Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Cross

Hot Cross was a hardcore band from Philadelphia that formed after Saetia broke up. They also shared members with Joshua Fit For Battle, Off Minor, Halo of Snakes, Neil Perry, You and I, and Interpol. Yeah, Interpol. The drummer of Hot Cross was their original drummer, but he left before the first record was cut. Cool, huh?

Hot Cross' sound was a mix of fast New England hardcore and virtuoso guitar work. Alot of their material is known for the battling guitar parts. If you have never heard of this band, you should check out wither Cryonics or Fair Trades and Fairwells. Below is everything they put out and a video. The song from the Holy Shroud split is the same song that was on the Protect compilation.


A New Set of Lungs

Fair Trades and Fairwells EP


Hot Cross & Lickgoldensky Split

Hot Cross & Light The Fuse and Run Split

Protect - A Benefit for The National Association to Protect Children Compilation

Risk Revival

Hot Cross & The Holy Shroud Split