Friday, December 20, 2013

I got interviewed

David from Open Mind / Saturated Brain & Zegema Beach Records asked me a shit ton of questions about the band and blog so I answered them. You can check it out here. If you have never been to his blog you should peep it, its pretty dope. He covers alot of homies. Also, his label is pretty chill. Word.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Clyde Webb has a new project that melded all his older stuff into one thing. Punk meets rap. Limp Bizket-esque. Listen to it here.

Youth Funeral

My friend is dating someone in this band or something, so I figured I would try to do something nice. Youth Funeral is going on tour in like February so check out their dates and shit and either help them out or go see them. I don't think they really need much help doing stuff because at least one of these people are in that band Old Grey and they are popular I guess, but I guess this won't hurt. So yeah, check out this band and then do whatever you want. Play in the snow. Word.


Nah - Live You Not Pain Probably Is Life

Nah has a new record and it fucking rules and its really fucking cool, seeing as you want to be cool and brag about cool things you should download this cool album and then do cool illegal things while listening to it and then blog all about it but then deny that you really care about the internet even though we all know you do. Download it below and then buy it from Ranch Records. Word.



Homies from Lancaster that were in Broken Chords Can Sing A Little who have been playing together ever since have finally done a proper release. We played with them over a year ago and it was really fun, and then we went and got some pizza. Solid dudes, check it out, and then give them some money because Tyler is still a dad and stuff. Grown ups, man. Word.


Dream Caste

Dream Caste is Mark Chen's new band or something. I haven't listened to it yet, but I've seen people talk about it here and there so I guess its good. Can't be that bad even if it is bad. Download it below, and then eventually you can pick up physical stuff from Kyeo Speaks and Dreamdiver. Word.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Native

I literally just found out that Native is not only on tour, but that they released a new record over the summer. Shows how much I pay attention. I haven't listened to it yet, but I can imagine what it sounds like. They are coming to Baltimore on Friday, so I guess I'll be going to that. Check out their tour dates and music below, but I doubt you are as slow as I am. Just in case you are on my level, I got you though. Word.


Wild Moth

The bay's champions of dark post punk, Wild Moth, have just finished up a tour in support of their new LP "Over, Again" which was released on Asian Man Records. I would hope that most of you reading this are familiar with the band, which would make an in-depth description unnecessary. Since I last really checked, it seems WM has gained an additional member, which is pretty dope. I listened to their new album the other day and was really impressed with it. I mean, honestly, it was obviously going to be good, but their dark melodies and fuzzy verbed out vocals always make me surprisingly warm and fuzzy inside. It's like a nice blanket of melancholy. Hopefully you got to check them out on tour, because they are so good live. I haven't seen them as a 4 piece but I would imagine shit rules. I got to have this album for free because I'm "The Press", but you plebeians have to stream it or buy it. Check it out below and then buy it from Asian Man. Word.


Sleep Disorder

Sleep Disorder is a dark and heavy powerviolence band from Baltimore that my buddy Billy is in. The dudes in this band are affiliated with numerous other projects, including Dawn Treader and Noisem. Super fucking noisey, super fucking heavy, super fucking dark, super fucking powerviolence. Check it out, give them money, blah blah blah. Word word word.



Weakness is a screams band from Austin. Apparently there used to be a girl in the band, but shes gone now, so its just three dudes. You see that boy playing drums? Obviously this band is dope.

Weakness just put out a split with Greyscale, and then they have an older split with Laika. Aside from that, there is a demo and a new fully in the works. You can get all of their stuff from their bandcamp. Buy their merch though, weed isn't free. Word.



Sinclair is a pop punk band from Baltimore. People who are in this band were in a lot of other bands, like Pansori and The Summer We Went West. There are other bands too, I just don't know of them. It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that Sinclair fucking rules, and they just put a new album up on the internet. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to this new album yet because, you know, I work for a living, but I've seen them enough to know that its good. Like stupid good. Like listen to this shit right now good. Check out their bandcamp below, and give them some money. You don't have to, but I mean you totally should. Erik is starting a tape label thing, so once that gets going I'll let you know. Word.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Where My Bones Rest Easy

My buddy John is in Where My Bones Rest Easy. I don't know what to write at the moment that would be better than the description of the band/album that is located on their bandcamp, so I'm just going to copy/paste that shit. Fuck it.

