Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bell Foundry Summer is Fucking Over Party

Hey. Long time no talk. How you been? Great. On Saturday the Bell Foundry is having a daytime show/party type thing in the backyard to celebrate meeting our fundraising goal for fixing up the show space. The "auditorium", excuse me.

Food, skateboarding, hop-hop, and homies will all be present. After this event there is another show happening, not at the Bell but I think a good of us are gonna mob over there, so you really can just come hangout with us all day if you want to. I'll be there mourning the end of shirtless weather, hopefully shirtless.

CCL$, Wam Say, Rap Dragons and 7th Floor Villains are going to be performing. I'm so stoked on The Villains, you have no idea.

The most important part of this whole event is that, even though shit is free, it is highly encouraged that people who attend bring some school supplies that will be donated to Baltimore Public Schools. So don't be a dick, bring some crayons or some shit. Word.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swan of Tuonela / War Crimes Split

This record goes dumb hard. Swan of Tuonela, who I firmly believe are one of the best young bands in the Mid- Atlantic, fucking kill it once again. War Crimes, who I have never heard before, surprised the shit out of me with how good they play. This split should be greatly appreciated because the dark hardcore/emotional hardcore circuit can become quite stale and derivative of other groups to the point where it becomes "if I wanted to listen to a band that sounds like Jeromes Dream I would just listen to Jeromes Dream". Luckily, both of these bands are legit enough that the above example is never the case. Year of the fucking YOUNGS, I swear to Baph. Check out the split, download it, and support the fuck out of these bands and ones like them because this kind of shit is going to save emotional post-hardcore from going pop and stale. Feel me? Word.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Tristan Tzara Unreleased Tracks

Tristan Tzara has been one of my favorite bands since I got into screamo. They, along with Louise Cyphre, were the first chaotic scream bands that I listened to and was like "holy fuck, this band". Seeing as they have been broken up since before I lost my virginity and are from Germany it was always difficult for me to get their physical stuff, but luckily I met one of the dudes on the internet through his label, Monotonstudio Records, and was thus able to theoretically buy Tristan Tzara merch. I've been chronically broke for a hot minute, but now that Uncle Rob has a job he can buy records and stuff again, so today I ended up buying Da Ne Zaboravis and the shirt with that design on it so I could get access to the two unreleased tracks. The songs, which fucking slay, are from 2000 and are streaming on bandcamp.

If you get a minute you should jump over to the Monotonstudio webstore and grab some stuff. The shipping is super cheap. If you buy a TT shirt then you can get the digital files of the unreleased Tristan Tzara tracks below. So do it up. Word.


The Reptilian - Low Health

The ultimate homies, The Reptilian, just released a new record. I saw them a few weeks ago after they did I Got Brains and shit ruled so hard. One of the best bands out there right now. Hang hard as fuck. Check it out. The pre-order is up, so snag this shit right quick. You can also listen to the full album too. Get blunted. Word.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adult Swim Single Series 2013

Yo, someone who works for Adult Swim really knows their shit when it comes to whats hot with the kids. It's dope that they are featuring Lil B, Kitty, and Dan Deacon to get them cool cats roped in, and I mean I wasn't super surprised to see most of the names on the roster for the compilation. We can talk about selling out or blowing up or whatever but I mean are you honestly surprised that Mykki Blanco is getting some spot light? I'm not.

I am, however, surpised that Lighning Bolt and Pig Destroyer are on. The LB song just went up and im not really feeling it, but its okay because I'm jaded (I watched The Power of Salad last night). The best part about this release is that both Madlib and Viktor Vaughn are on. I really appreciate that shit and take it as a nod to the old Adult Swim heads. The only reason I'm even really stoked about this release in general is the addition of Viktor.

And the Kitty song is catchy:

Adult Swim is hosting all the tracks and putting songs up one at a time, so yalls gotta wait for that Pig Destroyer. Check it out though, its pretty dope. If you have never gotten music from Adult Swim you should jump on that shit, because like I said, their music department has been steady killing it for a hot minute. Word.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kilgore Trout - Immemorial

Did you catch Kilgore Trout on their tour? I know alot of people who did really enjoyed it. Have you heard their newest album? I know alot of people who have and really enjoy it. Word.

Guest Post - Dislich - Stone Guardian

Clyde did an actual post

This is my first "real" review for Chug Life. It's my best friend's(s) band. I've mostly only heard them practice and very briefly played bass in their band. I saw the last 30 seconds of one of their songs live and it was mostly just soloing forever. This band has a female vocalist and reminds me of Punch or high pitched black metal screeching. The first song has a lot of dive bombs which is always just too sick. Withering Cunt starts out with a sample of some UFO/occult shit that everyone in this band loves.

If you're into d-beat and sick fuckin' solos then you're going to definitely love this band. The lead guitarist's favorite band is Iron Maiden.

Prisoners of Hope starts out with a bass solo played by this guy that was in this really silly thrash band called Swellbows who hated me because my friends and I went to a party at their house and peed in bottles/threw them out the window/tried to get naked/and destroyed a longboard. Also, this song is named after Ace of Base lyrics with is one of the best bands, even though the keyboard player was in a whitepower skinhead band. Look it up, it's weird as fuck. has a Korn riff and the drummer takes great pleasure in tricking pretentious hardcore snobs into listening to it and being like “haha, you just fucking listened to korn”. This EP/album/whatever is really rad.

My all time favorite on here is Nausea Creeps because it's really poppy and starts out way too heavy. Also it has a Korn riff and the drummer takes great pleasure in tricking pretentious hardcore snobs into listening to it and being like “haha, you just fucking listened to korn”. This EP/album/whatever is really rad.

If you're into d-beat, Watain, Punch and divebombs then you're going to love this. The whole EP is really solid and usually sounds like “too much”. It was put out by this collective that we're all involved in called CTRL Force.


New Years

I think that New Years is still a band? I don't really know off the top of my head. I think they are. It would make sense seeing as they just put out a record that they recorded a mean minute ago. The only person in this band that I know in the real, physical world was Justin. Obviously he isn't with the group anymore because he isn't in Baltimore. The people in this band are in alot of other bands, but I don't feel like mentioning them all. It seems like anytime I mention other bands, I get asked to take it down. Then when I don't mention bands, I get asked to put it up. Almost all of my last dozen or so posts have been edited because someone wanted something changed. Kind of just not going to do that anymore.

Anyways, New Years is an " unapologetically corny late 90's-influenced emo rock. heavy influence from penfold and mineral. lots of off key vocals even though we tried not to do that." I listened to "Sky Swallow Me Whole" yesterday while doggy-paddling around in a sess pool of self loathing and it seemed to fit quite nicely. All of the people involved in the group are extremly talented and thus created a really quality record, so the only reason one who not get down with this would be if they didnt like '90's emo. But I think almost everyone does. If you don't, its totally cool, I guess. I don't care.

Check out the dudes below. They don't have a website or anything. Try searching google for "New Years", especially in the images tab. The album is killer so yeah, big ups. Word.