Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So in case you have not been near a fucking computer for the past few months, Pg.99 recently did two reunion shows. One was at Best Friends Day and the other was at The Black Cat in D.C. The BFD show had like Strike Anywhere and Converge on it and the D.C show had Thou and Circle Takes The Square on board. I didn't go to either because of school, but NPR surprisingly gave a few fucks and showed up to the gigs. NPR interviewed the Taylors a little before BFD (link in article below), and at the D.C show they were kind enough record the entire thing. Below is a link to the spot where you can listen to Pg.99's set, and there are two links next to the article where you can hear CTTS and Thou. Shit is pretty dope. For a live recording the quality is pretty good, good enough at least. The Best Friend's Day set is below. Word.



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