Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Logs - Hogz

After two years of waiting Logs has finally let the long awaited followup to their 7" see the light of day. In case you have been living under a rock for the last three years Logs is a three piece screamo band from Olympia, WA that shares a member with Kidcrash. Hogz is 8 tracks of awesome personified. Honestly, well worth the wait and one of my favorite releases in the past two years. I can't stop listening to this shit. I believe that these recordings have the original lineup although after this recording the band changed drummers. This album is alot more chaotic and heavy than their 7" and the bass has less grumble (maybe it is just my shitty speakers). You need to download this album right now and listen to it at least twice to get the full effect. Logs made a bandcamp that has a free stream of the songs but not a download, I jacked this DL from my boy Chris over at Elementary Revolt (one of the best blogs out there right now). Buy the fuck out of this record when it comes out on Denovali. Word the fuck up.




Anonymous said...

Note: The drummer switch happened before this album was made. The whole album was written with the second drummer, Adam Ciresi (of Carrion Spring), who as well recorded/mixed the album.

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