Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swan of Tuonela / War Crimes Split

This record goes dumb hard. Swan of Tuonela, who I firmly believe are one of the best young bands in the Mid- Atlantic, fucking kill it once again. War Crimes, who I have never heard before, surprised the shit out of me with how good they play. This split should be greatly appreciated because the dark hardcore/emotional hardcore circuit can become quite stale and derivative of other groups to the point where it becomes "if I wanted to listen to a band that sounds like Jeromes Dream I would just listen to Jeromes Dream". Luckily, both of these bands are legit enough that the above example is never the case. Year of the fucking YOUNGS, I swear to Baph. Check out the split, download it, and support the fuck out of these bands and ones like them because this kind of shit is going to save emotional post-hardcore from going pop and stale. Feel me? Word.


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