Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SOHNS Kickstarter

YO my dudes SOHNS have a kickstarter to get some skrilla to put out "To Ward It Off and Drown It Out" on 12". They have until September the 21st to raise enough money for Stay Still Records to finance the release. I'm gonna throw down for it, and you motherfuckers should too. You get alot of really dope shit if you put up some serious dough for this release, if you guys don't help them out I'm going to be pretty disappointed in the internet. Good looking Cody, I'm glad you are helping out my boys like that. Also, Sohns made this dope ass video:

Download their shit from my other post about them. Kickstart them some fucking money. Word.



Monday, September 5, 2011


Dominic is a four piece post hardcore/screamo band from Norway. They have been around since 2004 and have a slew of releases out with tons of dope labels, including Denovali, Ape Must Not Kill Ape and Utarid Tapes. If you go to their facebook and get on their discography you can see all the different formats their stuff is on and who put it out.

Dominic's music is pretty driving and melodic. Shit can get kind of crazy at times, but for the most part they stay somewhat linear. It's not twinkly or mathy or spazzy, just good solid post hardcore, you know? I've been listening to this band on and off for a while not, but recently I started bumping them alot harder because I found their new stuff. It is so good. I mean its all really good, but their new stuff is dope. Nord made me feel happy about new music that is coming out.

Below is all their discography up to this point. Its everything they have on their discography page, as best as I could tell. Download it, enjoy it, then buy it so they can keep on putting out good records.



Dominic S/T LP

Dominic S/T 7 Inch

Dominic - The Single Series

Dominic / The Third Memory


Running With Scissors

Sunday, September 4, 2011


THE FUCKING REIGNING KINGS OF CRUST. If you have never listened to Germany's Alpinist then you are a fucking idiot. This shit is the bomb. Literally. My speakers are exploding with doomy crust goodness, and have been almost all day.

They just did a tour here in America, I don't know for how long or anything but they did it with Masakari for a split LP they recently put out. Homeboys were up here in Olympia at New Direction Fest, but I didn't have twenty buxx. I wanted to get a ride down to where the show was so I could just sit outside and scowl, but I couldn't even get a ride. Disappointment life.

Honestly, for real though, this is crust. All of their albums are a brutal onslaught of punk shit and some of the heaviest shit you have ever heard. Riffs for days and days. And days. Sometimes its almost speed metal, which is awesome as fuck. EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE CRUST/DOOM/HEAVY AS BALLS YOU NEED TO GET THIS SHIT BECAUSE YOU WILL ENJOY THE FUCK OUT OF IT. Remember Tempest, who I posted a while ago? Well, its like that except way more brutal in every way. Again, THE FUCKING KINGS OF CRUST.

Below is everything they have ever put out, technically. They did a compilation album which was the tracks from Lichtlærm and Minus.Mensch, so posting that would be redundant. Got a video down there from their recent tour over here, so check that out as well (half set?). Go pick up as much of their stuff as you can find because these dudes are awesome.




Alpinist / Intoblckmirror European Tour Split

Alpinist / Finisterre



Alpinist / Masakari

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friends For Life Records - PDX2011

So a kid I met a while ago has a label based out of Portland called Friends For Life that is putting out zines and tapes. He was telling me that he is going to be putting out some new jaints from Carrion Spring and Leaster Freemon in the near future, so when those are out you should pick them up if you are into those bands. They just put out a compilation/teaser/sampler whatever that is similar in idea to the 75:24 compilation put out by Tickle Butt. They put it up for free download but also put this shit on tape, which is the labels first release. Friends For Life are also doing a distro, and if you buy this sampler you get a free hand screened Oker cd.

PDX2011 is a compilation tape made up of 14 bands that are all friends from the Portland area. The Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Carrion Spring - Scumfuck Angel
2. Wild Guess - Card
3. Cower - Exit 296B
4. Forest Park - Portland
5. Desert of Hiatus - In The Spirit of The Spirit That Will Tell Us Why We Exist
6. Kotten Dik - I Had A Dream Once
7. Zoogirl - B-Day
8. Duck. Little Brother, Duck!
9. Sloths - Seasonal Depression
10. Girlfriends - Brobocop
11. Pardee Shorts - Livejournal Pt. 2
12. Logs? (labeled as "Friends For Life Records") - 4
13. GrandFather - Song 3
14. Oker - 1

Alright so all the bands on this compilation are good enough to give the album at least one complete listen. Alot of genres are on this release, and you may very well not enjoy some of the songs. I think that out of all the bands on here the ones that really stuck out for me were Sloths, Cower, and Oker. I have the Oker cd and have been meaning to post it up here, but this song is so good. I'm calling it so hard: Oker is going to be a big deal, and I hope it is sooner rather than later. As for Cower, I had heard about them alot from people and this was my first time listening to it and I was disappointed with the fact that I couldn't really get into it. On the other hand, like Cower I have heard alot about Sloths, and that shit blew me away. Was not expecting that at all and I really really dig it. Kotten Dik is tight as shit too.

