Thursday, May 23, 2013


Deuil is a sludgey black metal band from Belguim. They sent me an email and its pretty dope, you should check it out below. Posted their bandcamp so you can give them money if you want. You should want. Word.


Hot Fruit

I went to school with at least one of the girls in Hot Fruit. They are a kinda weird electronic band from Olympia and are going on tour this summer. This shit is really fun. I worked a show they did at The Northern a while ago and I had a good time. Check it out. Word


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dude, so I got invited to a show and it said that ANNAKARINA was playing. I got super confused and excited because I thought it was talking about another band that uses a variation of that name. I mean shit, the book is good, the Orchid song is good, and the bands named after the lady/book are normally dope too. So yeah, I listened to this band and was pretty stoked on it. Sounds like some good fast screams. European influenced. Sad and angry. Pretty run of the mill screams in that sense. I listened to it one time through and liked it, so yeah, you should check it out. I didn't download it, but you can get their stuff from all of their websites which you can get to from below. It's hot out today. Too hot to be inside. But, I'm waiting for a towel to dry so I can take a shower (ironic in a sense) so figured I would fart this out. Word.


Summer Tours 2k13

Here is a list of bands that are going on tour this summer:

  • Calculator
  • Centerfield
  • Dead Inside
  • mnwa / bath salts
  • Gas Up Yr Hearse!
  • Voyage In Coma
  • Dial Up / Neck First
  • Smoother / Grower
  • William Bonney
  • Olive Drab / Holy Death
  • Joy Sores
  • Weakness
  • Innards
  • Abode Homes
  • Reptilian / Alta
  • Mahria / For Want Of
  • The Pessimist Hangs The Optimist / The Usual
  • Ditch Tiger
  • Caust
  • La Bella
  • Sohns
  • Julia Brown / Coma Cinema
  • North Folk
  • Get Mom
  • Tremarche / The Hotel Year
  • A Mola Mola
  • Coma Regalia
  • Secret Smoker
  • Heart on My Sleeve
  • Lizards Have Personalities
  • Dirt Drinker
  • Itto
  • Perfect Future
  • The Sky Above and The Earth Below
  • Curmudgeon
  • The World is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
  • Dads
  • Pity Sex
  • Summer Vacation
  • Carrion Spring / Lee Corey Oswald
  • Sneeze
  • Things Fall Apart

Monday, May 20, 2013

GUEST POST - Buck 65

This guest post was done by my Doctor, Vasilis Papastergiou. He has been my friend via the internet for quite some time and we have grown pretty close. anyways, yeah. here we go.


First Of all I want to thank Robert for letting me do a guest rule bro.

This post of mine is about my favourite hip hop artist:Buck 65.Buck is from Nova Scotia ,Canada (he now lives in Paris,France).His influences come from a  wide range of musical genres (as his wiki page says correctly "Underpinned by an extensive background in abstract hip hop, his more recent music has extensively incorporated blues, country,rock, folk and avant-garde influences."). His lyrics have to do with art,independent films,old 20's films,women (Buck is the Serge Gainsbourg of my generation),baseball and much more.Buck 65 is also a turntablist,producer and he has a degree in applied biology.I tried to find everything he's ever made and present it to you.So here i post his solo albums,EP's,collaborations and some live recordings.Basically The Legendary Buck 65 is the only reason i kept listening to hip hop through the years,he is my hip hop obsession.enjoy
solo albums:   game tight (1994)  secret house against the world (2005)

Collaboration Albums: Sebutones (Buck 65 and Sixtoo) -  psoriasis (1996)   sebutones(buck 65 and sixtoo) -  def  (1997 )   sebutones(buck 65 abd sixtoo) -  50-50 where it counts (1998) 1200 hobos(mr.dibbs,john doe,dj mayonnaise,dj signify,jel,sage francis,buck 65) - return of the dj (1997) dose one and buck 65 - north american adonis (1998)  Buck 65 and Jerry Granelli -music has its way with me (1999)  Buck 65 and Greymatter (2000)  Sixtoo,Buck 65,Sage Francis and Adeem - the canada project  (2001) DJ Signify ,buck 65 - no sleep more ep (2004) dj signify,buck 65 ,sage francis - sleep no more (2004 ) Bike For Three (Buck 65 and Greetings from Tuscan)-  Myspace shit EP  (2007) Bike For Three (Buck 65 and Greeting from Tuscan) - More Heart Than Brains (2009)
EPs  20 odd years - avant ep (2010)  20 odd years - distance ep (2010)  20 odd years - albuquerque (2010) 20 odd years - cenotaph (2010)
Live Albums live in Nijmegen ,Netherlands (2005) i dream of love - live and in private (2007) buck 65 and nova scotia orchestra-live at rebecca cohn,halifax (2008)

