Monday, April 30, 2012


Caust is a screamy band from NOVA that, I think, consists of predominately young dudes. I've heard alot about these cats recently from people back home but I haven't been able to see them play yet. Bummed about that, but it happens. I was really stoked when I first heard this band because its nice to hear music like this being played by younger dudes. Young dudes who live in the greater D.C area too. They only have one release out, I think, which I have below. I couldn't find a video of them but if someone sends me a link to one I'll put it up here. Support these guys, they are cool. Word.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Song of Zarathustra


Song of Zarathustra was a sick as fuck hardcore/screamy band from Iowa. Aside from ripping it hard as shit, they were known for being like one of the only screamo bands to known how to use keys. They used a drum machine for a minute too. Yeah dude. In that fatty quote below I present to you the band's intense ass biography, provided by Got all their shit below too, with a lil video that's from a reunion show. Word.
Song of Zarathustra originated in Sioux City, IA during March 1997. The founding members were Trever McInnis, Travis Bos, James Munsen and a Roland R8 drum machine which was later replaced with David Seaman (ex-Nudibranch, ex-Orlock) on drums. For the next year, SOZ toured the greater part of the U.S. and disbanded in 1998 when David moved back to his hometown of Richmond, VA. From 1998-2000, James and Travis moved to Minneapolis, MN and formed The Book of Dead Names (featuring members of Cadillac Blindside, The Evening Rig, The Cardinal Sin and The Crush) while Trever resided in Oakland, CA forming the Kill In Me (also, featuring members of C- Blindside and Angel Hair). David formed the band Hot New Dance Hits with members of his previous band Nudibranch. March of 2000, SOZ decided to regroup. They toured immediately with the original line-up (Trever, Travis, James / Roland R8) and later recorded “The Birth of Tragedy” (Troubleman Unlimited) with Mark Jorgensen (Book Of Dead Names &; Infinity Dive) on drums. After the release of “The Birth of Tragedy”, SOZ toured most of the U.S. on many occasions and set course to tour Europe for its first time in 2001. In late 2001, SOZ parted ways with long time bass player James Munsen. Mark Shaw(Khayembii Communique, The Cardinal Sin) filled his place and Tad Kubler (formerly of Lifter Puller & currently The Hold Steady) joined as second guitarist. The new line up hashed out new songs as well as adding some life to songs that were written for the up and coming album “A View from High Tides” which was also released on Troubleman Unlimited. Early 2002 brought SOZ back to Europe for its second time. During the summer of 2002, Tad parted ways with SOZ to move to N.Y. and eventually forming The Hold Steady with old Lifter Puller bandmate Craig Finn. Due to several shifts in line up’s, personal differences, etc. the remaining members decided to call it quits in January of 2003.

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Song of Zarathustra / Spread The Disease

Song of Zarathustra / Johnny Angel

The Birth of Tragedy

2 Song EP

Bote de Zorns

A View From High Tides

Racebannon / Song of Zarathustra - Near & Far Vol. 2

Monday, April 23, 2012

Clyde Webb

Clyde Webb is a dude from Moscow, Idaho. Homeboy has been in alot of musical projects and runs Captain Crook Records. His main thing is his folk-punk solo project under his name. I met him on the internet and was intrigued by his photos. Then I heard his music and got pretty stoked. He makes some real ass songs about real life shit. He just put out a new record which is his best release yet. I'm still listening to it, but after hearing a few tracks I was down as shit. I mean, anyone who has a song about feeling like shit when you think about your ex-girlfriend sucking someone else's dick is okay in my book. Check out all his albums below, add him on facebook (unless you are in the cult), and check out his label. Some real cool shit on there too. I talked to Clyde and he was asking me for blogs to send his music to, so if you have a blog or anything and want to post his music up he would be hella down. Support Clyde when/how you can. Word.




Sucks At Life

Get Bent
Get Bent


Sitka is a pop-punk band that I have been playing in for like a year. Little less than a year. When I started playing in the band it was just two dudes playing guitar but sometime this winter we got a bass player. We recorded two songs a long ass time ago just for the hell of it I guess, and then like two or three weeks ago we slopped together four songs so we had something to "sell" at Yellingham. I enjoy playing in this band, its pretty fun. I'm never good at describing the sound of a band I play in or whatever but we regularly cover "dumpweed". Below is that new lil EP we did, you can get the two songs without Sam on the bandcamp. Below is the only video of us playing, and we covered "Stay Together For The Kids". Word.


The Spring Rain EP

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caffeine Patch

Caffeine Patch finally made an EP! This band is made up of dudes who live at the Whacky Castle in Allston, MA. One of the dudes in the band runs Bear Records and another one of the dudes used to be in The Saddest Landscape. Mad cred, I know. They make super awesome, dirty hardcore. I saw them play once in Allston and it was sick as shit, I'm so fucking excited for these guys. I just listened to their entire EP and it is so fucking awesome, download the shit out of this right now. Also, you can buy this EP on tape via We Rise Records, so go do that. Best dudes, awesome band, awesome tunes. Word up.


Caffeine Patch EP

She Moved Through The Fair

I got this album in an email I while ago, I don't really remember when. Yesterday I found it on my computer and ended up listening to the whole thing while I got drunk on my porch. During the sunset. Alone.

Its one dude, playing guitar who lives in Lancaster,PA . It's kind of noodletown, like ghosts and vodka noodles but way way waaaaaaay chill. Like the ending credits to a tween movie where they do a spinning kiss or some shit. It's tight though, I really dig it. Super fucking chill, and homeboy rips it. RIPS. IT.

Download this EP, I don't know if there is anything else by SMTTF but Game of Thrones is on On Demand so I'm gonna go do that. Also got some leftover Country Fried Steak from the diner, word the shit up.


Looks like my boy Cheese posted this kids music a while ago on his blog, and maybe was the person who sent this to me. Looks like there is another SMTTF album which I got from Senior Caso.


The Lonely Years On The Farm EP
Dawn Barns

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor is a pretty sweet punk band from the bay. Lots of releases, including a brand new one. They seem pretty busy, so check em out when you get a chance and try to see them live. Looks like a good time. I think I found all of their stuff and posted it below. Buy what you can find. I'm too tired to write anything else.



Ew Gross

Self Titled

Constant Headache

Joyce Manor / Big Kids

Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Baklavaa (BAK LUH VAH) is a weird post-hardcore band from Baltimore. They just released an EP, Hairmoans, which is pretty dope. Its " demented and beautiful and angsty". I think they have been around for a while, because I have heard of them for quite some time. I think I have seen them live, but I don't know for sure. Pretty sure I have. Anyways, their EP is pretty really cool, real weird and fun. They are working on an LP, and I'm stoked on that. Check it out, support them if/when you can. Word.



Republic of Freedom Fighters

Republic of Freedom Fighters were a Canadian emo/hardcore band from the '90s. Super depressing lyrics. Really tight sound, somewhat typical of the late '90s emocore movement, but still hella original. They reminded me of Owltian Mia only harder. They have four releases, and I could only find two of them (splits with Twenty Seven Hours and Third World Planet). I did, however, manage to get my hands on the RoFF tracks from the splits I couldn't find, all of it is below. The members were in a few other bands, including Swan Lake and Breakwater. Dig it, download it. Word.


The Republic of Freedom Fighters LP

Republic of Freedom Fighters / Render Useless

Other Split Songs

One Eyed God Prophecy

One Eyed God Prophecy was a Canadian crust/hardcore band from the '90s that only put out one LP but influenced bands that influenced bands that are popular now. If you click that link above you can find out factual details about the band. Below is their LP and some lives songs. Word.