Overall this is a super solid compilation. I think that everyone, no matter what their preferred style of music is, will be able to find some shit on here that they really enjoy. Alot of dope stuff going on in Portland and it seems like no one is really giving them too much attention on a national scale. Some real talent is kicking it in PDX these days and I'm stoked on all those dudes right now. Really good people, really good times, please please please download this and then buy it from FFL's big cartel. Only like 125 of these things are going to be made and if you wait around you probably aren't gonna be able to get your hands on this shit. Keep a look out for Friends For Life Records in the tape and zine world. Word.



Friday, September 2, 2011

Antioch Arrow

"For those who have never heard or seen Antioch Arrow, it is a pretty impossible task to describe them to you. Because while listening to them on record or live you are for the most part baffled at what is happening. While some critics have dismissed their creations as ludicrous and simply too weird, other critics and their fans hold them in the highest regard for exactly those reasons. An Antioch Arrow album or performance is an overwhelming art explosion of noisy poems sprayed in your face in one minute bursts. Sort of like someone emptying cans of Mace in your eyes. These stinging chemicals are saying something to you which really makes you think once you can see again, and you sure as hell won’t ever forget the experience. From 1993-1994, Antioch Arrow took the San Diego art hardcore scene to the highest apogee imaginable, and it was beautiful." -

So I really couldnt think of anything that would top that description. Got all their stuff and a dope video below.



Antioch Arrow / Candle Split

Gems of Masochism

In Love With Jetts

The Lady is a Cat

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mass Movement Of The Moth

I'm going home in a week, and I don't think I'm going to bring my computer. If I don't then I wouldn't be posting anything for two weeks, so until I leave I'm going to try to do a post every day.

Mass Movement Of The Moth are from D.C, which I did not know until I looked up their information. I actually really lucked out with this one because I had a few of their releases and what-have-you but I remember back when I first got their stuff I couldn't find a few releases. Recently someone made them a website that had their discography up for download and shit. You can check it out here. I ended up just redownloading everything directly from here, but I re-uploaded them to my mediafire just in case for whatever reason their links die or something.

Anyways, Mass Movement Of The Moth was around from 2004 to 2007 and in that time released 7 albums. The album "Beyond" looks like a collection of unreleased stuff, which I would imagine was put together after the group disbanded. The music they played is kind of hard to describe. Its heavy and kind of experimental I suppose, but it is also really groovy and stuff at times while still being pretty dark ("Stuck in the Segue" off the split with The Catalyst has a brooding march for the second half of the track and while listening to it my room mate said it sounded like "some Cthulhu shit"). If you want to call it screamo you can (happens all the time here on the internet), but I wouldn't really say they are a "screamo band". All in all they are a post-hardcore band. They incorporate so much shit in each of their tracks and use so many different dynamics that it makes every song sound different, which is always very enjoyable. I like that they can essentially play whatever the fuck they want and it turns out really good, you know? Sometimes bands try to blend genres and shit in their songs and it doesn't really work out.

The split with The Catalyist is very produced and experimental post-hardcore. The split with Sing! Sing! Prison! is hard and rough around the edges, but still incorporates some weird shit. The Polar split is way gritty and groovy hardcore. Funually has remixes and demos and stuff. Finale and finally are different versions of the same album, both really heavy. Outerspace is complex and dynamic, but not as heavy as most of their other stuff, this album is more post-hardcore.

So yeah, download these tracks if you don't have them already and support the band as best as you can. Their website has links to distros and stuff so make sure you snag some of their merch. It's a shame they broke up because they would have been really dope to see live.

Here is a video of a show in D.C that they played with Ampere, Das Oath, and Hot Cross in 2006.



Two Thousand And Six Six Six (Mass Movement Of The Moth / The Catalyst Split LP)






Mass Movement of The Moth / Polar Split 7 Inch

Mass Movement of The Moth / Sing! Sing! Prison Split 7 Inch