Monday, April 26, 2010



Boyfriends is a group from Lancaster, PA that shares both members of 1994!. Mike, drummer of '94! takes over guitar duties while a dude named Bean picks up the sticks and Chris, guitarist/vocalist of '94! focuses his attention on vocals.

The result is similar to 1994!, but less mathy and more anthemic, and definitely a lot of fun. I highly recommend checking these dudes out, and checking out their dates on their website, listed below.

They're actually playing my house on May 7th, so check it out if you live in Maryland!

May 7th
9 W. 6th Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Our Parents Forgot Us

I forget who else...I'll probably be at work anyway.

Boyfriends' website

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Demo (2009)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Comadre is an awesome hardcore/punk band from California made up of members of Heartcrosslove, One’s Own Ruin, and Light This City. They started playing together back in '04 and since then have released a slew of albums and three mix tapes. Its pretty legit that they make those mix tapes, which they make available for free download, and well as their most recent release entitled "A Wolf Ticket". From what I can gather they are pretty community minded and focus on the D.I.Y aspects of punk rock, which gives them even more cred. Aside from their splits and solo releases, they have been featured on The Emo Annihilation and the React With Protest sampler and also have a DVD called "Dance With Your Hips, Not Your Fists". They are currently working on putting out a fourth mix tape, a three way split with Glasses and Punch, and a European Tour with Punch that will lead into a West Coast American tour with Glasses. Fuck yeah. Below is all of their material to date and a video of them playing "The Trials" in LA.


A Wolf Ticket

Burn Your Bones

Songs About The Man

The Youth

Split with Trainwreck

Mix tape Vol. 1

Mix tape Vol. 2

Mix tape Vol. 3

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Resurrectionists is a hardcore/powerviolence band from some place I've never heard of in Germany that is made up of members of Ding Dong Dead and The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra. They have been pretty busy lately, putting out a gatefold LP on Moment of Collapse and a split with Battle of Wölf 359 on React With Protest. They are playing Fluff Fest, Cry Me A River Fest, and Trash Fest, which I wish I could attend. Below is every one of their releases to date, to my knowledge, and a video. BUY THEIR SHIT, ITS REALLY COOL.


Self Titled Gatefold

Split with Merkit


Split with Battle of Wölf 359

Love. Life. Compilation

Monday, April 19, 2010

NEW Capsule + Resurrectionists/ Battle of Wölf 359

Happy 4/20.

I went on a downloading binge earlier today, and decided that two of the albums I snagged should be reposted on here as soon as I got around to it. Both bands are not new to Chug Life, so I don't think it is very practical to go into a great amount of detail about the bands. Also, you are are probably very familiar with these groups.

The first album is the new self titled Capsule vinyl that just came out on Robotic Empire, which is everything that they put out before "Blue". The tracks are from "...their original self-released demo and "Voluminant" EP (both later released on cassette) along with two cuts from the split with DEVICES and a rare tour-only EP." Shit is hot, scoop it up.

The second album is the new React With Protest split with Battle of Wölf 359 and Resurrectionists. This split is heavy as fuck. I hadnt really listened to Resurrectionists much prior to this release, but as I type this I am trying to find all their stuff for a later post. Battle's side is some of the better "screamo" music that has been put out recently, and the Resurrectionists tracks really kick you in the dick, if you know what I mean.

If you're living in the states, be sure to see Battle with June Paik this summer, just like you Europeans should go out and catch some of the Capsule/Furnace dates.




Battle of Wölf 359 / Resurrectionists Split

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tristan Tzara

Tristan Tzara was a German hardcore/screamo band made up of members of Louise Cyphre and Kobra Khan that broke up in 2002. They only put out two albums, according to their myspace. Anyways, their sound is exactly what you would expect from members of such monumental hardcore acts, replacing Louise's jazzy riffs with a female vocalist. Their name comes from one of the founders of the Dada movement, Samuel Rosenstock. You can buy some music and shirts from Monotonstudio Records. Below is their two studio LPs. That third that was up here for a little while was the 7" of on of their full lengths. Also, there is going to be a discography cd put out soon, so keep an eye out for that. No video, sorry dogs.



Da Ne Zaboravis

Omorina Nad Evropom

Friday, April 2, 2010



Shotmaker's short reign as band in the early nineties, (from 1993-1996), came at a time in a major shift in the direction of punk rock. The eighties already seemed like ancient history, bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag had attained a classic status almost overnight, and paved way to new units like Fugazi, while record labels like Ebullition in Southern California were putting out important, though definitely cliquey and esoteric, independent punk rock records. Meanwhile, bands like Green Day and Blink-182 were on the cusp of making punk rock an international capitalistic success.

In Canada, three boys from Ottawa were playing raw, expressive, intense music that had been pegged as "emo", but somehow held it's own as outright hardcore music. With their fuzzy, powerful bass lines that seem to push the song closer and closer to falling apart, dingy, crushing guitar parts, and raving, cryptic, desperate vocals, they seemed to epitomize the perfect middle ground between the Ebullition sound and something new, something that you couldn't quite put your finger on. Listening to their discography, Shotmaker's hidden influence in the DIY world begins to take shape. One easily hears riffs that wouldn't seem out of place on a Pg. 99 or Majority Rule, and bands like Logs owe a large amount of their direction to Shotmaker's pivoting song structures, with crunchy riffs giving way to dissonant yet melodic verses.

Highlights here include their self titled 7", and their split with Maxmilian Colby is also widely considered one of the best emo/hardcore records of the 90's; "The Game" and "Archaeologist" contain some of their most heady riffs ever. Earlier songs like "Controller. Controller" and 10/22/94 display the group's cathartic, attention grabbing power.

These dudes went on to play in bands like Three Penny Opera.

Here's a video of the band, sorry but none of the videos of these guys are of that stellar quality.

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The Complete Discography 1993-1996 (Disc 1)

The Complete Discography 1993-1996 (Disc 2)