Monday, May 20, 2013

Dead Peasants

Yo Dead Peasants are the fucking homies. Baltimore's loudest, blackest, Seatonest black metal. They are a three piece but the drummer dipped out for a little bit to tour with his other band, so for a hot minute the band is going to be a two piece and I cannot wait to see them play on the 28th.

Alright so honestly the tape is not as good as them live. Granted I first heard them on a shit cassette player while I was tanked, but still, wasnt really feelin it. Then I saw them live and it was really cool and really fun. Each time I have watched them play they have gotten better and better, and louder too. They are one of the only bands that I watch somewhat frequently and contemplate bringing earbuds or some shit.

So, if you are unfamiliar with the dudes all you really need to know is that they are / have been in alot of Baltimore area bands for quite some time now and are really nice guys. The Seatons were in Sawhorse and alot of other projects, and are really good at their guitar. Really good at being loud. The drummer is a fucking machine, no lie, and does some of the best blast beats I have ever seen. Trust me homie, I know a thing or two about blasts.

So check out the metal! They keep on growing as a band so I would imagine that they are going to continue to put out evil releases. Check it out. Please. Its really good and worth your time. It would be awesome if you could buy some of their merch too, becasue these cats really deserve it. Below is a link to their bandcamp because I can't really up and download stuff from where I'm at (WORK SON). Collar shirt during the day, then its back into my pants with a crotch hole the size of a fist. Posh punk. Word.


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