Friday, May 10, 2013

Clyde Webbs Descent Into Easycore Hell vol. 3

You know the drill. Clyde being Clyde.


I'm wearing a gold chain, a raiders hat and I just ate some pudding. It's a really sunny day and I'm in the mood to listen to really terrible pop punk.
I started with California Kicks by Fight Fair. These are the best lyrics that I've ever heard in a song. What else has “JEROMES DREAM ORCHID 10 INCH SKULL SPLIT OH!” and “DEL TACO!” in them? Also the chorus is so catchy. I love this song so much and would party with it but probably get really annoyed with how shitty it's acting and tell it to calm down and stop being an asshole. This song just makes me think of pink polos and visors, even though I haven't seen someone wear that clothing combination in years.

The next song I went to is Drop The Girl by Hit The Lights. I really like how the shirts change because whatever. The singer tries to channel his inner Fred Durst with his red cap. The video is in 360p and 240p so yeah. This song is really catchy and I can catch myself trying to harmonize with his very soft, delicate and passionate vocals. If you love shallow jumps then you'll love this band's stage presence. Highschool is cool. Sometimes I have dreams that I go back to high school (I dropped out) and sometimes my teachers remember me and sometimes they don't but either way I have Get Bent tattooed on my knees and OH SHIT BREAK DOWN The back up singer joins in for the posi breakdown. It's cool. It's hard to pay attention to the video when I'm typing. My chest hurts. 

I went to Framing Hanley-Lollipop.
 I have such a feeling that this will be hardrock and not pop punk based on the name and that the dudes are being shitty to these girls and playing poker. “Deuces are twos, ladies.” This video is also only in 360p. “This girl better be 18. My friend's, they're idiots.” Is this a short film or a music video? Oh damn, strip poker. This is the worst video. This is the worst script. Oooooh, this is a Lil Wayne cover. I can't even handle this. I can't finish this video. I lasted 3 minutes. 

I hit the back button and went to Detroit by Fireworks
. I love bikes and whoa-ohs. The band is playing in rain and I don't really know why. I can't understand the lyrics but he says something about finding what you're looking for. You don't really need to save anything except vowels and something kind of positive or something about a girl if you're feel good pop punk. “Is two enough for me?” “I've had the same best friends since '93” (what song is that?). A guy in a monkey suit stole a banana bike and the bassist walked really quickly with his bass. Also faygo showers by people dressed like ICP. Fuck yeah, gimp suit and a breakdown kinda thing. I like the guy sing talking, This band is actually pretty good and I've listened to the album that this song is on a lot and I really like the song that sounds like a Kelly Clarkson cover.

I'm going to New Found Glory-My Friends Over You because why not.
 I remember watching this music video with my mom on Fuse (when it was probably muchmusic) in the summer. The videos for this band make it seem like they hate music videos and just want to add a ton of bullshit for no reason. Also pick slide. Pop punk jump, fuck yeah. I remember practicing those in my room. Also dude getting a tattoo and singing is funny. This whole video just makes me laugh. Also pugs. What a catchy song. Jeeeeeeez.
That's it. I'm done with this easycore hell. Rest in peace.

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Is this STUFFYOUWILLHATE? I'm disappointed