Monday, May 20, 2013

GUEST POST - Buck 65

This guest post was done by my Doctor, Vasilis Papastergiou. He has been my friend via the internet for quite some time and we have grown pretty close. anyways, yeah. here we go.


First Of all I want to thank Robert for letting me do a guest rule bro.

This post of mine is about my favourite hip hop artist:Buck 65.Buck is from Nova Scotia ,Canada (he now lives in Paris,France).His influences come from a  wide range of musical genres (as his wiki page says correctly "Underpinned by an extensive background in abstract hip hop, his more recent music has extensively incorporated blues, country,rock, folk and avant-garde influences."). His lyrics have to do with art,independent films,old 20's films,women (Buck is the Serge Gainsbourg of my generation),baseball and much more.Buck 65 is also a turntablist,producer and he has a degree in applied biology.I tried to find everything he's ever made and present it to you.So here i post his solo albums,EP's,collaborations and some live recordings.Basically The Legendary Buck 65 is the only reason i kept listening to hip hop through the years,he is my hip hop obsession.enjoy
solo albums:   game tight (1994)  secret house against the world (2005)

Collaboration Albums: Sebutones (Buck 65 and Sixtoo) -  psoriasis (1996)   sebutones(buck 65 and sixtoo) -  def  (1997 )   sebutones(buck 65 abd sixtoo) -  50-50 where it counts (1998) 1200 hobos(mr.dibbs,john doe,dj mayonnaise,dj signify,jel,sage francis,buck 65) - return of the dj (1997) dose one and buck 65 - north american adonis (1998)  Buck 65 and Jerry Granelli -music has its way with me (1999)  Buck 65 and Greymatter (2000)  Sixtoo,Buck 65,Sage Francis and Adeem - the canada project  (2001) DJ Signify ,buck 65 - no sleep more ep (2004) dj signify,buck 65 ,sage francis - sleep no more (2004 ) Bike For Three (Buck 65 and Greetings from Tuscan)-  Myspace shit EP  (2007) Bike For Three (Buck 65 and Greeting from Tuscan) - More Heart Than Brains (2009)
EPs  20 odd years - avant ep (2010)  20 odd years - distance ep (2010)  20 odd years - albuquerque (2010) 20 odd years - cenotaph (2010)
Live Albums live in Nijmegen ,Netherlands (2005) i dream of love - live and in private (2007) buck 65 and nova scotia orchestra-live at rebecca cohn,halifax (2008)


Fosterakahunter said...

Your Zippy links have deteriorated. Can you please re-up 'N. American Adonis'?

NightBeats said...

What do u think this drum pack is a good choice for producer?