Thursday, December 16, 2010



Let's be honest: corporate sponsorship and punk don't mix. The two have about as volatile a relationship as potassium and water.

It's not surprising when bands like All Time Low and their neo-pop-punk Myspace generation kin sell out; they probably never hid their full intentions to sell out from their first practice together. For the sake of argument, let's just dismiss these aforementioned bands for what they are: thinly veiled pop artists disguised as "punk" or "emo" musicians.

In the alternate universe most readers of this blog probably live in, punk is an all-encompassing word that can mean a million different things and sound like a million different sounds. DIY releases, small-print labels run by kids out of their garages, low-fi tape duplications, anti-corporate lyrics, basement shows: these are just a few of the things that probably come to mind.

A few things that probably don't come to mind are the Toyota subsidiary Scion, corporations sponsoring metal concerts, and Magrudergrind, the legendary D.C. based grindcore band, putting out records on Scion's A/V record label.

Yes, you read correctly. Grindcore giants Magrudergrind's, (who have toured all over the world and released countless records over their long tenure as a well respected, anti-fascist, highly opinionated, DIY band over the years), new Grind Crusher 10" has been released for free by Scion A/V, who have hosted metal concerts and festivals featuring the likes of Trash Talk and Mastodon (not personal favorites of mine, I'd like to mention).

It certainly seems a far cry from the group who released an album called Don't Support Humanitary Aid Led By the Church. And the Scion logo isn't exactly hidden away in a corner on the insert or something; it's featured prominently at the bottom center of the record's front cover.

However, before we delve any further into why this might legitimately make any Magrudergrind fan jealous, let's take one step back.

There's really only one problem with any hardcore elitist who's attempting to talk shit on one of D.C.'s most well known bands for selling out: this record fucking shreds. And with song titles like "Incapacity Reigns" and "Conditioned Minds" it doesn't exactly sound like lead vocalist Avi has suddenly had a change of heart about his no-bullshit, anti-fascist, anti-scene politics, anti-capitalist values.

The album clocks in at somewhere around eleven minutes, and every single one of them seems to carry the band forward from their previous release, 2009's self titled LP. From the newly acquired production value to the hip-hop interludes that seem to have become a staple of the band's sound as they move forward, even from the guitar solo (?!?!) on the album's closing track, the five minute plus long "Cognition".

As bizarre as it may seem that out of all bands, of out any scene, Magrudergrind has put out a record via Scion A/V, they haven't suddenly started writing cheese metal music all the sudden.

And as a huge corporation, Toyota might not have the best of reputations, but we're not exactly supporting them if we take them up on their offer to download this album for free, are we? Or by supporting the band in any way shape or form.

I guess the best way for anyone to form an opinion, in this case, would probably be by letting the music speak for itself.

I think I've posted everything the band has released besides a two song sampler put out previous to the release of Religious Baffle. If I've missed anything, please post the release in the comments!

Recieve a FREE copy of the 10" when you pre-order it with another record or a T-shirt here.

Read the Brooklyn Vegan blog post here.

Read an editorial in opposition to Magrudergrind's decision here.

Read a supportive article here and here. Also features Magrudergrind's explanation of releasing the record through Scion.


Magrudergrind live at Obscene Extreme Fest (All songs from Rehashed, except one from Don't Support...:

* * *

Don't Support Humanitary Aid Led By the Church

Don't Support Humanitary Aid Led By The Church (2003)

Religious Baffle

Religious Baffle (2003)

Vomit Spawn

Magrudergrind/Vomit Spawn - "Not A Happy Meal For A 13 Year Old Girl Who Found Razor Blades In Her French Fries/Live? Split" (2004)

Magrudergrind/Akkolyte Split (2004)"


Owned!! (2004)


Sanity's Dawn/Magrudergrind - "Humanity In Decline" Split (2005)

Godstomper/Magrudergrind Split

Magrudergrind/Godstomper Split (2005)


Magrudergrind/A Warm Gun Split (2005)

Sixty Two Trax of Thrash

Sixty Two Trax of Thrash (2005)


