Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams

This split has already made its rounds through the blogs, seeing as it has been out on the internet for a minute now. I picked this joint up a while ago when I blog raided. I admit I don't really surf that many sites regularly, but every once in a while I'll just binge download a shitload of stuff from the same like ten blogs.

I have posted a few times about Beau Navire, so I don't really feel the need to describe them again. If you don't know who they are you can look at the older posts about them, but I don't really think that is nesecarry. They are real good. This other band, Republic of Dreams, surprised the shit out of me. Chaotic screamo with members of Resurrectionists, Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, and Louise Cyphre. Super impressed with their material. This split is one of the better releases I have heard thus far in the year, and one reason why is because both bands compliment each other beautifully. Moment of Collapse put out this record, so you can pick it up here along with tons of other distros. Download it below and please buy it so you can support these bands. Beau Navire is going on tour with We Were Skeletons this summer and the dates are right here.

On a side note, with all this weird shit with mediafire and the government and downloading we will do our best to continue Chug Life. My mediafire is still up and works, but if it shits the bed I'll switch over to other similar hosting sites. If/when all those go I'll just switch everything over to torrents. I don't want to stop doing this.



Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


NAH is the solo project of Mike from 1994! He just sent me his songs the other day and I have been bumping them so hard recently. Honestly, the best way I can describe this shit is "What I Would Hope To Hear At The 1996 NBA All Star Jam". Or 1994, get it.

Its all hip hop. I would call it hip hop. Beats and stuff. Live drums and then some electronics and other stuff recorded in his basement. Some dude raps on the first demo song. He chopped and screwed one of his songs, straight up party jams.

That new joint, "TapeFuck", is a lil weirder. More energy, more fuzz. I like it alot. Way jammin. It sounds like he uses more guitars than electronic on this release, but I could be wrong. Imagine if Wizardzz is Mf Doom recorded an album on a tape deck, thats kind of whats going on. I heard that '94 was gonna do a rap album, I wonder if that was just some NAH hype. Who knows. Download both NAH releases below and then go party. Word.


Fall 2011 Demo


Vestiges / Caufield

Vestiges and Caufield recently put out a split. They did it themselves because they "DIY SUCKA". Caufield's song is a slow ber ner burner. Vestiges covered "Zombie" by The Cranberries.

You should buy the record because both bands are cool. Vestiges has to make some money back because they went to SXSW and lost all their money bribing the guards so they could play with Andrew W. K.



Vestiges / Caufield

Lord Snow

Alright so first off, any band that uses a Game of Thrones reference in any fashion is cool with me. Second, Lord Snow's new release "Sovngarde" is another dope ass reference to Skyrim. So yeah, just those two lil diddies right there should make them one of the most popular bands in the blog world. Not to mention they have members of The New Yorker, Lautrec and Suffix. Yeah dude.

So yeah, "Sovngarde" is fucking blistering. Female vox, shred city guitar work and pretty spazzy drums. I dig it real real hard. I like how their song structure isnt hella complicated but they play alot of cool riffs and fills and stuff. Its just real interesting and busy as fuck. The quality of the recordings is really cool too, I like the feedback and the vocals. "Sovngarde" is a lil more screamo than the EP, which was still skrumz and all but it had some choice punk parks in there too. The Ep, by the way, is also the dopeness. This band is pretty intense doggies, jump on board. I wish my computer wasn't fucked so I could enjoy these songs more.

Below is "Sovngarde" and the EP, both of which should be downloaded. I don't know who is releasing any of this stuff, or on what format, but I would imagine you can buy it somewhere somehow. Figure it out and do it. Chicago bands are killing it right meow, cool. I donno if they are touring this summer, but they were down at SXSW, or NSXSW or whatever. They were in Austin when everyone else but me was down there. I hope they tour, I want to see them play. Don't screamo girls rule? Word.




Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Megan & Amelia - Haiymakks

Dude, Byron Fischer just got done with his first LP, "Haiymakks". All the other Megan and Amelia recordings are on the blog, so for some fucked up reason you looked over those gems buck the shit up and download them.
)()()()EDIT()()() This was the original photo up there, but my dog wanted it changed so of course I obliged.

Megan & Amelia is the haunting, somber solo project of Ryan from DEERS!/Matsuri (both R.I.P). Everything up to this record was self recorded, but for "Haiymakks" he got Max from John Cota to record him. On a kind of side note, Max has been recording a shit ton of California bands recently and all his work is so fucking good. I don't know where he works or anything but if you want to get recorded real nicely you should holler.