The four members of Seattle’s Where My Bones Rest Easy have certainly cut their teeth in the punk scenes of the West Coast for the last 10 years(Time For Change, Burn Your Life Down, Beau Navire). The maturity shows in their new project, where they depart from their previous abrasive musical projects and seamlessly transition into playing utterly beautiful music. A breath of fresh air, even in the recent resurgence of “shoegaze” bands. Their music stands out, with glorious harmonies that recall the emo bands from the 90’s (before that was a thing). The recording is wonderful; every element that WMBRE brings to the table is clear and honest.
The fuzzed out guitar and heavy drumming of “Harmonix” brings anelement dramatically underused in modern music, creating a nice contrast to the sullen vocals. The music descends into a beautiful crescendo of noise, but still with an underlying beat the listener can follow. “Cancer” plays out almost like a letter being read to a loved one, with the vocals dripping in sympathy and pain all over beautiful guitar tones and crashing cymbals. The climax is reached when the guitar and bass follow the boorish vocal patterns and the drums kick in full swing. The end swells with a bright sound that gives hope to the listener.

WMBRE may draw comparisons to that “Seattle sound” that became famous over the years. While they do give a nod to their predecessors, the maturity and innovation will certainly write a new chapter in the always burgeoning Seattle music scene.

Engineered/recorded at D-Wreckords By Derek Leisy and mixed and mastered by Alex Estrada at Earth Capitol (Touché Amoré, Joyce Manor, Silver Snakes) in Los Angeles, CA. Limited vinyl first press of 200 pieces, hand stamped center labels with full color insert. Comes with a digital download of record with a additional track aside from vinyl track listing.

I don't even care how lazy that was. Not one bit. I really like WMBRE, I listen to them when I sit in my room alone and play The Sims or read. I also listened to this band alot when I was having a really shitty time.  You can't download the album for free via bandcamp, but you can stream it all. You can also buy it, which you should, because they are the homies and deserve your money. Word? Word.



Braille is a dope nasty band from Philly that we got to play with this summer in Philly on our little tiny baby tour with them yungs Bath Salts. I'm pretty sure that we played too loud and thus the show got shut down right as Braille was going to play, but I don't really remember. I do remember listening to them before we went on tour and really liking their stuff, and then I recently listened to their new joint which is out on tape and I really like that too. I don't know who puts out their music, but if you ask them I'm sure they will tell you. The dudes in Braille are/were also in Pyramids and Bubonic Bear, fyi.

Check out their bandcamp! All the stuff is free, so go download it! I like this band a good but and have been bumping the new shit pretty hard recently, so make sure you snag that joint. Don't be a wuss. Word.



Delos is a dope screamo band from Bremen, Germany. People who play in this band were also involved with Louise Cyphre, Gentle Art of Chokin', and Warcoma. They sent me an email a while back and after a few back and forths I ended up with a physical copy of their self titled EP. Shit rules so hard. The band is very driving and aggressive and features two vocalists. I was super impressed with this bands first release, even though the associated acts are really good so I don't know why I would expect anything other than awesome. Regardless, shit is fucking cool. Obviously if you like euro-screams you will dig this band. Their first release was put out on React With Protest, and I believe their upcoming split with Yusuke will also be on said label. All of their stuff is available for free download via bandcamp and I suggest you check this band out right the fuck now, you wont be disappointed. I promise. Word.


Miss The Stars Compilations

The blog  (we built the world and) Miss The Stars put out two sampler albums in the past year. I heard they are going to be making a third sometime soon. You can check out both the releases below and snag 'em for free. Do it. Do it now. Word.


Friday, October 11, 2013


My Greek Doctor, Vasilis Papastergiou, is going to be doing some guest posts. This is the Dr. Vas show.

Hello guys,
I want to present you today a band from San Diego,named Nayru. When I've listened to them for the first time (two days ago actually) , i thought they were some 90's screamo band re-releasing their stuff, mostly because of the lo-fi sound of their debut album "Recollections".I liked a lot what i've heard so i decided to search a bit more who exactly these guys were.It turns out that the band was formed in 2013,which made me like them even more.
"Recollections" is a great album overall and i can hear jerome's dream and saetia influences. thats all.

мища - Joyless

The video for one of the songs on Joyless is up today. You can get the pre orders for the 7 inch from Kyeo Speaks, Dream Diver, Its a Trap, and The Ghost is Clear. The mnwa bandcamp has all the songs from the record up for streaming. $$$$$$$$. Word.

