Monday, September 2, 2013

Further Seems Forever - The Moon is Down

Honestly, this is another album that is essential for you, as a person, to enjoy in order for me to give a certain amount of fucks about you.

The Moon is Down is Further Seems Forever's best album, obviously. It was released in 2001 on Tooth and Nail, after Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional fame had already left the band or whatever but then returned to record the album. He started Dashboard in 2000, left FSF, then came back just to record this shit. I would like to imagine that he decided to do so because this album would be the best thing he ever was a part of, musically. Sorry dude, but we all know its the truth.


But yeah, after this album came out Chris dipped the fuck out to go make music for Spiderman and shit, and Further Seems Forever put out some more records I don't listen to. FSF eventually broke up and then got back together, touring with Carrabba again and I guess they are still doing that. I mean they were doing shit this year, so yeah.

The Moon is Down is so fucking good. If you don't fuck with this record you are missing out so hard. I'm serious. This record, in my opinion, holds it own with most of the huge post hardcore / emo bands of the same era.

Whatever, just download this if you don't have it. Word?


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Unknown said...

Dudeeee!! I been looking for this album almos 3 years!! Thanksss!!