Giant Golden Rings - /​/​/​/​/​[​]​ME​(​EP)

My baby boy Adam aka Giant Golden Rings just put out another hot EP. This yung stays on top of his shit steady releasing some of the best beats / electronic awesomeness. I love this music to death and it is some of my favorite stuff to party to. I guess he got on a label or something, which fucking RULES. You have no idea how cool all this stuff is. Just really awesome sampling and beats and shit like that. If you are into that genre then you will love GGR if you haven't let me cram it down your throat already. Check it out sons. Word.


Dead Peasants

Yo Dead Peasants are the fucking homies. Baltimore's loudest, blackest, Seatonest black metal. They are a three piece but the drummer dipped out for a little bit to tour with his other band, so for a hot minute the band is going to be a two piece and I cannot wait to see them play on the 28th.

Alright so honestly the tape is not as good as them live. Granted I first heard them on a shit cassette player while I was tanked, but still, wasnt really feelin it. Then I saw them live and it was really cool and really fun. Each time I have watched them play they have gotten better and better, and louder too. They are one of the only bands that I watch somewhat frequently and contemplate bringing earbuds or some shit.

So, if you are unfamiliar with the dudes all you really need to know is that they are / have been in alot of Baltimore area bands for quite some time now and are really nice guys. The Seatons were in Sawhorse and alot of other projects, and are really good at their guitar. Really good at being loud. The drummer is a fucking machine, no lie, and does some of the best blast beats I have ever seen. Trust me homie, I know a thing or two about blasts.

So check out the metal! They keep on growing as a band so I would imagine that they are going to continue to put out evil releases. Check it out. Please. Its really good and worth your time. It would be awesome if you could buy some of their merch too, becasue these cats really deserve it. Below is a link to their bandcamp because I can't really up and download stuff from where I'm at (WORK SON). Collar shirt during the day, then its back into my pants with a crotch hole the size of a fist. Posh punk. Word.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Epilogue of a Car Crash - A Tribute to Orchid

Ok, so by now I'm sure most of you have heard at least some of the tracks off of this album, if not the entire thing. It has been out for a hot minute and I have seen this on some other blogs so I figured I would post this in case some people don't have it or havn't heard it. If Dog Knights wants me to take it down I will, but until then I will keep this up here. I hope they let me keep it up because it is already on the web. But I totally understand.

Alot of people have strong feelings about this album, but I'm not going to get into that because this is not the place to do so. This record is exactly what it sounds like: a compilation of Orchid covers. Some of the songs are really cool, others are whatever, but that doesn't really matter because the idea is fucking sick.

A shit ton of my friends and their bands are on this release. Pretty much all of the bands are awesome. There are some songs that sound just like the originals, you know, like they did it to sound like Orchid, while other tracks are the particular band's take on an Orchid song. You know? We (mnwa) were asked to be on the release, but we had to decline the offer because we couldn't record in time. We had mixed emotions about the idea because on one hand we all fucking love Orchid and it would be awesome to pay homage to such an influential band and it would be the shit to be on a release with so many homies and awesome bands. On the other hand, we knew that we could never do a cover of ANY of their songs that would be on par with the original and didn't want to potentially fuck up a sick song, if that makes sense. And honestly, we didn't want to potentially get shit from screamo old heads and purists who would turn up their nose to the release as a whole. I know that sounds fucking lame but its something that was brought up.

