Monday, April 26, 2010



Boyfriends is a group from Lancaster, PA that shares both members of 1994!. Mike, drummer of '94! takes over guitar duties while a dude named Bean picks up the sticks and Chris, guitarist/vocalist of '94! focuses his attention on vocals.

The result is similar to 1994!, but less mathy and more anthemic, and definitely a lot of fun. I highly recommend checking these dudes out, and checking out their dates on their website, listed below.

They're actually playing my house on May 7th, so check it out if you live in Maryland!

May 7th
9 W. 6th Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Our Parents Forgot Us

I forget who else...I'll probably be at work anyway.

Boyfriends' website

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Demo (2009)


Kevin said...

boyfriends is now mike on guitar, chris on bass/vocals, matt glass on second guitar and bean on drums.

Andrew said...

That is correct and I am really PUMPED haha to be playing with these guys on May 7th everyone should definitely make it out.

Twinkly Shit said...

monument is playing this show too!