Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heaviness Of The Load

5 dudes. 2 drummers. Baltimore's Heaviness of The Load are an awesome dirty rock band. Stoner metal only because they are the best band to get baked to. When I first heard of HOTload my friend told me they sounded like Black Sabbath if they were Baltimore punks. Lots of guitar solos, no vocals, and dizzying drums. Honestly this shit reminds me of the ultimate music for like Dynasty Warriors or some shit. Members of this band, like most Baltimore bands, are affiliated with a zillion other groups. Such bands include Dawn Treader, Army of Kashyyk, and Diablero.

They have a demo and a full length out, kind of. I guess they wernt stoked on the LP recordings so they are gonna re-do them, but those songs might be on a future LP or splits. Maybe one with Tideland? I have the demo and LP thing below, which you should totally check out. Heaviness play shows in Baltimore, so check it out if you havn't yet. I don't know what they are ding in the future, I would hope they tour or something but who knows. I have an awesome picture of Scott's dick from New Years. Also, I was getting emails from Scott with the Needle songs when my girlfriend was on my computer, so she saw them and was like "What the fuck is Hot Load?". I love these guys, one of the best live shows in MD. Word.



Giant Golden Rings

Giant Golden Rings is the solo project of my dude Adam. I met him a few years back because he was the road dog of The Sharpest. He ended up being the bass player for that band. Anyways, Adam makes his own weird experimental hip hop beat stuff. There are a fuckload of Giant Gold Rings releases, and it is all soo good. A few tracks have vocals on em, but alot of it is just beats. Its real weird, like glitchy video game shit, but its so, dare I say, hyphy. I dig it real hard. I talked to Adam today and I got all of his shit to post up. He has tapes for sale, so holler at him so he can buy new equipment, or drugs, or whatever. Word.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flowers In The Attic

Flowers In The Attic were a female fronted hardcore / punk band from Baltimore. Cheese told me to post them to pay homage, or something. I only listened to them one time, and that was with Keith from Pansori / Army of Kashyyyk. I'm pretty sure he was saying that they influenced Army. I forget.

Anyways, Flowers is fucking sick. Super grimey punk tunes that boarder sludge at times. Really driving. Really tight. I don't know where you can pick up any of their stuff in a physical format, but if you look around you might be able to find something. I have all of their stuff below, so check it out. I have been doing homework all day and don't feel like writing anything anymore, but please take my word for it and check out Flowers In The Attic. Word.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Pine

"Bunch of scroungy kids from Bakersfield, CA that play some truly righteous emotional music in the vein of The Hated,Evergreen, and some other bands that shared those same characteristics. All of their albums have been released on very plain Jane black vinyl outside of Don’t Need Regret and split 7” with La Quiete, the last of their albums. 

Roger King, Kurt King, and Bill McCreary went on to form Reaching Away in 2009 with Nick Castro. " - Last FM

I've been listening to a lot of The Pine recently. Mainly on the bus. I used to not get down with homies voice but it grew on me pretty much over night. Their shit is really catchy. If you don't know Evergreen or The Hated, The Pine sounds like a more punk Mineral or something like that. Again, I've heard people arn't down with The Pine because of the dude's voice, but give them a few listens before you write them off. You can get their stuff from a lot of distros so try to snag some stuff. I found pretty much all of their stuff, I think, except for their demo. They have songs on "Wayfarer's All" and "This Is Your Life", both of which have already been posted.Word.