Magrudergrind/Shitstorm Split (2006)


Magrudergrind/Sylvester Staline Split (2006)


Rehashed (2007)

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1 (2008)

Magrudergrind S/T

Magrudergrind (2009)


Crusher 10" (2010)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Dawn Treader

So after so fucking long Baltimore's hardcore punk super-group Dawn Treader releases another amazing album. Seeing as DT has a lineup similar to the fucking Wu-Tang Clan, this recording features at least ten people. This album is simply amazing, with strings and noise and driving guitars and rock riffs and all the shit that makes Dawn Treader amazing. My favorite track on the album upon the fifth or so listen would have to be "Toaster In The Bathtub". Keith gave me this album a few days ago so that I could be the first to put this album out in the blogspot world, but it looks like it was uploaded onto Sordo as well. I don't know if they are playing any shows anytime soon, but the next time they play you better fucking go see them. Theses files are unmastered, the album will be mastered right before they get this shit pressed, 12 inch I'm assuming. I don't know who is putting it out, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that you download the fuck out of this and then buy it when it gets pressed. As much as I fucking hate to say it, this is another contender for "BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR". I've heard this phrase a lot lately, I wonder if anyone is actually going to make a list, and then be able to put up with everyone bitching about how their favorite band didn't make it to the top. Fuck it, download Post Mortem.


Post Mortem

Saturday, December 11, 2010

DEERS! / Animal Lover / Pansori/ мища / ColorChromatic 5 Way Split

After like a year of waiting this split, Bear19, is finally finished. You can pick up a copy here or from the bands at shows after Bear Records sends em out. The entire lp is just under a half hour long, with twelve songs. You can download it below.

Side A of the record is devoted to the California bands. DEERS! starts things off with three blistering tracks. Their sound has matured with their final recordings, as you can clearly hear, with the lack of general chaos and high pitched screaming. The songs are much more technical and kind of twinkly, although they are still very driving and intense. ColorChromatic follow those tracks up with 4 of their own. Post-Hardcore or Punk at its finest, CC compliments DEERS! nicely with their melodic tunes. Their songs have a very heavy punk influence, although at some times the vocals almost sound like Daryl Palumbo. Someone told me they sound like Mourning For The Masses.

Side B starts out with my band, мища,giving three songs. We recorded two of these tracks a year ago when this release was originally going to be a split with Bears!, but that fell through. We recoded the other song in the spring when we did the Oppenheimer Limit split. I like these songs. Animal Lover is next with a really cool almost stoner metal track. Really buzzy and rough sounding, the vocals on "Rain Queen" are super low in the mix but still sounds dope. Their song is just really cool stoner punk IMO. Bob your head shit. Pansori finish up the split with an eight minute epic. Post-rock Screamo at its finest. I love their recordings because you can hear the violin really well. Their track is pretty much one long dreary crescendo, building up to a point that it almost gives you chills.

This album is really nice to smoke weed to. I haven't heard it on vinyl yet but I did hear the old test pressing and it sounded cool. If you like the split you should support Bear Records so that he can continue to put out cool records and be an actual DIY label. Don't force him to get a day job.


DEERS! / Animal Lover / Pansori/ мища / ColorChromatic 5 Way Split

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I haven't been able to download or upload anything recently because my roommate got a new computer and is killing the internet. He's downloading Fall Out New Vegas and shit, so I guess I can't complain too much. The albums below were emailed to me by the bands, so I figured I would just do a massive post. I will do this from time to time with requests, unless I want to go get all of their music (see Men As Trees). A few of the bands commented on a thread I started on CMHWAK. All the bands are really cool, so make sure you give them a shot. Again, if you want your band on here just shoot us emails and shit.