Anyways, like I mentioned above, most of the bands on here are fucking sick and really good friends of mine, and I respect the shit out of all of them for paying their respect to their roots. Even if any of the songs are not "as good" as the original, they are still sick songs. It is pretty easy to fuck up a song in this circumstance, but I mean if you do it "right" then it will still sound good, just different. I don't know. I really like the idea and I like the release as a whole. Its nothing more or less than cool. Anyways, I got it down below so scoop it up. You can buy copies from Dog Knights Productions, but I think it is really fucking expensive because of shipping. There are package deals that make it more worth the money, but also you can buy the digitals from the label's bandcamp.

These are the bands that are on the release:
Coma Regalia
Full of Hell
For Want Of
Voyage In Coma
You'll Live
Carrion Spring
I Don't Want To Know why The Caged Bird Sings
Piano Bastards
Lizards Have Personalities
Deer In The Headlights
Republic of Dreams
Questionable Youth
Lord Snow
Adobe Homes
Silenco, Ahore, Silencio
History Of The Hawk
Todos Caeran
Sed Non Satiata

Please give this a listen and support my friends. Come into the record open minded and you will enjoy it. Even if you don't like the idea of the release, it is at least interesting and worth at least one listen. Word.


Off Camber

Off Camber are a sick band from Jersey. I just heard about them a little while ago and I have been waiting on them to release this split with Between Your Mind and Tongue. Shit is so dope. Off Camber is a thrashy female fronted band that are probably going to blow up in the near future. Keep an eye out for these cats, for real. Its too hot to type anymore. Check out the band, buy their stuff, and yeah. Word.


Clyde Webbs Descent Into Easycore Hell vol. 3

You know the drill. Clyde being Clyde.


I'm wearing a gold chain, a raiders hat and I just ate some pudding. It's a really sunny day and I'm in the mood to listen to really terrible pop punk.
I started with California Kicks by Fight Fair. These are the best lyrics that I've ever heard in a song. What else has “JEROMES DREAM ORCHID 10 INCH SKULL SPLIT OH!” and “DEL TACO!” in them? Also the chorus is so catchy. I love this song so much and would party with it but probably get really annoyed with how shitty it's acting and tell it to calm down and stop being an asshole. This song just makes me think of pink polos and visors, even though I haven't seen someone wear that clothing combination in years.

The next song I went to is Drop The Girl by Hit The Lights. I really like how the shirts change because whatever. The singer tries to channel his inner Fred Durst with his red cap. The video is in 360p and 240p so yeah. This song is really catchy and I can catch myself trying to harmonize with his very soft, delicate and passionate vocals. If you love shallow jumps then you'll love this band's stage presence. Highschool is cool. Sometimes I have dreams that I go back to high school (I dropped out) and sometimes my teachers remember me and sometimes they don't but either way I have Get Bent tattooed on my knees and OH SHIT BREAK DOWN The back up singer joins in for the posi breakdown. It's cool. It's hard to pay attention to the video when I'm typing. My chest hurts. 

I went to Framing Hanley-Lollipop.
 I have such a feeling that this will be hardrock and not pop punk based on the name and that the dudes are being shitty to these girls and playing poker. “Deuces are twos, ladies.” This video is also only in 360p. “This girl better be 18. My friend's, they're idiots.” Is this a short film or a music video? Oh damn, strip poker. This is the worst video. This is the worst script. Oooooh, this is a Lil Wayne cover. I can't even handle this. I can't finish this video. I lasted 3 minutes. 

I hit the back button and went to Detroit by Fireworks
. I love bikes and whoa-ohs. The band is playing in rain and I don't really know why. I can't understand the lyrics but he says something about finding what you're looking for. You don't really need to save anything except vowels and something kind of positive or something about a girl if you're feel good pop punk. “Is two enough for me?” “I've had the same best friends since '93” (what song is that?). A guy in a monkey suit stole a banana bike and the bassist walked really quickly with his bass. Also faygo showers by people dressed like ICP. Fuck yeah, gimp suit and a breakdown kinda thing. I like the guy sing talking, This band is actually pretty good and I've listened to the album that this song is on a lot and I really like the song that sounds like a Kelly Clarkson cover.

