Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So in case you have not been near a fucking computer for the past few months, Pg.99 recently did two reunion shows. One was at Best Friends Day and the other was at The Black Cat in D.C. The BFD show had like Strike Anywhere and Converge on it and the D.C show had Thou and Circle Takes The Square on board. I didn't go to either because of school, but NPR surprisingly gave a few fucks and showed up to the gigs. NPR interviewed the Taylors a little before BFD (link in article below), and at the D.C show they were kind enough record the entire thing. Below is a link to the spot where you can listen to Pg.99's set, and there are two links next to the article where you can hear CTTS and Thou. Shit is pretty dope. For a live recording the quality is pretty good, good enough at least. The Best Friend's Day set is below. Word.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love Like… Electrocution

Love Like… Electrocution was an Australian band that was around, roughly, from '02 to '06. The band is made up of members of Slackjaw and St. Alban's Kids. Their sound sounds similar to the other emo-violence bands around that time, like Kodan Armada or Tunes For Bears to Dance To. You know, sometimes were screaming sometimes were singing kinda thing. LLE had two vocalists I think, which is one of the old-school aspects I wish people would bring back.

While their sound is pretty EV, their post-hardcore/emo roots run pretty deep and create a constant backdrop to whatever they are doing. Some of the instrumentation sounds like Hot Cross and the more technical post-hardcore bands. It is a shame that when recording they focused so hard on bringing the vocals to the foreground when the instruments, which should be brought up to be able to be fully appreciated, are left dangling in the background.

Old school gem, Love Like... Electrocution are no more but leave us with some great shit. As far as the band goes, they never really left general Australia, only making it out as far as New Zealand to tour. While in Australia they got to play with some pretty big bands, according to their I don't like to do this, but below is a video of just one of their songs. It isn't live. This way you can at least hear a song before you download their stuff, but if you don't download this then you are a fucking idiot. Unless you already have it, then that's cool.

I managed, after much stress and frustration, to find all of their recordings. Their first release was an EP called "She Was Red Hot". Then they did a full length, self titled, which was "She Was Red Hot" plus some new tracks. After that they did a demo, followed by a tour split with This Night Creeps. The split took forever to get a hold of. If you like This Night Creeps I have their full length which I can link in a comment or something. Anyways, download all their stuff below and then go on your favorite message board and try to buy some of their vinyl or cds. The LP isn't that hard to find.



She Was Red Hot

Love Like… Electrocution (self titled)

2004 Demo

Love Like… Electrocution / This Night Creeps Tour Split

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wild Guess

Wild Guess was a band from Portland, OR that was made up of members of Kidcrash/Logs and Oker. Alex and Paul from Logs switched instruments and started playing chiller music after Logs was done. Because all of the members travel the band has been around for a while but has not been too active. They actually played their last show at my house with Ten Thousand Leagues. Unfortunately there was no video.

Wild Guess sounds like Logs but more chunky and grown up. It isn't wild or heavy or chaotic or anything that would make them a hardcore band. They are not a hardcore band. They are a driving punk band, but at times you can hear parts that sound like Logs. They only recorded four songs, as far as I know. I would not be surprised if they recorded an album but are just sitting on it like they did with Hogz. I really enjoy their recordings, but live they blew me away.

Jared, the drummer, is in a band called Oker that is on tour right now with Kidcrash. Yes, Kidcrash is doing a little tour or something. I don't know any details about these shows or I would post up dates. I don't know if the new Kidcrash is available yet either. I also don't know what the deal is with Wild Guess music on a physical medium. All I know is that Paul is going to Turkey for college and Alex makes heads and stuff for his company called Science. His business partner also has the hookup for tubes and amp parts. You should check it out here. Alex used a Hellhawk when they played my house and that shit sounded so good.

No videos, just the EP. Download it and keep a lookout for these dudes other bands. If you can think of a way to support them then do that. Sorry I don't really know shit about this band and have no links to a website or anything. All I could find was a bandcamp. Word.


Wild Guess EP

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If you have not heard of Edhochuli (read Ed Hock You Lee) then you are missing the fuck out. Named after a football ref who fucked over the Pittsburgh Steelers, ED consists of members of the sorely missed Outclassed. I think they all were in Outclassed at one time, but I'm not 100% sure. They hold it down for Pittsburgh really hard along with their dudes Worn Out Tigers & Who Goes There.

Alright, so musically this shit is off the chain. It of course sounds somewhat similar to Outclassed because they share so many members but they have perfected their own sound that separates them from their former band. While there are still Jon Ahn's crazy bass parts and over all good time rock and roll riffs, Edhochuli seems to be more rock and roll than Outclassed was.

Their first Demo, which was just two songs that sounded like they were recorded live at a practice on a computer, were raw and heavy as shit. You can only hear the vocals on two parts of the whole mini demo which are buried deep in fuzz. Kinda metal, the two songs incorporate a lot of high end guitar work and fist pumping rhythms. Total Black Sabbath style.