Swedish screamo, sounds like it's from the 90's

Orion Pax
Hardcore screamo from St. Louis
Their website with downloads

A Split

NYC hardcore

A Shadow of A Doubt
Western Massachusetts Hardcore

Ogni Giorno
Post-Screamo from Italy

Eat The Rabbit
Members of Ogni Giorno
Eat The Rabbit

Trunks & Tales
Philadelphia based punk

Joe Shlabotnik
We're In Your Hands, Lady Q

Organs / Concord to Seas Split

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cool Shows

Everyone knows that Street Smart Cyclist is having a reunion show the day after Christmas. Well, it looks like there is a max capacity at the venue, 250 heads, and like 500 people on facebook said they were going. Square of Opposition decided to sell the tickets online, presale, and they are now sold out. If you got your ticket then way to go, you might get a free poster if you get there early enough. If you are like us and just found out about these tix recently then I guess you will not be attending, sorry. At least they admitted that this isn't punk.

Osceola is having a reunion show January 7th at Cyclops Books in Baltimore. This is their last reunion show, and all the original members will be playing. There are like ten bands on this show, including Tideland and Demeanor.

I'm sad to say that Kidcrash is having their last show on the 23rd of December in Santa Fe. Word has it that Alex is going to Egypt or something and Buster is going back to school. They are going on "hiatus", but after talking to some Portland friends it looks like the end of the break isn't clear. I'm really upset that I'm going to have to miss this show (FUCK YOU AIRLINE PRICES IN DECEMBER). Apparently New Ruins is going to be pressed on vinyl with a bonus track.

Beau Navire posted European tour dates, ending with Cry Me A River Fest. Pianos Become the Teeth announced that they are going to Europe in the spring. Algernon Cadwallader is coming to the west coast this winter. What Price, Wonderland? and Syn* Error are doing a European Tour. Raein is going to Japan. Innards is going to the west coast soon, as will be Matsuri & Ordstro (playing at my house in Olympia on January 5th). Empire! Empire! are doing some east coast shows. There are alot of shows going on in/around Pennsylvania in the last ten days of the year and I'm sure there are a shitload of New Years Eve shows going down.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Logs - Hogz

After two years of waiting Logs has finally let the long awaited followup to their 7" see the light of day. In case you have been living under a rock for the last three years Logs is a three piece screamo band from Olympia, WA that shares a member with Kidcrash. Hogz is 8 tracks of awesome personified. Honestly, well worth the wait and one of my favorite releases in the past two years. I can't stop listening to this shit. I believe that these recordings have the original lineup although after this recording the band changed drummers. This album is alot more chaotic and heavy than their 7" and the bass has less grumble (maybe it is just my shitty speakers). You need to download this album right now and listen to it at least twice to get the full effect. Logs made a bandcamp that has a free stream of the songs but not a download, I jacked this DL from my boy Chris over at Elementary Revolt (one of the best blogs out there right now). Buy the fuck out of this record when it comes out on Denovali. Word the fuck up.



Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Third Memory

The Third Memory was a French screamo band. Real good shit, one of my favorite bands right now. The following is from their myspace:
"The Third Memory is no longer a band.
This was decided after Julien's (guitar) decision to move to Tokyo, Japan. The last songs composed by the band are not planned to be recorded for now. No tour is planned either, but any change will be announced on our myspace page.

The Third Memory was and will always be one of the most intense, exciting, heartflelt and important part of our lives. We send all our love and respect to the people who released our records and organised shows all over the world for us. We enjoyed it as nothing else, and we owe you guys everything. Thank you a thousand times.

The Third Memory is strictly attached to what "punk-hardcore community" means. It must stay the subversive counter-culture it has always been. Please make wisely the difference between the bands who do it for passion, message and heart, and those who do it for the posture.

Julien's work as an artist is fully respectful of the messages spread in the hardcore scene.
Julien (drums) and Adrian (bass) are now playing in the following bands with the same unbridled strength of mind they used playing in The Third Memory : Cavalcads, Supertimor, A Different Day.
Our beloved roadie Peni is handling the record label Petit Chantier Records and keeps helping bands touring."

The Third Memory are featured on three compilations: This Is Your Life, Cité De Chenilles, and The React With Protest Sampler. The first two are available below so I listed the artists who also contributed to the releases. All of their releases except for the split with Cease Upon The Capitol are below, along with a video.


