Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Pinnacle is a sludgy post punk band from San Luis Obispo. Super dirty, super dark, kind of noisey at times. The first two tracks are awesome heavy post punk stuff while the final track is spacey as fuck and about as long as the previous tracks combined. I love the guitar tone on the recordings, and the drums sound pretty dope. Not super into the vocals, but who cares. Pinnacle is sick, I'm pretty sure I saw them a few years ago in SLO. Also, worth noting that my buddy Eric, the drummer, was formerly in Burn Idols, so hopefully that means something to you. I couldn't find any web presence for the band aside from the bandcamp, so I don't know how you would / could really keep up with the band, but hopefully they get something going soon. I know they are playing NUX FEST 7 this weekend, so if you are going to that you should do yourself a favor and see Pinancle.


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