Thursday, November 4, 2010

мища/Pansori Winter Tour

So my band is going on tour with Pansori this winter and we need help with some dates. It would be cool if you could either help us out or come out to one of our shows and get shitty with us. The dates and locations are as follows:

December 30th - HELP US BOOK - CT RI NJ NY
December 31st - Bear Records New Years Eve Show - The Whackiest Castle, Allston MA
January 1st - HELP US BOOK - Philadelphia or surrounding area, PA
January 2nd - HELP US BOOK - Baltimore MD

we would love to play at your house or space or whatever. fuck guarantees to death, we just want to chill. Both bands will have merchandise of some sorts to sell, as far as I know. I don't know about Pansori, but these are going to be the only shows that we are playing until our really long hot box tour this summer with Innards. If you got the hookup or know someone who does either get ahold of us on myspace, comment on this post, on email me at

ps. The lineup for the Bear Records show is still very much open, so if you want to get on that shit let me or bear records know and we will see what we can do.



xtimmyx said...

if you still need a CT show, there is a cool small book shop in a warehouse that does shows occasionally.

a friend played there a few weeks back and he's looking for the contact info of the person who did that show.

apparently his name is Jeff, or Joaquin is another. i have no contact for them personally. use the contact on the website.

i like your music.

Chug said...

I emailed em. Nothing yet.

Bjehsus said...

Play in the UK