Monday, May 30, 2011

Other Piglet Songs

It's Memorial Day. Remember that band called Piglet from Chicago? Well, up until recently I thought they only had that EP and a demo, but I found out that they have a live tape and another song that was on a compilation or something. Apparently there is also a remix 7 inch, but I can't find that. Granted that I personally don't like these tracks as much as the Lava Land jams, these tracks are still pretty boss. Check it out. Word.


Live Tape + 1

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Algernon Cadwallader LP - Parrot Flies


So, if you haven't had enough from this blog lately, here's more Algernon Cadwallader. I think that's three in a week. I really thought I would be sick of these guys by now, but every time I see them I'm reminded of how much I like them. Here is their new LP, Parrot Flies, which should be coming out sometime this summer. The band is on tour right now across the U.S. playing a lot of these songs. I managed to see them on their first night of tour.

To be honest I haven't listened to this yet, I just got it and decided to post this first. Sounded good live though.



Parrot Flies (2011)

Capsule - No Ghost

Got that new Capsule. If you havn't got this already you need to snag this shit right now. Switched up their lineup since their last recordings: new drummer, old drummer plays bass, old bassist plays guitar. No Ghost is way less spazzy, but more heavy. If you don't know who this band is than look at our older posts and study up. Here is part one of their tour diary or whatever.

Here's a video of Capsule playing at The Bell Foundry in Baltimore. Look at my friends.



No Ghost

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beau Navire - Hours

Album of the year. React With Protest is releasing Beau Navire's newest effort to support their European tour thats going down in June. I heard about this album leaking from the kid who does re-winded tapes, but his link is dead so I got this album from Circling The Drain.

The quality of the record is superb. All the levels are perfect. It isnt as spazzy as Life Moves, but that doesnt mean it isn't skrumzy as balls. Super mature too. Grown up screams. Aside from "No Ghost", this is the record I have been most excited about so far this year. You know how every album has those like three tracks that are the bangers, and then the ones that are cool and then sometimes there are those filler tracks? Well, this album is, literally, all club bangers. The intrumentation is superb, the vocals are really well done (only one set of vox now? No, but they don't utilize dual vocals as much as Life Moves), and they have started using more ambient guitar tracks to excentuate the soft/loud stop/start dynamics. Also some obvious hardcore dynamics involved. Their guitar tone and melodies are on point 100%.

Your new favorite band, and in the running for best dudes in California. Hopefully they will be able to do some touring in America. I hope that this surge of material from Beau dosnt burn them out, because they need to keep on pumping out the jams. Insert some stupid tagline about screamo and d.i.y this and that. Download Hours below, under that video. BUY IT.




Friday, May 20, 2011

Snowing / Boys & Sex / 1994! / Algernon Cadwallader 4 Way Split

Crazy, right? Four of Pennsylvanias more popular bands on one release. I'm assuming all these tracks are new. The record was put out on 7" by Slow Growth Records, and I would imagine these bad boys are selling like hot cakes. I havn't listened to it yet, mainly because I'm watching Just Shoot Me, but we all know these songs are going to be good. Algernon, '94, and Snowing are touring together ("U.S.A and beyond" = outer space), I would imagine they will have some of these records for sale then. Download it below. Two posts in a day, but, now I can go outside tomorrow.


Summer Singles

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Tempest is a Canadian crusty post-metal band. Sort of Hardcore, I've seen them get compared to Trainwreck, Wolves in The Throne Room and that kind of stuff. I found out about this band on some blog a while ago, I forget where. Sorry. There is also a band called Tempest from California, or at least the internet says this other band is from California. The Cali-Tempest has a release from 2011, Canadian Tempest hasn't done anything since 2010. I don't think the Canadians moved down to California.

They have two albums out (unless their bandcamp does not contain their discography), a full length and a 7". I don't know what record labels, if any, are involved with this band. The fully is super fucking heavy and really metal influenced. Mosh worthy. Deep sound clips and stuff. I think I've listened to this album every day since I downloaded it. The 7" is way more crusty. Not as good recording quality as the fully, but its still really good. This one isn't as mosh worthy. ITS HEAD BANG WORTHY. When you hear these tracks, if you don't immediately out on a Thizzle Dance face you are doing it wrong.

Download all their stuff below. I have no idea where to get physical copies, but I'm sure you can manipulate the internet to meet your will if you feel so inclined. No video, sorry.

Also, my friend Zach is starting a zine stationed in Arkansas. If you think you are a writer or poet or something and want to get your dook published, email him.




