Tuesday, March 20, 2012


NAH is the solo project of Mike from 1994! He just sent me his songs the other day and I have been bumping them so hard recently. Honestly, the best way I can describe this shit is "What I Would Hope To Hear At The 1996 NBA All Star Jam". Or 1994, get it.

Its all hip hop. I would call it hip hop. Beats and stuff. Live drums and then some electronics and other stuff recorded in his basement. Some dude raps on the first demo song. He chopped and screwed one of his songs, straight up party jams.

That new joint, "TapeFuck", is a lil weirder. More energy, more fuzz. I like it alot. Way jammin. It sounds like he uses more guitars than electronic on this release, but I could be wrong. Imagine if Wizardzz is Mf Doom recorded an album on a tape deck, thats kind of whats going on. I heard that '94 was gonna do a rap album, I wonder if that was just some NAH hype. Who knows. Download both NAH releases below and then go party. Word.


Fall 2011 Demo


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