Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heaviness Of The Load

5 dudes. 2 drummers. Baltimore's Heaviness of The Load are an awesome dirty rock band. Stoner metal only because they are the best band to get baked to. When I first heard of HOTload my friend told me they sounded like Black Sabbath if they were Baltimore punks. Lots of guitar solos, no vocals, and dizzying drums. Honestly this shit reminds me of the ultimate music for like Dynasty Warriors or some shit. Members of this band, like most Baltimore bands, are affiliated with a zillion other groups. Such bands include Dawn Treader, Army of Kashyyk, and Diablero.

They have a demo and a full length out, kind of. I guess they wernt stoked on the LP recordings so they are gonna re-do them, but those songs might be on a future LP or splits. Maybe one with Tideland? I have the demo and LP thing below, which you should totally check out. Heaviness play shows in Baltimore, so check it out if you havn't yet. I don't know what they are ding in the future, I would hope they tour or something but who knows. I have an awesome picture of Scott's dick from New Years. Also, I was getting emails from Scott with the Needle songs when my girlfriend was on my computer, so she saw them and was like "What the fuck is Hot Load?". I love these guys, one of the best live shows in MD. Word.




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