Thursday, May 2, 2013


Tapdup (pronounced Tapped Up) is my buddy/coworker's pretty new label. I have only listened to their tapes a few times in homeboy's car, but shit is fucking dope. Today he literally gave me a hoodie full of tapes, just because. You know how I do.

Tapdup focuses on electronic music. Homie did the sound for the Llamadon shows at The Bell Foundry, to put shit in perspective. They only have like 6 releases out right now, but they are going to be steadily releasing stuff in the future. They do an equal mix of digital stuff and tapes, and the tapes look so fucking good. For real though. They do all the art and the mastering and shit, and it all just works so well. I highly suggest that you check out their website and their releases, because it is too dope. You can download all of their releases directly from them, so go do that. Tapdup is becoming pretty active in the Baltimore area, so keep an eye out for these cats. Word.


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