Haemorrhage 7"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Canyons is a melodic hardcore band from Kansas City. Really good stuff. Met them in Missouri last summer at a birthday party. Really good dudes who get down with the pots hard. Bobby, the vocalist, runs a label called The Ghost Is Clear, and you can download alot of their stuff off their sites. You should buy his stuff so he can put out more records. Canyons are getting bigger and bigger everything I talk to them, which is pretty awesome. They deserve it. I highly recommend you download all the stuff I have below and you go see them on tour.

Below is all of their releases except for a demo or two, but I think all those songs are on The Rufus Collection. I also got a video got there for yall and the track list for the compilation TGIC put out. Its all about weed.


Mary Janet track list:
Bleeding Kansas - Lucky
Canyons - Nate Jameson
Doubt - Quick Mouth
Hammers - Snow
Foreign Theaters - Cycles
The Pick Up - The Amazing Hoax
Recession - Manifest Destiny
Illustrations - Violence
Lord Green - Higher Than God
Prize Country - I Could Be A Knife
Ghost Town Electric - Atomic Temple
Across Tundras - Weary Travellers Rest (Exclusive Demo Version)
Hercules - If you've got the Stash we've got the Ca$h
Isolation - Brazen Bull
Creeper - Brannigan
Cower - Here Comes the Sunn
Jument - Branches Above
Cloud Mouth - Flex Yr Head (Live @ WHPK)
The Farley Overdose - Buzzard Gut
Bone Dance - Nom De Guerre
Benoit - Alone I Dream
Fight Pretty - Nightwalkers
Altered State - Guillotine Proof
Badmouth - Nostrildamus
The Burden - Swastika
Dead Heroes - Heartache
CTL - Forever
Burn Idols - Mindfuck
Girls of Porn - Bong Rips / Big Tits
Casting Curses - Hey Disbeliever
Anxiety Attack - Planet Piss
The Love Below - Serious Delerium
Tragic Ends - Broken Fingers
Capsize - Nothing Changes
No Discretion - Cold World


The Rufus Collection

"Can't Have Nothin' Nice" Canyons / Tigon / Foreign Theatres Split

Canyons / Mons Wolff Split

Canyons / Regret, The Informer Split

The Mary Janet in Music: Vol. 1

Monday, May 16, 2011

Frank Ocean


By now, I think everyone and their (most likely pissed off) mother has heard of the LA County teen-phenom rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All aka OFWGTKA, or, more simply, Odd Future. With sold out shows across the country and the ultimate hype man in Tyler, The Creator, as well as the enigmatic presence (or lack thereof) of 16 year old wunderkind Earl Sweatshirt, coupled with controversial lyrics and mastery of internet media, it's not really a surprise they've become as big as they are.

But with personalities like Earl and Tyler seemingly bearing all the spotlight themselves, it's easy to forget about the other nine active members of OFWGKTA.

For Frank Ocean (real name Christopher "Lonny" Breaux), that might just be what the doctor ordered. He has casually released a great mixtape without having to face any of the pressures of the blogosphere or mass media hype machine. After moving from his native New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Ocean quietly landed to LA and signed to Def Jam Records, by whom he was been almost entirely ignored. He has worked on music for artists like Justin Beiber and Beyonce, yet had become so fed up with his label that by the time Odd Future had begun to hit full "swag", he self-released his mix tape for free on the group's website, even going so far as to take care of the (completely fucking awesome, let's be honest) cover art himself.

In his own words:

"i. did. this. not ISLAND DEF JAM. that's why you see no label logo on the artwork that I DID. guess its my fault for trusting my dumbass lawyer and signing my career over to a failing company. fuck Def Jam & any company that goes the length of signing a kid with dreams & talent w/ no intention of following through. fuck em. now back to my day. i want some oatmeal and toast. brunch swag."

Nostalgia, Ultra. showcases a level of maturity and aesthetic that most of Odd Future's other releases are largely lacking - for all their punch and swagger, they lack Ocean's ability to bridge the gap between indie mix tape and a cohesive album. For all the rejection and anger he must feel towards the mainstream industry, Ocean has channeled everything he has learned into the best Odd Future release thus far.

