new. But, all in all, "We Passed Each Other Quietly" is a good song and I think the record will turn out really well. A big selling point in the various things that I have read about the album is that Mike York of Pianos Become The Teeth fame engineered this record, and even though name dropping Mike for scene cred is kind of lame there is no denying that he has done some really amazing work. Check out the track below and, as always, support the band in any way that you can.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Black Lung

Black Lung is a Rock n Roll band from Baltimore. I would say this shit is stoner metal, but it is not very metal, and I don't know if "stoner rock" is really a genre. Black Lung rips it though, old school head banging type stuff. I love this band so much because I am getting tired of all the "artsy" bands that play around these days, thus making BL is a breath of fresh air. They rip it so hard its ridiculous. If you like Black Sabbath and that kind of rock music Black Lung will be your new jam. They have a record out on Grimoire Records and are going to be touring Europe soon, so support them any way you see fit.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wildhoney is from Baltimore. Their back catalog seems to be a mixture of post-punk and shoegaze, but their latest album, "Seventeen Forever", is really going towards that early 90's shoegaze sound. They exist on the rougher, more "punk" end of the shoegaze spectrum even though they still have that distinct "pretty" sound. Is it trite and played out to say that a band like this sounds like Slowdive? I don't listen to that much shoegaze so that is the first band that comes to mind, but I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless, Wildhoney kills it, and if you are into shoegaze you will definitely not be disappointed with this band. I slept on them for a while, but I think right now I am going through "Seventeen Forever" for the 5th time, so yeah. The jam on the album seems to be the track "Seventeen", which really is an amazing song. The recording quality on the record is spot on, and I have to also add that, from what I have seen on youtube, they sound super fucking good live. Check them out if you can, they are playing Baltimore and New York really soon.

(I used the word "shoegaze" 5 times up there and I hate myself for that repetition)