Monday, September 2, 2013

Third Eye Blind

No bullshit, this album is one of the best albums ever. Especially in the realm of alternative music. You can talk about statistics and shit, which are that the album is 6x platinum, spent 104 weeks on the Billboard top 200, and 3 of the 5 singles from the record made it to Top Ten status. "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life" was the best received track, getting up to number 4 on billboard, number 1 Modern Rock Tracks, and won the band a fucking Billboard Music Award. We can also talk about how every single song is at least good, the dude from Smash Mouth played drums sometimes, and generally speaking these songs are so much better once your older and know about drugs and sex. I'll admit that when Cheese reintroduced me to this album a while back I was hesitant, but then we bumped it the whole way through and since then its been a part of my being. I'm serious. I love the shit out of every single song on this record. The b-sides and non singles are just as good as the ones that got real hot. Third Eye Blind's other albums are okay, but this shit is seriously one of the best records of the '90s. I will fight you if you disagree. You already own this shit, and bump it alot? Fuck yeah, we're tight. You don't like this album? Go fuck yourself. Learn how to get intoxicated. Word.