Friday, August 26, 2011

Wild Guess

Wild Guess was a band from Portland, OR that was made up of members of Kidcrash/Logs and Oker. Alex and Paul from Logs switched instruments and started playing chiller music after Logs was done. Because all of the members travel the band has been around for a while but has not been too active. They actually played their last show at my house with Ten Thousand Leagues. Unfortunately there was no video.

Wild Guess sounds like Logs but more chunky and grown up. It isn't wild or heavy or chaotic or anything that would make them a hardcore band. They are not a hardcore band. They are a driving punk band, but at times you can hear parts that sound like Logs. They only recorded four songs, as far as I know. I would not be surprised if they recorded an album but are just sitting on it like they did with Hogz. I really enjoy their recordings, but live they blew me away.

Jared, the drummer, is in a band called Oker that is on tour right now with Kidcrash. Yes, Kidcrash is doing a little tour or something. I don't know any details about these shows or I would post up dates. I don't know if the new Kidcrash is available yet either. I also don't know what the deal is with Wild Guess music on a physical medium. All I know is that Paul is going to Turkey for college and Alex makes heads and stuff for his company called Science. His business partner also has the hookup for tubes and amp parts. You should check it out here. Alex used a Hellhawk when they played my house and that shit sounded so good.

No videos, just the EP. Download it and keep a lookout for these dudes other bands. If you can think of a way to support them then do that. Sorry I don't really know shit about this band and have no links to a website or anything. All I could find was a bandcamp. Word.


Wild Guess EP

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