Monday, April 19, 2010

NEW Capsule + Resurrectionists/ Battle of Wölf 359

Happy 4/20.

I went on a downloading binge earlier today, and decided that two of the albums I snagged should be reposted on here as soon as I got around to it. Both bands are not new to Chug Life, so I don't think it is very practical to go into a great amount of detail about the bands. Also, you are are probably very familiar with these groups.

The first album is the new self titled Capsule vinyl that just came out on Robotic Empire, which is everything that they put out before "Blue". The tracks are from "...their original self-released demo and "Voluminant" EP (both later released on cassette) along with two cuts from the split with DEVICES and a rare tour-only EP." Shit is hot, scoop it up.

The second album is the new React With Protest split with Battle of Wölf 359 and Resurrectionists. This split is heavy as fuck. I hadnt really listened to Resurrectionists much prior to this release, but as I type this I am trying to find all their stuff for a later post. Battle's side is some of the better "screamo" music that has been put out recently, and the Resurrectionists tracks really kick you in the dick, if you know what I mean.

If you're living in the states, be sure to see Battle with June Paik this summer, just like you Europeans should go out and catch some of the Capsule/Furnace dates.




Battle of Wölf 359 / Resurrectionists Split

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