The second Demo thing, which is called "Edhochuli Is One Word", was produced alot better. It sounds like there was some time and effort put into the production of the tracks which is really nice because you can actually hear all of the parts that are going on. You can also hear the vocals very clearly. I like how they still use similar feedback to Outclassed's final EP. The first song is pretty metal, creating a dark atmosphere that turns very brooding towards the middle. The track is slow and rolls along with so many rock riffs. Guitar solos too. The second song is a re-recording of one of the 2 song demo songs. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs, but I think I like the 2 song demo more although they sound very very similair. The third song is another metal as shit song that starts off slow, gets heavy, and then gets real heavy and punk before it kind of chills out at the end. Song four showcases their dynamics as a band really well in my opinion because it has so many parts that are different. Second to last song is the club banger and the last song is in my opinion the best song on the track. The guitar parts of that last track are so fucking good. This song is also on the 2 song demo and fucking rules on that release too.

Over the years I have kind of gotten to know some of these guys from going to see Outclassed, their close relationship to alot of Baltimore kids, and the fact that I have been able to play shows with Edhochuli. Hanging out with the Pittsburgh kids will produce one of the most comfortable out of town hangouts you will ever experience. Homeboys know how to party. Edhochuli just recently released a split with Amaget which is being put out by Riotous Outburst records. I do not have the tracks to that split, but you can listen to both side of the split here. They are also going to be doing a split with Pansori, but I don't know whats going on with that. When I get it it's gonna get posted though.

Edhochuli is on tour right now, doing two months across the U.S. I don't know how up to date their tour schedule is, but all their dates can be found here. Go check it out, see them when they roll through your area and help them out as much a you can. Good times will be had. Hook 'em up with a show too, because they hold Pittsburgh down really fucking hard. Below are both their demos and a video. SUPPORT THIS FUCKING BAND.



2 Song Demo

Edhochuli Is One Word.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Reptilian + Jowls

So first off I just wanna say that I was originally gonna just throw up some Reptilian, but after waiting on that dope split they did with Jowls I figured I might as well just throw Jowls up on here too. I met The Reptilian for the first time in South Bend at that Generic place, and then crashed at Russ' house for two nights. Dudes hang hard as fuck and hold down Kalamazoo really fucking hard. Russ lives at this spot called "The No Fun House", which ironically turned out to be pretty fun. One of the room mates, and I hate myself right now for forgetting his name (Shawn??) books shows at The Strutt and runs a small label (have not forgot to post your shit btw). Party animals kinda, these dudes hang hard as fuck. Really invested in the Mid West scene and true to the game.
Jowls, on the other hand, are strangers to me. They are a new band, a two piece, that formed from the ashes of Victor! Fix The Sun. I met them one time in Maryland way ba in the day but I didn't really kick it with them. I had heard that those dudes were in a new band but did not hear it until Dantilian told me about this hot new split they were doing. I looked em up and found their EP, which is pretty cool. It is called "Cunt Punch", and I know that that title might offend some people or piss them off but whatever. Def def def worth checking out (it is below).

Anyways, The Reptilian. They are pretty much the embodiment of the recent midwest sound. You know what I'm talking about, but would probably just attribute it to "the kind of music Native plays" or something. Native got big doing this stuff, but, The Reptilian have been doing this shit for quite some time. Longer, I don't know. Better, thats up to you. They do all that tapping stuff and have the shouty vocals. The bass is super driving and present in the mix. The Reptillian are kind of really groovy and bouncy, but have some heavier parts. Their older stuff is a little dirtier and around the edges than "Boy's Life EP". Their drummer sings, and he has some Magic The Gathering cards hanging out in his house for decoration which I really hope are first editions.

So below we have a little smorgasbord. We got both The Reptilian's albums and both of their splits. As an added bonus you can also get Jowl's EP or whatever it is. They (Jowls) just got signed to Dog House Records and are doing an LP or something so watch out for that if you like Jowls. Download all this stuff I have so graciously given you and then later go buy it from the bands and labels so there can be more.

Le Reptilian (good luck finding nothing but David Icke videos when you youtube them)

Jowls offical big boy video


Jowls - Cunt Punch

Jowls / The Reptilian Split

The Reptilian - Full Health

The Reptilian - Boy's Life EP

The Reptilian / Boy Problems / Lautrec / Osceola

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Park Jefferson

Park Jefferson are from Michigain. More or less this is the creative outlet of Nick Stuntsman of Merchant Ships / Mid West Pen Pals fame. A good bit of their material is acoustic, I don't know if he plays solo shows under this moniker but I would imagine that he does most of the writing.

I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that this band is really influenced by Pennsylvania stuff like Street Smart and Algernon. They do, however, still retain alot of their mid-west background. Their material is not the most original, but, it is still pretty really dope. The acoustic and electric tracks are good, although the quality of the acoustic songs are better than the electric. The Bicycle Sunday split songs were done well.

I think they are on "hiatus". Go figure, a Merchant Ships band breaking up. Don't worry, they will more than likely get back together. I would imagine Nick is going to keep on making songs.

Everything form their bandcamp is down there. Don't have Bicycle Sunday songs from that split, but I'm sure you can get em if you want em. Acoustic video below. Word.



Acoustic EP

Better Boy

Park Jefferson's songs
from the split with Bicycle Sunday