Cité De Chenilles:
Appollonia, Brume Retina, Aghast, Aussitôt Mort, Mihai Edrisch, Belle Epoque, Daitro, [The NeverEnding...], Looking for John G, A.S.T.R.O., Draft, The Third Memory, Gantz, Time To Burn, Noir, Revok


This Is Your Life:
The Apollo Program, Belle Epoque, Bravo Fucking Bravo, Catena Collapse, Cleaner, Daitro, Francis Brady, Gantz, Humosexual, Katyn, La Quiete, A Light In The Attic, Lobo's Son, The MAchines Will Take Over, My Precious, The Pine, Raein, Room Two37, Sheltek, Simfela, Snowman, The Third Memory, Tidal, Utarid


Cité De Chenilles

Et De Cela Rien Ne Ressort

The Gathering Of Distorted Souls In The Garden Of Flameless Utopia

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions Demo

The Third Memory / Dominic

Self Titled

The Third Memory / Only For The Sake Of Aching

This Is Your Life

Dodewaard / Thema 11 / Petethepiratesquid / The Third Memory

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cease Upon The Capitol

Cease Upon The Capitol were a screamo band from Nashville, Tennesse who have since broken up and formed Dolcim and Sanctions. Their sound is pretty typical of a post 2000 skramz act, as in their sound is a mixture of post-rock, punk, hardcore, screamo and thrash. They sound like a softer version of June Paik, or a darker Raein. As far as American screamo is concerned, Cease Upon The Capitol is amongst the best, in my mind. I highly recommended CUTC if you like any of the bands above, along with The Third Memory or City of Caterpillar. You can still find their records online, go buy them. Aside from their Lps and EPs, they have a demo, Splits with The Third Memory, Trikorona and Silbato, and were featured on the Emo Apocalypse and Armageddon.
Below is everything they have released, aside form the split with The Third Memory, and a video of them playing "Protocol Of The Left" in France back in '06.




Self Titled


Cease Upon The Capitol / Trikorona

Cease Upon The Capitol / Silbato

The End of History

The Single Series

"New Recordings"

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Appleseed Cast

The Appleseed Cast are one of the forefathers of modern emo music. Their sound, which has progressed from Mineral-esque emo music to post-rock in the vein of Mono, set the groundwork for "indie" bands since THE TURN OF THE CENTURY. They live in Kansas now, but in the past they were stationed in California and North Carolina.
Their first album is very Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate, you know? That really nice late '90s emo. Their sound then began to get more "atmospheric" and shit leading up to Low Level Owl (which I bought on 3xLP in South Carolina years ago), which is an even balance between post rock and what would be called "indie" rock, although it is still very much and emo record. It was recorded over the span of a month and they used organs and shit after the core instruments were tracked to fill out the sound. Next came Two Conversations and Peregrine, which were less post-rock and more "indie"(I really fucking hate it when people call music indie, but you know the sound that I am talking about). Their most recent album, Sagarmatha, is a post-rock record. There are vocals, but for the most part it is very atmospheric and shit. Its good, very mature. Word has it that they are recording for another LP and are going on tour again soon. These guys are one of my favorite bands ever, I love all of their releases. I saw them in 2009 and it was amazing, I wish I could have seen the Low Level Owl tour.
Below is everything that they have put out, plus a compilation and a song from another compilation. I was unable to find "The Graveface Sampler" and "Kumquats & Apricots", both of which has one Appleseed song. There is also a video down there, so enjoy. This is one of the only posts that I put the release year onto the albums because it is important to know the growth of the band and listen to their sound evolve.



The End of the Ring Wars (1998)

A Million Miles Away - The Emo Diaries No. 2 (1998)

Tale of the Aftermath b/w Skatter Ik Ignito

The Appleseed Cast / Planes Mistaken For Stars / Race Car Riot (1999)

Mare Vitalis (2000)

Low Level Owl: Volume I (2001)

Low Level Owl: Volume II

Lost Songs

Two Conversations (2003)

"The Spider Wall" from Deep Elm Unreleased No. 2 (2003)

Peregrine (2006)

Sagarmatha (2009)