Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tristan Tzara

Tristan Tzara was a German hardcore/screamo band made up of members of Louise Cyphre and Kobra Khan that broke up in 2002. They only put out two albums, according to their myspace. Anyways, their sound is exactly what you would expect from members of such monumental hardcore acts, replacing Louise's jazzy riffs with a female vocalist. Their name comes from one of the founders of the Dada movement, Samuel Rosenstock. You can buy some music and shirts from Monotonstudio Records. Below is their two studio LPs. That third that was up here for a little while was the 7" of on of their full lengths. Also, there is going to be a discography cd put out soon, so keep an eye out for that. No video, sorry dogs.



Da Ne Zaboravis

Omorina Nad Evropom

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postumo = Da Ne Zaboravis