I'm going to New Found Glory-My Friends Over You because why not.
 I remember watching this music video with my mom on Fuse (when it was probably muchmusic) in the summer. The videos for this band make it seem like they hate music videos and just want to add a ton of bullshit for no reason. Also pick slide. Pop punk jump, fuck yeah. I remember practicing those in my room. Also dude getting a tattoo and singing is funny. This whole video just makes me laugh. Also pugs. What a catchy song. Jeeeeeeez.
That's it. I'm done with this easycore hell. Rest in peace.

Adobe Homes / Innards Split

Sometimes the homies get together and make some really awesome shit. You know, there are those bands that you just know would make awesome split partners and would be great together on tour. Sometimes those groups get a chance to work together, and other times they don't. Well, this time, they did. And they made such a good record.

The shit is only 3 songs long. Adobe Holmes only put up one song, and then inrdz threw two on there. I believe Adobe Homes are on side a, I mean I labeled it as such on my files, so if that is wrong then WHOOPS. Change it yourself. I also don't know the "official" name of the split so I just winged it. But I went to college, I'm pretty smart, so I think I guessed right. The split is in .wav, I'm sorry if that is a problem but I don't feel like converting it. If you want to do that you can really easily and effortlessly, but I mean I'm cool with waves.

So lets talk about the Adobe Homes song first. First off, AJ's vocals are really dope. Homeboy does the whole cry yell thing when he isn't shrieking  and both sound great. Vocally this is their best song, in my expert opinion. All three instruments have such boss tone, you have no idea until you listen to it just how great these recordings turned out sonically. The band has always been really good at blending different parts together effortlessly, so for instance this song starts off bouncy  then gets into a thrashy bit that will somewhat dip back into bounce-town, and then shit gets real slow and sad just to jump back into the heavy. Shit sounds really full, I'm pretty impressed. It sounds like he says "I smoke". I want to believe he is crying "Since you been gone, I smoke".

Now we get to the Innards half. What can I really say about Innards anymore? The dudes are some of my best buds and at the head of the modern screamo class. Seriously though, they raise the bar with every release and are becoming popular because of it. The dudes have grown up so much since I first met them and I'm so stoked for how far they have come. The first song is 50 second long. It isn't as bouncy and groovy as some of their other stuff, but instead is somewhat heavy in the beginning and then gets melodic towards the second half. More driving than anything else. Obviously everyone rips it super hard. Obviously their tone is damn near perfect. I mean these things are a given. The second song is way more "punk", just because its faster and stuff. More head bobby and less of that dance that Leo tends to always do. You know, that one dance. Is this my favorite bath of Innards songs? No, not particularly. But that doesn't mean that this release isnt fuck awesome and one of the better scream splits of the last few months.

Both the bands are the fucking homies. I love these dudes. Both these bands are touring in the summer, and are playing a show that turned into a fucking fest that I booked called No Brains Fest aka Homie Fest. Basically its a huge show that my friends who are coming thru to play that Flannel Gurl festival are going to play at. It is going to be rad as all hell. The split was put out by Flannel Gurl, so pick it up from them on that really pretty vinyl. Please support my friends. Please support these awesome bands. Word.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Мища / Bath Salts summer tour

Мища and Bath Salts are doing a little five day tour around the mid atlantic. Shits gonna be too dope. The days are as follows:

JUNE 12 - Baltimore
JUNE 13 - Philadelphia
JUNE 14 - Lancaster
JUNE 15 - D.C
JUNE 16 - Richmond

I'm not going to update this post, but the facebook event will be up to date and shit. So if you could help us get something, that would be dope. If you want to play with us and bath salts, that would be dope. Email and we can work something out. Word.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Tapdup (pronounced Tapped Up) is my buddy/coworker's pretty new label. I have only listened to their tapes a few times in homeboy's car, but shit is fucking dope. Today he literally gave me a hoodie full of tapes, just because. You know how I do.

Tapdup focuses on electronic music. Homie did the sound for the Llamadon shows at The Bell Foundry, to put shit in perspective. They only have like 6 releases out right now, but they are going to be steadily releasing stuff in the future. They do an equal mix of digital stuff and tapes, and the tapes look so fucking good. For real though. They do all the art and the mastering and shit, and it all just works so well. I highly suggest that you check out their website and their releases, because it is too dope. You can download all of their releases directly from them, so go do that. Tapdup is becoming pretty active in the Baltimore area, so keep an eye out for these cats. Word.