Perhaps the best track on the album is the opener, "Strawberry Swing," which features a Coldplay sample from their track of the same name. He begins by singing an excellent melody while reminiscing about an idyllic childhood, before taking note of his own mortality ("We are all mortals, aren't we?/At any moment this could go"), and finally imagining human civilization taking off in spaceships as they leave "millions" and a burning world behind. Pretty heavy stuff for a 23 year old hip-hop producer whose peers are now infamous for glorifying rape, cocaine, violence, homophobia, and even necrophilia. Where other members of the group would simply go for tactics of shock and awe, Ocean digs a bit deeper. On "Songs For Women," he jokes that he couldn't " guitar like Van Halen...but you still came around, ate your lunch with me," before later admitting that, "Every time a nigga asks me/If I sing songs to get at women/I say yeah."

By the end of the song he realizes that fame alone cannot provide the basis for true love: "Now every time somebody asks me/If I sing songs to get my women/I say no, they say okay I don't believe it/I say nope, I swear I never do it...All these songs are for women/Songs for women/Songs for you baby/Songs for you."

And by the end of the song you, yourself, have probably fallen in love with Frank Ocean. Let's hope that we get the chance to fall in love with him for years to come.


Nostalgia, Ultra. (2011)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Algernon Cadwallader - What It Is

Algernon Cadwallader recently put out this live EP. I guess its an EP. Quality is amazing for a live album. All your favorite songs are on here. If you have information about the show this was recorded at, or just want to brag about how you were there and can totally be heard singing way too loud to all the songs you kind of know the lyrics to, tell us about it. Whats the point of going to a show if you can't brag about it, right?

Rightious live recording. I'd imagine there are physical copies being made or being sold. I heard they were doing a live tape, so this might be it. I don't know. I downloaded this because I thought this was their new fully. Either way I wasn't disapointed.



What It Is

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beau Navire / Suffix Split

Oh shit. Three new Beau Navire tracks and two new from Suffix. Beau Navire is from the San Francisco bay area and has members of Spectres, Loma Prieta and Iwrotehiakusaboutcannabalisminyouryearbook. Suffix is from Chicago and has members of Coping and Lautrec.

This split is hard hitting. Suffix has the A side. The vocals are pretty harsh, but they sound fucking great. The instrumentation and quality is pretty boss too. Really catchy riffs and good lyrics. I have a crush on their vocalist. I never really paid much attention to this band until now; hate to say I was missing out.

Beau Navire is, by process of elimination, side B. Their side starts out spacey, then gets really spastic and wild. Their recording quality on this record is different than their other releases: a little more lo-fi and the guitars are lower in the mix. This side of the record, in general, sounds way more experiential than anything else I have heard by them. Still driving punk parts and skrimzy what-have-yous, but there are a few added elements. Solid side though.

Both bands did a killer job on this split. Hurry and pick up your copy so Beau Navire can get some more money for Europe. What is Suffix up to? Give them money to do the stuff that they want to do as well. This was released by Bear Records, Forever Escaping Boredom, and A Mountain Far Records. Please go pick up a copy from whichever label you chose.



Suffix / Beau Navire Split 7"

Friday, May 13, 2011

William Bonney - Good Vibes

South Bend's William Bonney(ex- Merchant Shits and Midwest Pen Pals) just dropped that hot new shit recently. Eight tracks, I think, including some re-recordings of the demo songs. Shit is ill. The quality is much better than their previous efforts. Heavier jams, although they still do all that sing along shit to get their record sales up. Fucking rock stars. Download the shit out of this and support my boys. Were playing like three or four days with them in June in the Midwest, so look out for that. Also, they need money to go on tour (which is already booked), so donate some cash right here. Do it. Do it. FUCKING DO IT. Good Vibes is my new shit.


Good Vibes

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kid Dynamite


If you don't like Kid Dynamite you might want to check to make sure you still have a pulse. Featuring members of flagship punk acts like None More Black, Lifetime, Paint It Black, and the Loved Ones, Kid Dynamite broke open new ground in the hardcore scene with the the release of their debut LP in 1998, the year after Lifetime's final LP, Jersey's Best Dancers, was released. Guitarist Dan Yemin's trademark buzz saw power chord mentality and Jason Shevchuk's trademark vocal style have influenced an unfathomable amount of bands.

2000's Shorter, Faster, Louder was a more streamlined and polished approach to the band's song and featured classic tracks like "Cheap Shot Youth Anthem". Shevchuk's departure to return to school was followed by the subsequent break up of the band and a release of a compilation of b-sides entitled, of course, Cheap Shot Youth Anthem. The band has played two reunion shows and, thank goodness, Yemin is still very active between Lifetime reunions and touring and writing for Paint It Black.


Kid Dynamite (1998)


Shorter, Faster, Louder (2000)


Cheap Shots Youth Anthems (2003)