Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dude, so I got invited to a show and it said that ANNAKARINA was playing. I got super confused and excited because I thought it was talking about another band that uses a variation of that name. I mean shit, the book is good, the Orchid song is good, and the bands named after the lady/book are normally dope too. So yeah, I listened to this band and was pretty stoked on it. Sounds like some good fast screams. European influenced. Sad and angry. Pretty run of the mill screams in that sense. I listened to it one time through and liked it, so yeah, you should check it out. I didn't download it, but you can get their stuff from all of their websites which you can get to from below. It's hot out today. Too hot to be inside. But, I'm waiting for a towel to dry so I can take a shower (ironic in a sense) so figured I would fart this out. Word.


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