мища - Joyless from MONOLITH on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer Vacation / Glocca Morra Split

Yo, this shit happened. Check it out and download it here

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sky Above And Earth Below

Normally I'm not a huge fan of melodic screams, but The Sky Above And Earth Below fucking kill it. Honestly, this is the only band I have heard in so long that actually plays dope post-hardcore music. Real talk. Its so awesome when a band can actually pull of such a wide variety of dynamics. It gets so tiring when bands stick to one very narrow sound. Literally think of any type of part that would be in a scream song; I'm talking like punk parts, heavy parts, furious parts, chill parts, all that stuff. It becomes even more impressing when you take into consideration that the band only consists of three dudes.

Its kind of funny because I have known one of the dudes in this band for a long ass time. I met him sophmore year of college because he was friends with my room mate from Portland, and I remember he was introduced to me as "someone who also likes screamo". He and I talked about music and liked alot of the same stuff. We hungout a few times and it was really dope, and then he started The Sky Above And Earth Below and I didn't really see him after that. Another dude in the band runs Friends For Life Records, and that guy is really cool as well and we met under similar circumstances.

Fun fact, this band was originally inspired by the Zelda series, so that instantly makes it dope. Its always nuts when you findout that people you know are in really awesome bands, and let me tell you, this is a really awesome band. They have a legit description on the FFL website which reads:

The Sky Above and Earth Below is a three-piece featuring Miller Reda , Sam Pape , and Reid Stubblefield from Portland, OR. They fell into their current line-up in early 2012 after years of Miller Reda writing and recording many of the songs solo. Today, they play sometimes spastic, sometimes sparse and dreamy post-hardcore, largely influenced by Shai Hulud, Portraits of Past, and many bands from the late 90’s screamo movement. The LP is the result of well over a year of steady writing and playing out as much as possible in-and-around Portland, OR.

Listen to this shit right now. Stop listening to whatever you are doing and go to their bandcamp and listen to "Parting Ways". I'm serious. You don't want to be sleeping on this band. Shit is so tight. I got that download link. I heard Reid is a capitalist pig, but you can get the LP here. Word.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

OG Dutch Master

Dutch is, I suppose, the more "hood" member if 7th Floor Villains, lyrically speaking. Most of his stuff is about drugs and shit. While some of the other members are sometimes playful or intellectual, Dutch seems to be more serious and gritty.

I don't know him nearly as well as the other ll7fv cats, but he's a cool dude. I've seen him a few times and he definitely puts on a really good live show. Dutchy seems to be one of the more popular members of the crew, but I don't really think anyone can say anything like that for certain. I'm basing that assumption on youtube views and watching kids get buck at his shows.

OG Dutch Master was the first member of ll7fv that I ever listened to. I'm pretty sure it was "Raw Dope", but I can't really remember. All I know is I was super impressed and then shortly after met the dudes and started bumping them all alot.

So yeah, you can peep both of OG Dutch Master's albums via his Sound Cloud and you can find a bunch of stuff and downloads at Dope Music. Check it out. Check it all out. Word.

Butch Dawson

Over the past couple of weeks I have become  pretty good friends with a few dudes associated with the Baltimore based rap crew 7th Floor Villains. One of the many homies I have been kicking it with is Butch Dawson. He produces alot of beats and also raps, and made one of my favorite songs that the crew has out right now:

The first time I saw him play, I think, was at that one Llamadon with the handsome boy juice at that warehouse place. I was wasted, but I remember someone throwing pokemon cards at some point. Since then we have kicked it a good amount of times, and the last time I saw him I indirectly got him to play "Irongrip" twice, which fucking ruled. He makes some really fucking dope beats and also has a really awesome style of rapping. Real original. Real cool. His style is more relaxed and subject matter is less serious and hard, which honestly makes him more genuine in my opinion. Obviously I have nothing against rappers with "thug" content, that is some of my favorite shit, but its nice when people are honest in their music and don't put on some front in order to try to assimilate themselves with some image involved with their specific medium or genre. Shit is real.

You can read some actual article about him here. One of his homies is associated with this blog and you can download alot of villains' material from that. This is his Sound cloud and this is his new album, Champion Ships, which fucking rules so hard. Seriously, check that shit out real soon. You can download his stuff from his sound cloud and also from Dope Blog, so yeah, do that. Hopefully the video for "Yadda Yadda" will be done soon, so keep an eye out for that. Word.

PS. Come to this show and see a metric fuck-ton of my friends:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Further Seems Forever - The Moon is Down

Honestly, this is another album that is essential for you, as a person, to enjoy in order for me to give a certain amount of fucks about you.

