Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams

This split has already made its rounds through the blogs, seeing as it has been out on the internet for a minute now. I picked this joint up a while ago when I blog raided. I admit I don't really surf that many sites regularly, but every once in a while I'll just binge download a shitload of stuff from the same like ten blogs.

I have posted a few times about Beau Navire, so I don't really feel the need to describe them again. If you don't know who they are you can look at the older posts about them, but I don't really think that is nesecarry. They are real good. This other band, Republic of Dreams, surprised the shit out of me. Chaotic screamo with members of Resurrectionists, Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, and Louise Cyphre. Super impressed with their material. This split is one of the better releases I have heard thus far in the year, and one reason why is because both bands compliment each other beautifully. Moment of Collapse put out this record, so you can pick it up here along with tons of other distros. Download it below and please buy it so you can support these bands. Beau Navire is going on tour with We Were Skeletons this summer and the dates are right here.

On a side note, with all this weird shit with mediafire and the government and downloading we will do our best to continue Chug Life. My mediafire is still up and works, but if it shits the bed I'll switch over to other similar hosting sites. If/when all those go I'll just switch everything over to torrents. I don't want to stop doing this.



Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams

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