Anyways, back to Megan. The new album is fucking amazing. Six of the most depressing songs I have ever heard. The first song is a ukulele/xylophone lullaby. Number two is crooning, verbed out vocals over layers of electric guitars. "Mountain Mountain" has what sounds like a toy piano drenched in reverb. "Demoing" is my favorite song on the album, but I can't really tell whats going on. A whole lot of something. Cray shit, best shit. Track five is a re-recording of a demo song, but is so much cleaner and prettier, dig the backing vocals and the sleigh-bell. "Haiymakks" ends on a high note with "Fuck Mountain", which has basically a full band. Also, "I'm not a shit friend, I'm not a bad son" is one of the best lines. Period. Who did the gang vocals?

I don't know if there are plans for releasing this album, but, I hope it gets the attention it deserves. I know Ryry wants it to be put out, and I wish him all the luck in the world. Megan & Amelia plays a good bit in the bay, so go check that shit out when you get a chance. I would imagine that the live sets are super dope. Download this shit, buy it when you can. MOOCHXCREW. Word.

This was filmed by Ramez from Calculator.

Double Word.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Tempest - Solace

Holy shit. My dude Alex just sent me the new Tempest record, and this shit is insane. Next level heavy. Easily the best heavy record I have heard in like six months. It's just non stop crazy shit. The darkest. If you liked their older stuff you are going to shit all the bricks when you hear this. Takes epic dark hardcore to a whole nother plane. My only qualm is that it's only two tracks, I need more.

You can get a copy from Forged In Iron if you are Canadian, and Vitriol Records if you live in USA. No idea about anywhere else. Check it, dig it, buy it.





Alright, so the dudes from Men As Trees are back. All the dudes are now in Locktender, which is now one of my favorite bands. Shit is way too dope.

The MAT/LT dudes are pretty down with the blog game, so I guess they sent hella people their album I got below. Their record label I.Corrupt also sent out some emails about putting Locktender on blogs. I can respect that because they are seasoned vets down with the free.

The jams are the sickest. Super heavy, like hardcore heavy. It isn't metal or anything, just bowel-shatteringly epic. I was super surprised at how good the quality of the recordings too, real good shit. Especially dig the vocals. I can only get down with vox like this if they are done as well as these. Chord heavy hardcore, no noodles or anything crazy. The most solid.

So yeah, I wouldnt be able to explain the band any better than Jason from the band:
So Locktender is a conceptual hardcore band from Cleveland, OH with all of the members of Men as Trees. All of our songs are about and inspired by different works of art and our albums will focus on specific artists. This 'Collected' release is three songs that are all being released on vinyl splits this year. A 7" with Cassilis from Philadelphia, a 12" with Brighter Arrows from Chicago (ex-Lautrec, Mans, Phoenix Bodies), and another 12" that is still TBA. Our singer Nick will do the CD release through his label Mopsorden and Utarid Tapes will do one in Malaysia. As with MAT, everything will be free to download so we are just trying to get this out there as much as possible before our Euro tour this July with Sailing On from Germany

Download this below. Please keep an ear out for all their releases that are coming out. The dudes are solid as fuck, so I would hope that they would let me know when they have some stuff for sale. And when they get that new material. Go to their shows too. No video, just the sickest tunes.



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fuck, Wolves!

Fuck, Wolves! are a dark hardcore/screamo band from Germany. Their sound can easily be lumped into the same category as other German screams bands like Louise Cyphre and June Paik. They have some of my favorite dynamics and use some real nasty chords. The record quality of their various releases is interesting cuz its never really that "good" but it always sounds good. You know?

I first heard about this band a long ass time ago, like back in tenth or eleventh grade. My buddy was friends with their guitarist at the time from way back when, so we kept in touch or whatever. Said guitarist moved to the states like right before FW started to get more popular. I've stayed in contact with the band over the years, making plans that fall through and things like that. I always told them I would chug them, but every time I was prepared to do whatever they had something just over the horizon I was waiting for. I think that the dudes are in other projects but I don't know any of the names off the top of my head.

Fuck, Wolves! have one half a shit ton of releases, including a split and some 7 inches. They get their stuff put out by Moment of Collapse, so go float on over there and grab some shit. All of what has been provided below is good, so check it out. I got all their stuff. The band are really nice dudes, talk to them and stuff. If you are in Europe you should try to check them out if you can, they seem to tour a good bit.

Recentish video. Wurd.



Fuck, Wolves! / Chaos Is... Split

Es ist Alles in Ordnung...Nur in Einer Anderen

Und zwischen all unseren Trümmern und Traumgebilden

Dreams Come True Compilation Vol. 1