The Moon is Down is Further Seems Forever's best album, obviously. It was released in 2001 on Tooth and Nail, after Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional fame had already left the band or whatever but then returned to record the album. He started Dashboard in 2000, left FSF, then came back just to record this shit. I would like to imagine that he decided to do so because this album would be the best thing he ever was a part of, musically. Sorry dude, but we all know its the truth.


But yeah, after this album came out Chris dipped the fuck out to go make music for Spiderman and shit, and Further Seems Forever put out some more records I don't listen to. FSF eventually broke up and then got back together, touring with Carrabba again and I guess they are still doing that. I mean they were doing shit this year, so yeah.

The Moon is Down is so fucking good. If you don't fuck with this record you are missing out so hard. I'm serious. This record, in my opinion, holds it own with most of the huge post hardcore / emo bands of the same era.

Whatever, just download this if you don't have it. Word?


Third Eye Blind

No bullshit, this album is one of the best albums ever. Especially in the realm of alternative music. You can talk about statistics and shit, which are that the album is 6x platinum, spent 104 weeks on the Billboard top 200, and 3 of the 5 singles from the record made it to Top Ten status. "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life" was the best received track, getting up to number 4 on billboard, number 1 Modern Rock Tracks, and won the band a fucking Billboard Music Award. We can also talk about how every single song is at least good, the dude from Smash Mouth played drums sometimes, and generally speaking these songs are so much better once your older and know about drugs and sex. I'll admit that when Cheese reintroduced me to this album a while back I was hesitant, but then we bumped it the whole way through and since then its been a part of my being. I'm serious. I love the shit out of every single song on this record. The b-sides and non singles are just as good as the ones that got real hot. Third Eye Blind's other albums are okay, but this shit is seriously one of the best records of the '90s. I will fight you if you disagree. You already own this shit, and bump it alot? Fuck yeah, we're tight. You don't like this album? Go fuck yourself. Learn how to get intoxicated. Word.


Ken Burns

Ken Burns is a screams band from Boston area that is named after the documentary film maker Ken Burns. Dudes from Sneeze, Apart, Who Goes There?, and The Saddest Landscape are in this band. It's cool though, because its MVB. The homies recorded their first release with Will Kill at Dead Air Studios, so you know this track is oozing with skreem cred. Dripping.

I really dig their record alot. It's tight because its raw at times but then draws influence from alot of really dope bands and subsets of post-hardcore. The first time I heard this record all I could think about was how this band is going to fill the hole that was left when Beau Navire went inactive. Stylistically they remind me of alot of the earlier European screamo bands mixed in with some of the better melodic groups over here in the states. Nothing too flashy, just really good songs. Its tight because alot of times you have bands that have fast/chill transitions and its good enough but nothing too dope, but Ken Burns has some of the better song structure I've heard recently.

You can listen to the album on Youtube, which is posted below. They dont have a website or anything but if you want to holler at these dudes for whatever reason you should holler at The Saddest Mike. His email is and that's who you would get ahold of for booking and to get a copy of the tape, which costs 4 bucks. I have one and its sick, I love it. But yeah, I got the download below, and you can watch the video. Check this shit out, its so fucking cool. Their next show is with Caravels in Boston, so if you are up there then check that shit out. Word.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bell Foundry Summer is Fucking Over Party

Hey. Long time no talk. How you been? Great. On Saturday the Bell Foundry is having a daytime show/party type thing in the backyard to celebrate meeting our fundraising goal for fixing up the show space. The "auditorium", excuse me.

Food, skateboarding, hop-hop, and homies will all be present. After this event there is another show happening, not at the Bell but I think a good of us are gonna mob over there, so you really can just come hangout with us all day if you want to. I'll be there mourning the end of shirtless weather, hopefully shirtless.

CCL$, Wam Say, Rap Dragons and 7th Floor Villains are going to be performing. I'm so stoked on The Villains, you have no idea.

The most important part of this whole event is that, even though shit is free, it is highly encouraged that people who attend bring some school supplies that will be donated to Baltimore Public Schools. So don't be a dick, bring some crayons or some shit. Word.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swan of Tuonela / War Crimes Split

This record goes dumb hard. Swan of Tuonela, who I firmly believe are one of the best young bands in the Mid- Atlantic, fucking kill it once again. War Crimes, who I have never heard before, surprised the shit out of me with how good they play. This split should be greatly appreciated because the dark hardcore/emotional hardcore circuit can become quite stale and derivative of other groups to the point where it becomes "if I wanted to listen to a band that sounds like Jeromes Dream I would just listen to Jeromes Dream". Luckily, both of these bands are legit enough that the above example is never the case. Year of the fucking YOUNGS, I swear to Baph. Check out the split, download it, and support the fuck out of these bands and ones like them because this kind of shit is going to save emotional post-hardcore from going pop and stale. Feel me? Word.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Tristan Tzara Unreleased Tracks

Tristan Tzara has been one of my favorite bands since I got into screamo. They, along with Louise Cyphre, were the first chaotic scream bands that I listened to and was like "holy fuck, this band". Seeing as they have been broken up since before I lost my virginity and are from Germany it was always difficult for me to get their physical stuff, but luckily I met one of the dudes on the internet through his label, Monotonstudio Records, and was thus able to theoretically buy Tristan Tzara merch. I've been chronically broke for a hot minute, but now that Uncle Rob has a job he can buy records and stuff again, so today I ended up buying Da Ne Zaboravis and the shirt with that design on it so I could get access to the two unreleased tracks. The songs, which fucking slay, are from 2000 and are streaming on bandcamp.

If you get a minute you should jump over to the Monotonstudio webstore and grab some stuff. The shipping is super cheap. If you buy a TT shirt then you can get the digital files of the unreleased Tristan Tzara tracks below. So do it up. Word.


The Reptilian - Low Health

The ultimate homies, The Reptilian, just released a new record. I saw them a few weeks ago after they did I Got Brains and shit ruled so hard. One of the best bands out there right now. Hang hard as fuck. Check it out. The pre-order is up, so snag this shit right quick. You can also listen to the full album too. Get blunted. Word.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adult Swim Single Series 2013

Yo, someone who works for Adult Swim really knows their shit when it comes to whats hot with the kids. It's dope that they are featuring Lil B, Kitty, and Dan Deacon to get them cool cats roped in, and I mean I wasn't super surprised to see most of the names on the roster for the compilation. We can talk about selling out or blowing up or whatever but I mean are you honestly surprised that Mykki Blanco is getting some spot light? I'm not.

I am, however, surpised that Lighning Bolt and Pig Destroyer are on. The LB song just went up and im not really feeling it, but its okay because I'm jaded (I watched The Power of Salad last night). The best part about this release is that both Madlib and Viktor Vaughn are on. I really appreciate that shit and take it as a nod to the old Adult Swim heads. The only reason I'm even really stoked about this release in general is the addition of Viktor.

And the Kitty song is catchy:

Adult Swim is hosting all the tracks and putting songs up one at a time, so yalls gotta wait for that Pig Destroyer. Check it out though, its pretty dope. If you have never gotten music from Adult Swim you should jump on that shit, because like I said, their music department has been steady killing it for a hot minute. Word.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kilgore Trout - Immemorial

Did you catch Kilgore Trout on their tour? I know alot of people who did really enjoyed it. Have you heard their newest album? I know alot of people who have and really enjoy it. Word.

Guest Post - Dislich - Stone Guardian

Clyde did an actual post

This is my first "real" review for Chug Life. It's my best friend's(s) band. I've mostly only heard them practice and very briefly played bass in their band. I saw the last 30 seconds of one of their songs live and it was mostly just soloing forever. This band has a female vocalist and reminds me of Punch or high pitched black metal screeching. The first song has a lot of dive bombs which is always just too sick. Withering Cunt starts out with a sample of some UFO/occult shit that everyone in this band loves.

If you're into d-beat and sick fuckin' solos then you're going to definitely love this band. The lead guitarist's favorite band is Iron Maiden.

Prisoners of Hope starts out with a bass solo played by this guy that was in this really silly thrash band called Swellbows who hated me because my friends and I went to a party at their house and peed in bottles/threw them out the window/tried to get naked/and destroyed a longboard. Also, this song is named after Ace of Base lyrics with is one of the best bands, even though the keyboard player was in a whitepower skinhead band. Look it up, it's weird as fuck. has a Korn riff and the drummer takes great pleasure in tricking pretentious hardcore snobs into listening to it and being like “haha, you just fucking listened to korn”. This EP/album/whatever is really rad.

My all time favorite on here is Nausea Creeps because it's really poppy and starts out way too heavy. Also it has a Korn riff and the drummer takes great pleasure in tricking pretentious hardcore snobs into listening to it and being like “haha, you just fucking listened to korn”. This EP/album/whatever is really rad.

If you're into d-beat, Watain, Punch and divebombs then you're going to love this. The whole EP is really solid and usually sounds like “too much”. It was put out by this collective that we're all involved in called CTRL Force.